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Newhart is a half-hour comedy centered on the deadpan style of comedian Bob Newhart, playing a New York writer who moves to rural Vermont. Dick Loudon (Newhart), and his wife Joanna (Mary Frann) decide to leave Manhattan and run a small country inn. Their staff includes simple-minded George Utley (Tom Poston), the handyman, and Leslie Vanderkellen (Jennifer Holmes), a secretly rich, former world-class skier, who wants to understand normal life by working as a maid. Much of the show's comedy derives from Dick trying to adapt to a small town environment. As an author, Dick specialized in do-it-yourself books and has a quiet and practical personality that inevitably clashes with the local eccentrics and demanding guests.

After the Loudons settle into their country lifestyle, Dick starts hosting Vermont Today, a barely successful local TV talk show with perky co-host Buffy Denver (Julie Brown). The show's producer is a pretentious and chatty yuppie Michael Harris (Peter Scolari), who also dates Stephanie Vanderkellen (Julia Duffy), who takes over as hotel maid for her sister, Leslie. Unlike her highly successful sister, Stephanie has few skills and has become estranged from her wealthy family. Some of the other town oddballs include: Kirk Devane (Steven Kampmann), owner of the neighboring Minuteman Caf

8 Seasons, 184 Episodes
October 25, 1982
Cast: Bob Newhart

Newhart Full Episode Guide

  • A visitor from Japan has announced his intentions of buying the whole town and create a gigantic golf course in its place. But Dick seems to be the one and only hold out to their plans, angering the townspeople.

  • When Scooter Drake returns to town, along with his new wife Libby and a newborn child, Stephanie decides she must divorce Michael for being of peasant stock and causing their child to be subservient to the Drake's kid.

  • Michael casts his favorite dinner theater actor as Giddy, in a new lead in series for Vermont Today, the Giddy Goose Show, unaware that Giddy is really his father.

  • Dick meets Tim Conway and is asked to join his group for a weekly poker game, unaware just how cheap Tim really is.

  • George invents a new board game, called Handymania.

  • Miss Goddard uses her feminine wiles on George, after he decides to return with the visiting priests to become one himself.

  • Michael receives a lesson in parenting after he once again has returned from the mall following a shopping spree for baby Stephanie. But it's a dream one night that makes Michael see the error of his ways when he pictures his child as a teen.

  • George asks Dick to join his old gang "'The Houligans", as they plan a reunion. But things get out of hand when Dick inadvertently gets the gang in a rumble with their rival gang, "The Ruffians."

  • Michael designs a new TV series for WPIV which is called Seein' Double. The show has Stephanie starring as a pair of identical twins, with Dick playing her grouchy father.

  • A dream finds Grandma Vanderkellen buying up WPIV as a gift for baby Stephanie. When Dick refuses to do as the child wishes, Vermont Today is canceled, and right in the middle of an interview with George McGovern.

  • Dick creates an uproar all over town when his good nature is mistaken as friendship for an overbearing new neighbor. Each of the people in town Dick meets was under the impression that they were his best friend.

  • Joanna discovers she has a secret admire when she brings a strange neighbor house hunting, none which he approves of. But then when she makes a stop to his home, Joanna finds a shrine dedicated to her on the wall.

  • Michael wants their child's birth to be archived on film, but Stephanie will have part in that. We'll see since she has just gone into labor.

  • A reoccurring nightmare has George wanting to never sleep again. Michael and Stephanie use modern technology called "womb phones" to help educate their child before he is born.

  • George has met the girl off her dreams, except that she has a gigantic butt. Also, Michael and Stephanie attend a session with a guru who names babies.

  • Joanna's aunt comes for a visit to the Stratford and discloses her dislike for Dick, believing that she is too good for him.

  • A case of prenatal rage finds Stephanie slapping the face of a store security guard, and landing in a jail cell.

  • A visiting dignitary offers to make Dick a Lord after being unable to pay his bill. When the town hears of his title, the citizens see him in a new light.

