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  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.7  (113)

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is a television series that premiered on Military Channel in 2011. The show is hosted by Wil Willis, a former Army Ranger and Air Force para-rescue specialist, who takes the audience on a journey through the history of some of the world's most significant weapons. The series examines how these weapons changed the course of history and influenced the development of modern warfare.

Each episode of Triggers focuses on a specific weapon, showcasing its origins, design, and significance. Following a brief overview of the weapon's historical context, Wil Willis takes viewers on a guided tour of the weapon, discussing its various components and how it functions. Along the way, he also provides historical anecdotes and interesting facts about the weapon and its use in various conflicts.

The show covers a wide range of weapons, including swords, guns, tanks, and missiles. In the episode on the Enfield rifle, for example, viewers learn about the weapon's development by the British Army and its use in various conflicts, including the American Revolution, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, and both World Wars. The episode highlights the rifle's accuracy, reliability, and endurance, which made it a favorite among soldiers.

In the episode on the Gatling gun, viewers are taken on a fascinating journey through the development of the first modern machine gun. Wil Willis discusses how the Gatling gun was invented and how it revolutionized warfare by being able to shoot hundreds of rounds per minute. He also explains how the gun was used in the American Civil War and other conflicts, and how it was eventually replaced by more advanced machine guns.

Another fascinating episode covers the development of the longbow. This episode explores the weapon's use in medieval Europe, and how its accuracy and long range made it a powerful tool against armies of armored knights. The episode shows how the longbow's use in battles such as Agincourt played a significant role in the outcome of these conflicts.

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is more than just a series showcasing impressive weapons. The show also delves into the history of warfare and explores how conflicts have evolved over time. The series provides insight into the tactics and strategies used by military leaders in different historical periods, and how they adapted to new technologies and weapons.

The show also highlights the human impact of warfare, including the experiences of soldiers on the frontlines and the civilians who are caught in the crossfire. The episode on the atomic bomb, for example, explores the devastating effects of the weapon on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the ethical questions raised by its use.

One of the strengths of Triggers is Wil Willis's engaging presentation style. As a former soldier himself, he brings a personal connection to the weapons and their use in conflicts. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter is evident in each episode, and he has a knack for making complex weapons and tactics accessible to a general audience.

Overall, Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is an informative and engaging series that provides a valuable insight into the history of weaponry and its impact on warfare. With its rich historical content and Wil Willis's captivating presentation style, the show is a must-watch for anyone interested in military history or weapons technology.

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on November 30, 2011.

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World
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6. The SAW
March 20, 2013
The light machine gun launched mobile warfare by blending massive firepower with the portability of a rifle. We'll see the evolution of this revolutionary weapon from its use in World War I to its modern incarnation – the SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon.
The Abrams Tank
5. The Abrams Tank
March 13, 2013
The M1 Abrams Tank is the world's most potent armored vehicle. Watch it's evolution through such forerunners as the WWII-era M18 Hellcat and the Cold War-era Soviet T-55 tank and see why these Â'beast-boxesÂ' have ruled ground warfare for decades.
Spec OPS Pistol
4. Spec OPS Pistol
March 6, 2013
For today's elite warriors, their last line of defence are the Spec Ops Pistols. Host Wil Willis tests the Navy Seal Sig Sauer P226, then fires the greatest forerunners like Jame Bond's Walther PPK, the Soviet Tokarev and the massive Desert Eagle.
Gatling and the A-10
3. Gatling and the A-10
February 27, 2013
The Aerial Gatling Gun has the highest rate of fire of any military machine gun in the world. Host Wil Willis flys in an F16 to see the six thousand round a minute Vulcan rip apart targets and fires the Minigun from a helicopter at exploding cars.
Combat Shotguns
2. Combat Shotguns
February 20, 2013
Deadly at close quarters the Combat Shotgun is a powerful tool of any army. Host Wil Willis fires history's greatest shotguns, from the Blunderbuss to the modern Benelli M4 and Mossburg 590.
The Ma Deuce
1. The Ma Deuce
February 13, 2013
The second season opens with a closer look at the Browning M2 50-cal. machine gun, or "Ma Deuce," which has been used by the U.S. military since the 1920s.
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Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World is available for streaming on the Military Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World on demand at Philo, FuboTV, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 30, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (113)