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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 8.0  (39)

Ultimate Warfare is a high-intensity military show that takes a deep dive into some of the most intense battles in modern warfare history. The show offers an exclusive look at the various components of battle strategies and the tactics used by different nations. Hosted by Eric Meyers, Steve Fahl, and Matthew John Morley, the series takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the battlefields of history. Ultimate Warfare is a Military Channel series that was aired in 2012.

The show aims to provide an in-depth examination of the military operations undertaken by the United States and its allies. The series features intense battle scenes, firsthand accounts from surviving servicemen, and expert commentary from military analysts.

Each episode of Ultimate Warfare covers a different battle, with the program focusing on the circumstances that led to the conflict, the military strategies employed by the opposing forces, and the outcome of the battle. The series also provides a comprehensive study of the weapons, tactics, and technology used in modern warfare.

The first episode of Ultimate Warfare explores the Battle of Fallujah, one of the most brutal and intense battles of the Iraq War. This episode takes viewers on a journey through the deserted streets of Fallujah, as the US Marines faced off against a well-armed and well-organized insurgency that refused to be defeated.

The second episode of the series covers the Battle of Mogadishu, the intense conflict made famous by the book and subsequent movie "Black Hawk Down." Through firsthand accounts and expert analysis, the show reveals the complexities of urban warfare and the tactics used by the Rangers and Delta Force to overcome a determined Somali adversary.

Other episodes of Ultimate Warfare include an exploration of the Battle of Tora Bora, the swift and decisive invasion of Panama, and the dramatic showdown at Mirbat, which pitted a small team of British soldiers against a much larger enemy.

The show also delves into more modern conflicts such as the Battle of Ramadi, one of the bloodiest and most costly battles of the Iraq War. The episode provides never-before-seen footage and expert commentary from soldiers, commanders, and analysts who were on the ground during the conflict.

Overall, Ultimate Warfare is a must-watch for military history buffs or anyone interested in modern warfare. The series provides an excellent look at how the tactics, strategies, and technology of modern warfare have evolved over the years, and how military forces have adapted to overcome the unique challenges of each new conflict. With its thrilling storytelling, expert analysis, and stunning visuals, Ultimate Warfare is a one-of-a-kind exploration of the high-stakes game of modern warfare.

In conclusion, Ultimate Warfare is an informative and exceptional show that provides a comprehensive overview of the modern-day military operations undertaken by different nations. With its impeccable narration, thrilling coverage of crucial events, and expert analysis, Ultimate Warfare is a top-notch show on Military Channel that should not be missed.

Ultimate Warfare is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on January 29, 2013.

Ultimate Warfare
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Bulge: Holding the Line
10. Bulge: Holding the Line
April 2, 2013
The Ardennes forest plays host to the Battle of the Bulge, the bloodiest battle of World War II.
Chosin: One Way Out
9. Chosin: One Way Out
March 26, 2013
In the Korean War's Battle of Chosin Reservoir, U.S. Marines encounter brutal weather conditions and an overwhelming Chinese force.
Okinawa: Island Fortress
8. Okinawa: Island Fortress
March 19, 2013
A chronicle of the Battle of Okinawa (April-June 1945), the largest Allied amphibious assault of the Pacific campaign during World War II.
Midway: Taking Back the Pacific
7. Midway: Taking Back the Pacific
March 12, 2013
A chronicle of the Battle of Midway, the June 1942 naval battle in which the U.S. Navy decisively beat the Japanese Navy in the Pacific.
Fallujah: The Taking of Terror Central
6. Fallujah: The Taking of Terror Central
March 5, 2013
Operation Phantom Fury, a second battle for Fallujah, Iraq, fought between U.S.-led coalition forces and insurgents in late 2004, is examined in the premiere of a series that chronicles modern military conflicts using interviews with combatants, CGI animation and reenactments.
Hue: Vietnam's Bloodiest Battle
5. Hue: Vietnam's Bloodiest Battle
February 26, 2013
The Battle of Hue at the beginning of the Tet Offensive in 1968 during the Vietnam War is examined.
Khe Sanh: Marines Under Siege
4. Khe Sanh: Marines Under Siege
February 19, 2013
An examination of the 77-day siege at Khe Sanh, an American air base that was surrounded by North Vietnamese troops in 1968.
Courage at Sea
3. Courage at Sea
February 12, 2013
A chronicle of the Battle for Leyte Gulf, an October 1944 confrontation between Allied and Japanese forces that led to the liberation of the Philippines.
Kandahar: Against All Odds
2. Kandahar: Against All Odds
February 5, 2013
U.S. Army Special Forces battle the Taliban near Kandahar, Afghanistan, for control of high ground at Sperwan Ghar in September 2006.
Baghdad: Thunder Runs (Pilot)
1. Baghdad: Thunder Runs (Pilot)
January 29, 2013
The fall of Baghdad in 2003 during the Iraq War is examined.
Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Bulge: Holding the Line
100. Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Bulge: Holding the Line
April 4, 2014
Summary not available
Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Fallujah: The Taking of Terror Central
101. Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Fallujah: The Taking of Terror Central
April 11, 2014
The U.S. military faces a challenge when they try and reclaim Fallujah from insurgents.
Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Hue: Vietnam's Bloodiest Battle
102. Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Hue: Vietnam's Bloodiest Battle
April 18, 2014
In ancient Citadel, NVA soldiers lay in wait for Marines to breach the walls, so they can retaliate.
Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Okinawa: Island Fortress
103. Ultimate Warfare Locked and Reloaded: Okinawa: Island Fortress
April 25, 2014
Americans face off against the Japanese in mountainous terrain.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 29, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (39)