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"Flipping Vegas" is the hit television show that follows a group of home renovators all over the city of Las Vegas. When a call comes in about a real estate property that needs to be renovated for an upcoming sale, a crew goes out to assess what needs to be done. Also, it must be done within a certain budget, because of the costs of the materials that are involved in the renovation process. All this is being done while being film by a television crew at the site.

Included in this series is the before and after photos, so that the viewers at home can see the finished results. Some of these results can be stunning, because of the detailed work that was involved in the renovation process. After the crews leave the finished property, it is up to the real estate agency to send out a realitor along with a potential buyer for the property. Many viewers at home can watch the entire process from the renovation, to the final sales negoitations by the realitor at the property.

There is no shortage of properties that need renovation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Houses that were built from the 1940's all the way up to the 1970's are all potential canadates for renovation. Seeing homes being renovated shows that a house can have a new life by simply fixing it up for a family to move in. This show takes viewers into the in depth process of renovating older homes for the potential of being placed on the real estate market. Each house will have a new story to tell for the family that will move after renovations are complete. Seeing the finished results from the comfort of one's home can make one think that new is not always better when it comes to real estate.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on A&E
4 Seasons, 27 Episodes
June 18, 2011
Home & Garden, How To, Reality
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Flipping Vegas Full Episode Guide

  • Scott buys a huge house in a high end golf community that he feels only requires an interior paint job, but his designer/wife Amie insists the out-of-date property requires an extravagant overhaul...a dispute that sends Scott to the hospital with life threatening chest pains.

  • Scott buys a house at auction known to have "legal issues," but he couldn't possibly have expected to be phoning his lawyer in order to avoid federal drug charges against him!

  • Scott purchases a house that is in the same condition as its prior residents.

  • Scott struggles to rid the foul odor from a home that was used to kennel dogs.

  • Unfinished renovations becomes a headache for Scott after he purchases a home from an amateur flipper.

  • Scott purchases a home that is filled with reptiles.

  • Scott purchases a home that's filled with counterfeit products.

  • Scott buys a home that had 12 people previously living in it who didn't keep the home in very good condition.

  • In the third season premiere, Scott purchases a home that was the hangout for local troublemakers. Renovations are put on hold when the punks return to vandalize the house.

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Flipping Vegas: Amie Has The Blues (Season 3, Episode 18) | A&E Clip (01:14)