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Fashion Hunters is a short-lived TV show that debuted for one season in October of 2011. The show centers around four New York Fashionistas named Ambria Miscia, Wilson Payamps, Tara Muscarella, and Karina Lepiner. The show itself is 45 minutes long, with around 15 minutes of commercials.

Wilson, Ambria, Tara, and Karina love fashion. They run a store called the Second Time Around and love to find anything new and exciting. That's why when they are in need of new items, they go to New York's most elite and search their homes. Anywhere from their garages, the closets and even the attics of New York's most fashionable and powerful people.

This shop isn't necessarily considered a thrift store. The whole purpose of the store is to find high end designer clothing and put it at a price that people on a budget can afford. For the girls in college, or working as a waitress that can only dream of owning a Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, it's now affordable to them thanks to the owners of Second Time Around and the people who gave away their old item.

While it's a generous thing to do for people on a budget, it is nowhere near easy for the Second Time Around shop owners to get the items they uncover. They deal with very sassy and demanding clients, usually from the bossy and cultured downtown hipsters, to even the most rich and savvy New York Socialites. It's an adventure and dramatic often details a very emotional experience to sell the most-loved items hidden in New York's high and mighty's closets. Some clients also become customers as they are looking for the new, most popular item, even if it was once owned.

The show ran on Bravo from October 4th,2011 until December 6th,2011.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
1 Season, 11 Episodes
October 4, 2011
Beauty & Fashion, How To
Cast: Ambria Miscia, Jason Vendryes
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Fashion Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • In the Season 1 finale, Tara and Karina try to determine the worth of high-end blouses from a celebrity consignor. Meanwhile, Tara and Wilson work with a quirky consignor; and Tara discloses personal information.

  • Karina must appraise an interesting accordion purse which she believes may be worth close to $1000. Meanwhile, everyone rallies to organize a charity event. When the auction begins and their clients turn out to be cheapskates when it comes to charity, they fear they won't make what they once believed to be their modest monetary goals.

  • Ambria and Tara go about authenticating a vintage Valentino gown with the help of expert Kenny Valenti, while Karina consigns jewelry worth several thousand dollars. Karina and Wilson consign some Louboutin shoes that were supposedly custom made by Mr. Louboutin himself, but Karina overprices the shoes, leading to a full staff blowup.

  • Tara decides to have an Earth Day party, however, everyone is struggling to agree on ideas.

  • Karina deals with a customer, Bentley, who accuses Karina of trying to cheat her. Meanwhile Wilson is tasked with building out the men's section, but when he brings in a new designer, Erickson Valdez, Tara is less than thrilled with his outrageous pieces.

  • The STA crew consigns with Karina's friend from the Hamptons and Jackie Rogers the famous ex-Chanel model and designer.

  • A client brings in two Chanel bags purchased at a garage sale but the authenticity needs to be verified.

  • When an Issey Miyake makes its way into the store and Ambria Miscia and Tara Muscarella need to

  • Wilson dives into his first consignment. Ambria hosts a swap party for pricey purses, but finds out one owner may have a fake bag.

  • In the series premiere of Fashion Hunters, meet Tara, Ambria and Karina, the women who run the upscale consignment store Second Time Around, located in New York City. The women also welcome new employee, Wilson, who will be building up the men's section.

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