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Texas Flin N' Move is a reality home and garden series that appears on the DIY Network. Each episode features a team of three real estate investors who compete against each other to raise the most money from a single home. These homes are purchased at auction, and then have to be lifted and moved off of the property in one day. The teams then have to spend as little money as possible to fix up the homes as quick as they can, and they have to make them look like they weren't recently jacked and moved. Each group of homes have their own unique problems ranging from being too big or rotten to move. They then have to sell the homes at auction only a few days later. Along the way the teams have to deal with unexpected events such as having their homes destroyed in the move, and the constant worry of their competitors getting a head of them.

Texas Flip N' Move is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (164 episodes). The series first aired on January 16, 2015.

Where do I stream Texas Flip N' Move online? Texas Flip N' Move is available for streaming on DIY Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Texas Flip N' Move on demand at Philo, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, Science Channel online.

DIY Network
13 Seasons, 164 Episodes
January 16, 2015
Cast: Myers Jackson
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Texas Flip N' Move Full Episode Guide

  • Casey and Catrina win a gutted house and turn it into a functional family home featuring a stunning kitchen with a walk-in pantry and decorative dormers on the outside.

  • The Snow Sisters win a large home at an auction in The Colony, Texas, and have to move it in two pieces. They draw inspiration from some of the original design and work on vaulted ceilings, a large kitchen and unique storage spaces.

  • Paige talks Melinda into bidding on a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home at auction. The ladies improve the small, unimpressive space with some smart decorating ideas.

  • Casey wins a tiny home at auction and plans to increase the square footage and add high-end finishes.

  • Casey and Catrina win a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home with a nonsensical layout. They improve the flow of the house by building a large master suite addition. The home's modern update is completed with a revamped kitchen and dining room.

  • The Hayhurst brothers score a simple shotgun farmhouse at an auction that will be transformed into a three-bedroom, two-bath home with old-world features. Meanwhile, the Snow sisters are having buyer's remorse after a promising brick house turns out to be a huge disappointment.

  • Donna and Toni win a duplex at auction and plan to combine the two sides into a single, seamless dwelling. Meanwhile, Randy rehabs an old garage to create a functional home with a game room and custom bathroom.

  • Paige and Raf revamp a small two-bedroom cottage they won at auction. They increase the home's size and alter the floor plan to make family-friendly living spaces. Lastly, an addition enlarges the bedrooms and creates space for a huge open-plan kitchen and dining room.

  • Gary's Girls transform a former duplex acquired at auction into a high-end single-family home. They build an addition to increase square footage and create a new bedroom and bathroom designed with sophisticated style elements.

  • The Hayhurst Brothers work on increasing the size of a small house to one with four bedrooms and two baths. They dedicate the front of the home to the common areas, adding custom shelving units and a kitchen island, and build living quarters in the back.

  • The Snow Sisters win an 1100-square-foot home in Moody, Texas, and set about adding two bedrooms and a large common space that includes the kitchen, living room and dining room.

  • The Hayhurst brothers have a client who needs more living space. The brothers, along with their wives, have a solution -- attach the structure to their client's existing home to create a seamless addition.

  • Paige and Raf renovate an old army barracks they won at an auction in Aledo, Texas. Kendal Parker's husband, Brad, stops by to advise on military accents that will help keep the original Americana spirit of the barracks.

  • The Snow sisters renovate a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for a large family with creative features throughout while Paige and Raf's auction win goes bust with termite damage.

  • Casey and Catrina expand a three-bedroom home's original footprint with the addition of a family room and dining room.

  • The Snow sisters win a small brick house at an auction in Fort Worth,TX. The ladies open up the floor plan by breaking up the space with an elegant foyer that separates the living quarters from the common areas.

  • Casey and Catrina get a good buy on a 1,000 square foot home. They decide to draw on the house's original character for the redesign and build an addition to get at least one more bedroom and bathroom.

  • Zac and Cameron create a home perfect for families that love to entertain.

  • The Hayhurst Brothers have big plans for a mammoth of a home that include a dining room and kitchen design with a pass-through bar top.

  • Gary's Girls pick up a cramped three-bedroom, two-bathroom home at an auction in Aurora, Texas. To make such a small space work, the girls build an addition to create a floor plan that will attract a buyer with a large family. The girls then add a touch of elegance with a butler's pantry, specialty molding and an arched tub in the guest bathroom.

  • The sisters win a large home with three bedrooms and one bathroom, and they decide to make it feel even larger by raising the ceilings to 10 feet and adding a huge master suite off the back.

  • Paige and Melinda win a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom home; they double the square footage, create a large living and kitchen space complete with a wall of windows and add flair throughout the rest of the house with custom builds and airy colors.