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Texas Flin N' Move is a reality home and garden series that appears on the DIY Network. Each episode features a team of three real estate investors who compete against each other to raise the most money from a single home. These homes are purchased at auction, and then have to be lifted and moved off of the property in one day. The teams then have to spend as little money as possible to fix up the homes as quick as they can, and they have to make them look like they weren't recently jacked and moved. Each group of homes have their own unique problems ranging from being too big or rotten to move. They then have to sell the homes at auction only a few days later. Along the way the teams have to deal with unexpected events such as having their homes destroyed in the move, and the constant worry of their competitors getting a head of them.

DIY Network
6 Seasons, 74 Episodes
January 16, 2015
Cast: Stacy Silfies, Steve Jimenez, Chandra Rees, David Richter
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Texas Flip N' Move Full Episode Guide

  • Paige and Raf flip a house that gets a brand-new roof and a specific design style. Inspired by Raf's Boston roots, Paige designs a house with an East Coast aesthetic.

  • Casey and Catrina are excited to buy a duplex at auction that Catrina plans on turning into a single family home. However, Casey surprises her with twin buyers that have different tastes in style and want to keep the home as a duplex.

  • After Gary's Girls win a house at auction, Paige is inspired by her daughter's homework and decides on a design with Cuban influence.

  • Randy scores a big house and makes some major structural changes while Casey and Catrina design a house and outdoor space that's perfect for entertaining.

  • The Snows and Randy go to two auctions in one day. After Randy snags the first house, he and the Snows devise a plan to join together. They end up with two separate builds and literally split a house between them.

  • Gary's Girls turn a bare-bones barn into a two-story house with special installation requests from the buyer including a unique elevator.

  • Donna and Toni are contacted by an old friend who is looking for a house to buy. Their surprise buyer requests a sleek industrial look -- just the opposite of what they expected. Even so, the sisters deliver a house that far exceeds his expectations.

  • Paige and Raf share a house they bought at an auction with Casey and Catrina, who put the house high up in the trees on their buyer's land. Paige and Raf combine their different styles to create one modern house.

  • The Snows renovate a fairly large house and focus on making the kitchen area custom and unique, while Casey and Catrina create a contemporary home with a true galley kitchen.

  • Gary's Girls score a Craftsman-style house at auction filled with character. The girls try to preserve the character of the house by mixing the old with the new and repurposing original materials.

  • The Snows take a small, bare bones house and turn it into an airy home with custom built-ins. Gary's Girls create a charming home using tile both inside and out.

  • Casey and Catrina reimagine a dated brick house with upscale features.

  • The Snow sisters tackle a bare-bones home while Randy deals with mold.

  • Donna and Toni win a house with a bad layout and obnoxious paint colors. They realize this house needs to be toned down and create a design plan that is serene and relaxing.

  • Casey and Catrina tackle their first two-story build.

  • Donna and Toni win a roach-infested home and Randy must move his cabin.

  • Donna and Toni draw up plans to convert a duplex into a single-family home.

  • Gary's Girls win a large, square home that needs a lot of curb appeal. They decide on a bunkhouse design and with the help of their father Gary, they create a home for an unexpected buyer.

  • Gary's Girls win a house that they discover was originally built with mail-order parts. They restore the home with an open and airy design plan. Randy scores a house in good condition that the previous owners had already started renovating. The 9-foot ceilings inspire a grand colonial design.

  • Casey and Catrina build a vineyard-inspired design plan for entertaining.

  • Casey and Catrina flip a barn while the Snows turn trash into treasure.

  • Casey and Catrina have a bit of bad luck when their home is barely salvageable and they have to knock it down and start over. Randy, however, makes his own luck by renovating a ranch-style home in good condition.

  • Gary's Girls win big at a unique auction selling a 27-foot grain bin. Meanwhile, Randy scores an almost pristine-condition home but misses an important deadline, turning the flip into a flop.

  • The Snow sisters score a home with tons of potential and utilize the square footage to flip it into a modern masterpiece. Then, Casey and Catrina spruce up their build with a contemporary theme, bright colors and unique designs.

  • After winning a house at an auction, Randy quickly finds out that while his prize is riddled with issues that include a lack of bathrooms and termite damage, it also houses a hidden treasure within the walls.

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