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30 Minute Meals is a cooking program hosted by Rachael Ray on the Food Network. In each episode, Rachael teaches viewers how to prepare a meal or variety of dishes in exactly 30 minutes. Rachael first discusses what she is going to prepare and then begins to collect the necessary ingredients from the refrigerator and pantry. This gives the appearance that the meal is truly prepared (i.e., there is no pre-work done by network interns) in the 30-minute time slot.

Rachael does not have formal culinary training, but she was raised by restaurateurs and worked in her parents' restaurants when she was young. Later food related occupations included managing a pub and being a buyer for a gourmet market. It was at the gourmet market that Rachael conceived the concept of teaching folks how to cook wholesome, delicious meals in 30 minutes or less. Rachael is also a successful cookbook author and has won several Daytime Emmy awards.

The food Rachael prepares for the program is inspired by her Italian roots. She mentions her mother and grandfather and their cooking styles frequently on the show. The recipes prepared are intended to be simple enough to be tackled by the everyday home cook. Rachael incorporates ingredients available at viewers' local grocery stores and farmers markets. She even provides tips on how to care for and prepare fresh food and herbs after returning from the market.

At the end of each episode Rachael plates the food she has created. She then indulges in tasting what she has prepared and explains the experience to the viewing audience. She always reminds the audience that a tasty and healthy meal is never more than 30 minutes away.

Saturday 10:00 AM et/pt on Food Network
18 Seasons, 118 Episodes
April 8, 2006
Food, How To
Cast: Rachael Ray
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30 Minute Meals Full Episode Guide

  • It's a rustic Italian dinner that'll be your new go-to meal. Tuscan Pesto Dressed Penne With Crispy Kale; Garlic And Broiled Tomato Multi-Grain Crostini.

  • Here's a satisfying meal for every appetite: Polenta Vegetable "Lasagna."

  • Get a heaping bowl of comfort to soothe your soul. Sausage And Butternut Riggies.

  • Reinvent a classic comfort food. Turkey Pot Pie With Cranberry-Orange Corn Muffin Topping; Honey Mustard Dressed Greens With Apple And Pear.

  • Try Rachael's big, bold meal that you can make any night of the week: Pork Chops Smothered With Peppers And Onions; Some Buttery Tomato Spaghetti.

  • Here's a delicious meal to beat the clock and the economy. Try Rachael's Rice And Beans Spanish Style.

  • Try Rachael's light meal packed with flavor: Coconut-Ginger Rice With Chickpeas And Chilies.

  • A couple of easy but tasty appetizers become a can't-miss weeknight supper. Tzatziki and Pita and Greek Meatballs; Orzo With Feta And Walnuts

  • Bring this simple yet satisfying pre-game meal to your next tailgate party, and you'll be the parking lot hero! Ranch-Style Turkey Chili

  • Get your kids eating healthy with Rachael's delicious alternative to takeout. Egg Foo Young and Sesame Soba Noodles; Banana "Ice Cream" Fakeout.

  • Shake things up with a rustic Greek feast that's ready in 30 minutes. Greek Style Fresh Tomato and Feta Penne; Broiled Seafood Skewers on a Bed of Chili Butter Spinach.

  • Get an old-fashioned meal, packed with big bold flavor, in 30 minutes. Instant Hot Pickled Vegetables; The Ultimate Garlic Bread; Dijon Glazed Pork Chops.

  • This meal is so elegant and delicious, you'll forget it's good for you! Thyme Scented Pilaf; Branzino with Brown Butter and Almonds on a Bed of Crispy Kale.

  • Speedy, Spanish and spectacular -- it's an elegant midweek supper in under 30 minutes! Chicken Thighs in Romanesco-Style Sauce; Saffron Pilaf with Golden Raisins

  • Big bold flavors highlight a meal that's perfect for any night of the week -- or one of those mornings after a big night out. Hot Italian Sausage; Peasant Bread with Chili Pesto, Roasted Red Peppers and Eggs; Bacon and Green Beans.

  • This special yet simple Italian supper can be made any day of the week, especially those days when you're running on empty. Classic Chicken Francese; Spinach Salad with Strawberries; Gremolata.

  • Get an easy and eye-catching Indian meal on a skewer that can't beat that with a stick! Grilled Ground Meat Kabobs With Mint and Cilantro; Curried Red Lentil Salad.

  • Celebrate citrus with this tangy and tasty meal done in no time flat.

  • This manly, meaty feast is one that no burger lover will be able to pass up. Ultimate Salami Burgers; Italian Style Potatoes and Cheese

  • Sandwich night is no longer a snooze with Rachael's eye-opening sub and pasta salad, in under 30. Italian Sliced Chicken and Pork Hoagies; Mixed Herb Penne Pesto.

  • An affordable at-home version of a surf and turf meal you usually pay big bucks for at a restaurant. Prosciutto Wrapped Chili Shrimp with Green Onion; Tre Colore Pesto and Grilled Steak with Quick Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic.

  • Prepare yourself to get addicted to "The Schnitzelwich," in less than an half hour. Pickled Potato Salad; Simple Fresh Radish Side; Schnitzelwiches Holstein.

  • Learn how to get that slow-cooked barbecue taste, minus the slow cooking. Bourbon BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Green Apple Slaw.

  • Rachael takes on U.K. pub food with her latest meat and potatoes meal. Rarebit Smash Burgers; Pub Potatoes; Horseradish Sauce.

  • Pack a whole lot of taste into a meal that's actually good for you.

  • A mouthwatering meal with a sweet finish, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Risotto with Bacon, Leeks and Tomatoes with Eggs; Berry Smash with Meringues and Sorbet or Ice Cream

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