  • The Vanderkellen's make an offer in which Michael can't refuse, a mansion of their own, and all he must do is...change his name to Michael Vanderkellen.

  • Michael becomes a lounge singer after quitting his job as a bag boy at Menkey's grocery.

  • George become a surprise guest on Vermont Today's 'Hidden Shame' segment where he discloses a childish prank he played.

  • Miss Goddard uses her feminine wiles on Dick when he is named judge for the annual Poetry and Pastry contest as a means of getting an edge. Elsewhere, Michael throws himself an all-male baby shower.

  • A night at the Maison Hubert ends when the building is accidentally burned down by Dick's cigar. Hubert is given a place to recuperate at the Stratford Inn, unaware that Hubert is planning a revenge.

  • Dick's murder-mystery novel, Murder at the Stratley, turns him into a suspect with the townspeople when they believe something has happened to Joanna since she is nowhere to be found.

  • George receives a visit from his favorite aunt, Bess . But his fondest memories may become shattered when he discovers she is no longer the sweet old woman he grew up knowing. Elsewhere, Dick plays a long game of chess with Darryl.

  • Joanna gets a TV show of her own in which she presents homes for sale, and the series will be the lead in to Vermont Today. But Dick may ruin her career when he becomes jealous over Joanna's handsome co-host. Meanwhile, someone has given Darryl a manservant as a present.

  • Michael becomes a zen guru after appearing on and uttering a few words on Vermont Today to make everyone feel alright no matter what their situation is "Let it go."

  • Stephanie uses Michael's stay at the sanitarium as a reason to go shopping. Meanwhile, Dr. Kaiser discovers she has fallen in love with her patient, Michael.

  • Dick pays Michael a visit while he "vacations" at a sanitarium and runs into illustrator Corrine Denby, and accidentally invites her to work with him once again on a book, unaware that she was in for being an arsonist.

  • Scooter Drake, a wealthy socialite is in town and looking to buy an inn of his own. Meanwhile, Michael is worried he will lose Stephanie to the new rich guy in town just as he begins his new career as a street mime.

  • Dick is asked by the acerbic Don Prince, to be a sidekick on his new talk show, and soon finds he is there to be the fall guy for his bad humor.

  • Michael and Joanna have been cordially invited for an evening at Larry, Darryl and Darryl's house, a thought which repulses the both of them. Meanwhile, Dick feels honored when he is asked to give a speech during the commencement ceremony at a exclusive school.

  • It's annual Cupcake Day, a day which is created for Stephanie and is given lavish gifts. With Michael making minimum wage, he finds that he has overspent on his credit card this year.

  • Dick becomes a hit at a swanky society party in which he attends with Stephanie when Michael is unable to attend. after she tells everyone that Dick owns a hotel chain.

  • Madelyn Stone, the former maid at the Stratford Inn returns after 25 years to give George an answer to his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Stephanie finds herself competing to be as good as Madelyn is as a maid.

  • After being fired at WPIV, Michael goes hunting for a new job and finds he can only get work as a show salesman.

  • Dick is named foreman in a court case which should be easily determined, but becomes irked when they other jurors can't make up their minds and are quickly swayed.

  • Dick is concerned when his father comes to the inn for a visit and is content with sitting and watching TV all day long.

  • Stephanie is attracted to the young handsome stonemason in which Dick has hired to repair the fireplace.

  • Stephanie inadvertently hurts Darryl's feelings when she is repulsed by the thought of having his blood inside her after she is in need of an operation.

  • George is replaced by Michael as director of Ye Olde Apples Day and turns it into a Broadway-style production. An irked George decides to hold his own apple festival at the Stratford Inn. Meanwhile, Larry, Darryl and Darryl go on a walk-a-thon in order to save the swamps and con Dick into contributing.

  • When a prisoner escapes from jail by using one of Dick's how-to books, he becomes the joke of the town.

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