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Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is a reality historical series that was first broadcast in 2011. The series follows Wil Willis and Mike Tristano as they explore some of the most iconic weapons of all time. Each episode looks at a different kind of gun that has played an important part of history. This includes everything from pistols, to rocket propelled grenades, to machine guns. The pair looks at the weapons, the technology that was involved with their development, and what role they played in the battlefield. The pair then tests each one of the weapons, and they then offer a review of how they feel about them.

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on November 30, 2011.

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World on demand atAmazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Military Channel
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
November 30, 2011
Documentary & Biography, Military & War
Cast: Wil Willis
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Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World Full Episode Guide

  • The light machine gun launched mobile warfare by blending massive firepower with the portability of a rifle. We'll see the evolution of this revolutionary weapon from its use in World War I to its modern incarnation – the SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon.

  • The M1 Abrams Tank is the world's most potent armored vehicle. Watch it's evolution through such forerunners as the WWII-era M18 Hellcat and the Cold War-era Soviet T-55 tank and see why these Â'beast-boxesÂ' have ruled ground warfare for decades.

  • For today's elite warriors, their last line of defence are the Spec Ops Pistols. Host Wil Willis tests the Navy Seal Sig Sauer P226, then fires the greatest forerunners like Jame Bond's Walther PPK, the Soviet Tokarev and the massive Desert Eagle.

  • The Aerial Gatling Gun has the highest rate of fire of any military machine gun in the world. Host Wil Willis flys in an F16 to see the six thousand round a minute Vulcan rip apart targets and fires the Minigun from a helicopter at exploding cars.

  • Deadly at close quarters the Combat Shotgun is a powerful tool of any army. Host Wil Willis fires history's greatest shotguns, from the Blunderbuss to the modern Benelli M4 and Mossburg 590.

  • The second season opens with a closer look at the Browning M2 50-cal. machine gun, or "Ma Deuce," which has been used by the U.S. military since the 1920s.

  • How does one man turn a tank into rubble? Find out in this explosive episode as host Wil Willis travels to Sweden and California to fire the RPG-7, the AT-4, the Carl Gustav, the SMAW and brings down high-flying aerial targets with the Stinger missile.

  • No weapon is more feared, or more misunderstood, than the Assault Rifle. And no assault rifle has proved more successful, or more lethal, than the Soviet AK-47. Host Wil Willis tracks the history of this revolutionary firearm.

  • Host Wil Willis heads to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the U.S. Army's training ground for fire brigades to see the 428th Field Artillary Brigade launch 155 mm projectiles from the M777 Howitzer, the most widely used artillery piece by U.S. Forces.

  • In combat, your rifle is your closest companion. Host Wil Willis gets into the trenches with an arsenal of historic rifles, to find out how the lowly musket evolved into a weapon that changed the world.

  • They are some of the most iconic and recognizable weapons in the world - the Tommy Gun, the Uzi and the Schmeisser. Host Wil Willis explores the evolution of the submachine gun, and put it greatest examples to the test.

  • It's the most admired and influential pistol of the 20th Century: the Colt M1911. Former Army Ranger and Air Force Pararescueman Wil Willis puts this legendary weapon and its ground-breaking predecessors to the test.

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Spec Ops and WWII Pistols | TRIGGERS Clip (01:55) Evolution of Battlefield Machine Guns | TRIGGERS Clip (04:52) Hellcat versus Pick-up Truck | TRIGGERS Clip (02:02) M249 SAW | TRIGGERS Clip (01:36) Gatling Guns on Land and in the Air | TRIGGERS Clip (04:54) Best Semi-Automatic Pistols | TRIGGERS Clip (04:28) Abrams Dissected | TRIGGERS Clip (02:18) M18 Hellcat Tank Firing Test | TRIGGERS Clip (02:53)