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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (30)

Combat Zone was a television show that premiered on the Military Channel in 2007, and was produced by Studio Lambert. The show was a docudrama that presented the experiences of soldiers in combat zones. Each episode showcased a different group of soldiers serving in either Afghanistan or Iraq and provided an insight into the challenges they faced on a daily basis.

The show utilized interviews with the soldiers themselves, as well as archival footage and dramatic recreations. The dramatizations depicted the soldiers' experiences, from their initial deployment to their return home, and included everything from intense firefights to everyday tasks like repairing vehicles and interacting with locals.

Across the episodes, Combat Zone provided a comprehensive portrait of the many different roles soldiers take on while serving in a combat zone. For example, one episode followed a group of Army medics as they treated wounded soldiers in the heat of battle. Another episode focused on a Marine reconnaissance unit, highlighting the heightened need for caution and stealth in their unique line of duty.

In addition to the soldiers' experiences, the show also explored other aspects of combat zones, such as the impact on soldiers' families back home. Interviews with wives, parents, and siblings provided a glimpse into the emotional toll of long deployments, an aspect of military service that can be overlooked in other shows and media.

One of the key strengths of Combat Zone was the way in which it conveyed the reality of combat while eschewing sensationalism. The show did not shy away from the grisly and traumatic aspects of servicemen and women's experiences, but neither did it fetishize violence or glamourize warfare. Instead, it presented an honest and poignant portrayal of the human costs of war.

Another strength of the show was its attention to detail in depicting life in a combat zone. From the landscape to the equipment to the language spoken, every element was carefully crafted to evoke the sensory experience of being on the ground in these places.

Throughout its run on the Military Channel, Combat Zone earned critical praise for its unique approach to documenting the realities of combat. Reviewers applauded the show's commitment to presenting the diverse experiences of different military units, as well as its sensitive portrayal of the emotional toll such work can take on soldiers and their loved ones.

Despite its acclaim, Combat Zone was not without controversy. Some critics felt that the show was too focused on presenting a heroic narrative of soldiering, and that it did not sufficiently address the larger political context surrounding these conflicts. Others felt that the show risked glorifying war by presenting its subject matter in an inherently exciting and adrenalized way.

However, fans of the show argued that it succeeded precisely because it focused on the lived experiences of individual soldiers, rather than abstract political debates. For many, the show offered a rare glimpse into a world that is too often hidden from public view or distorted by media hype.

Overall, Combat Zone was a groundbreaking television show that provided an in-depth and nuanced look at the realities of serving in a combat zone. By presenting the unvarnished truth of soldiers' lives, and acknowledging the complex emotions and political realities that surround warfare, the show offered a unique and powerful perspective on one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Combat Zone is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 2009.

Combat Zone
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Patrol Boat Rescue
13. Patrol Boat Rescue
March 26, 2009
Viet Cong use the North Saigon River to stock up on arms and supplies. With strategy, planning and stealth, thirty US Navy crewmen on six small boats, out-manned and outgunned, fight and win a hard, fast battle.
Ambush at Lake Tharthar
12. Ambush at Lake Tharthar
March 19, 2009
A small US/Iraqi team working near Samara comes under a fierce attack. Out-manned and outgunned, their call for air support is answered by just two US choppers in the area. The pilots come under heavy enemy fire trying to rescue their troops.
Battle of Najaf
11. Battle of Najaf
March 12, 2009
The Imam Ali Shrine, a Shiite holy site, was off-limits to US and Iraqi coalition forces, but that didn't stop insurgents from holing up there. Marines had to fight hand-to-hand to take out arms and fighters hiding in the surrounding Wada al-Salam cemetery.
Hill 875
10. Hill 875
March 5, 2009
Up against the North Vietnamese Army dug in and concealed in the jungle, American paratroopers fought hard for a piece of high ground during the Battle of Dak To. Repeated attacks up the slopes brought them within almost 20 yards of the NVA, and just in reach of one of their last sure victories of the war.
Ambush in Hawijah
9. Ambush in Hawijah
February 26, 2009
Fort McHenry, the US Military's Forward Operating Base outside Hawijah, suffered intense attacks in Operation Iraqi Freedom. To protect the new Iraqi police, on August 7 the Army enters the town square ' and into a kill zone.
SLA Gunfight
8. SLA Gunfight
February 19, 2009
The Symbionese Liberation Army, the most wanted domestic terrorists in the US, followed their kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst with a daring bank robbery. The shootout with the LAPD made TV viewers wonder: is Patty Hearst inside?
Triangle of Death
7. Triangle of Death
February 12, 2009
Free elections approach for Iraqis but south of Baghdad beheadings, executions, roadside bombs, robberies and chaos rule the area. US Marines will need courage and heroism to beat the enemy and make it safe for the election.
Battle of Tal Afar
6. Battle of Tal Afar
February 5, 2009
For centuries, the city of Tal Afar served as a trading post linking East and West. By 2005, Al-Qaeda's brutal reign turned it into a ghost town. In May, the US Army moves in to wipe them out, restoring Iraqi government control to the city.
Battle of Inchon
5. Battle of Inchon
January 29, 2009
Three months after Communist North Korea invaded the South, thousands of US Marines hit the beaches behind enemy lines and stage a fierce counterattack. Joined by Army infantry, in only two weeks they recaptured the South Korean capital of Seoul.
Battle of Hue
4. Battle of Hue
January 22, 2009
As the war explodes during the Tet Offensive, US Marines in the city of Hue quickly find themselves badly outnumbered by Communist forces. They must fight building to building to regain control of the city.
Invasion of Grenada
3. Invasion of Grenada
January 15, 2009
Marxist extremists seize control of Grenada's government and execute the Prime Minister. US forces plan Operation Urgent Fury in just four days. Hundreds descend on the island, hoping to save 800 American students caught in the crossfire.
Rescue in Panama
2. Rescue in Panama
January 8, 2009
Dictator Manuel Noriega ordered captors to kill American prisoner Kurt Muse if any rescue is attempted. Delta Force commandos sent in face danger - and disaster.
A Tight Spot
1. A Tight Spot
January 5, 2009
Eight Green Berets from US Army Special Forces go deep inside Iraq to gather info on a key Iraqi location when they are suddenly attacked. It's a harrowing encounter with sleek coordination between air and ground support.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 5, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (30)