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Here's Lucy is an American, multi-camera situation comedy about a single working mother and her teenage children. The program aired during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The main character of the show is Lucy Carter, played by sitcom veteran Lucille Ball. Living in Los Angeles, Lucy is mother to the teenage Kim and Craig, played by Ball's real-life children Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. She also works at her brother-in-law Harry's (Gale Gordon) employment agency - Carter's Unique Employment Agency. When not with Harry or the kids, Lucy spends time with her best friend Mary Jane Lewis, played by Mary Jane Croft.

The 144 episodes of Here's Lucy feature the star or her children involved in a certain mishap or misunderstanding. For example, one installment has Lucy jumping to conclusions about teenage elopement when she hears a research paper conversation between Kim and her male friend. In another episode, Lucy is banished from her home during its use in filming a movie, and returns to find actor Chuck Connors sleeping in her bed.

Here's Lucy incorporated featured numerous Hollywood stars during its run. A sampling of guest stars includes Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Flip Wilson, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Eddie Albert, Rock Hudson, and Ricardo Montalban. Even Lucille Ball makes a guest appearance on the show as Lucy Carter competes in a look-alike contest.

Here's Lucy was created by Bob O'Brien and Milt Josefsberg and executive produced by Gary Morton. The program was produced by Lucille Ball Production and distributed by Warner Brothers Television. Here's Lucy premiered on the CBS television network on September 23, 1968. It ran for six seasons, completing its run on March 18, 1974.

Here's Lucy is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (145 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 1968.

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6 Seasons, 145 Episodes
September 23, 1968
Cast: Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon, Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz, Jr.
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Here's Lucy Full Episode Guide

  • A waitress comes to the agency looking for work, after her boss fired her for being too old. Lucy decides to teach the restaurateur a lesson, and sends Kim to replace the waitress. Armed with phony credentials and Lucy's schemes, Kim drives the owner to distraction with odd ideas and poor customer service.

  • Lucy is lonely, so Harry has Kim invite her over. But after she arrives, she overhears Kim tell a friend that her mother is "in the way," so Lucy manufactures an excuse to leave, and then disappears so thoroughly that her daughter starts to worry!

  • Lucy enters a contest - the winner will be the person who most looks like... Lucille Ball! It's part of a promotion; when both Lucy and her daughter Kim reach the finals, they must imitate Lucille Ball's look from Mame and sing a commerical jingle.

  • Lucy learns that Phil Harris wants to form a new orchestra. Sensing an opportunity, she gathers many unemployed musicians, clients of the Unique Employment Agency, and presents them to Phil, who hires them. Because a lot of them are minorities, Phil looks good - until some women realize none of their gender are counted among the new orchestra! Harris solves that problem by hiring Lucy herself as a vocalist!

  • Mary Jane goes to charm school, figuring with a few lessons she can snag a boyfriend. And she does - until he meets Lucy! Lucy must figure a way to send him packing, and must decide what to tell Mary Jane about it...

  • Milton Berle offers an appearance as a charity auction prize. When Lucy's friends tell her she throws boring parties, she decides to throw an exciting party, and to that end, bids on Berle's services - which she wins for just $7.50!

  • The small town of Cartridge Belt, Montana discovers that Lucy Carter is a descendant of a sheriff from departed days, Flora Belle Orcutt. So they ask her to visit for a planned celebration during which she'll be the acting sheriff for a week. Tough luck that some real crooks choose that week to knock over the bank...

  • Lucy must cancel her convention trip to care for her uncle Harry, who has a bad knee, for Kim who has a bad cold, for Mary Jane who has a pair of broken hands, and for Harry the Cat, who is about to have her kittens! The job proves more than Lucy can safely handle...

  • Harry decides to sell his agency to Ken Richards, who retains Lucy as his secretary. But then Harry discovers that he's miserable and realizes it's because he needs to run the Unique Employment Agency! Lucy schemes to get her new boss to sell the agency back to her old boss.

  • Harry, in support of the city's zoo, agrees to care for a rare New Guinea bird until it can be united with its mate. The tropical animal requires a lot of heat, so when Harry's furnace fails, he enlists Lucy to care for the bird, which she promptly loses...

  • Local burglaries prompt Lucy to propose a neighborhood watch. But she begins to see crooks around every corner and behind every tree, prompting her to call the police... too many times. So naturally, when she's trapped in her home by a real burglar, the police don't take her call seriously...

  • Harry rents Lucy's home to a movie production company. She makes a pest of herself and the film crew banishes her. She returns later, confident that they've finished, and unaware that star Chuck Connors is asleep in her bed.

  • Harry purchases land by pretending to be an environmentalist. He believes there's gold on that land, and enlists Lucy to help him find it, but all they find instead is bear trouble...

  • When the Carters go to see Frankie Avalon perform, Kim gets invited on stage to perform with him. That earns her an invitation to enter an amateur's contest, and Lucy begins scheming about how to win it... with a ringer!

  • Lucy needs more money precisely when Harry decides to cut costs, so she takes a second job: she hires out to a mystery writer who must finish a novel. Her job? Keep him sober so he can do it. But the man has caches of booze hidden everywhere and Lucy finds it hard to keep up - especially after she's shared "just one" with the soused author, just one too many times.

  • Lucy falls hard for Andy Johnson, a man who works with "wayward" youth. But Kim isn't sure he's on the level, so she disguises herself as the sort of person he'd want to help, to test him.

  • Lucy elects to rent out Kim's room, but her first tenant, Kermit, proves annoying. She schemes to rid herself of Kermit, first faking a love interest and finally convincing Harry to play her long lost husband to get Kermit to break the lease.

  • A woman who looks like Lucy has been harassing stars including Rock Hudson and Eddie Albert. So when Lucy tries to get Eddie to appear at a charity function, he jumps to the wrong conclusion.

  • Harry purchases a pet shop, strictly as an investment, and quickly drives away the employees, forcing him to reply on Lucy and Kim. He warns them to take good care of dog trainer Bob Williams, a potential buyer.

  • Lucy wants a loan to modernize the Unique Employment Agency. She's sure the only way she can persuade the bank to loan her money is to act like she doesn't need any money, so she enlists Kim and Harry to pretend to be her servants!

  • Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé both contact the agency looking for domestics. It seems they've had a terrible fight and have separated. Lucy tries to bring them back together, but only makes the situation worse.

  • Harry books O. J. Simpson to speak at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. That nets him some football tickets, but when he tries to sell the ones he doesn't need, he gets arrested for scalping!

  • Lucy takes up painting, and winds up meeting a talented artist named Danny Gallupi. He explains that his work will only be valuable after he dies, so Lucy concocts a scheme to fake his death so that his work will be valuable right away.

  • Harry sells his business. Lucy and Harry pack up the office, and reminisce about their lives, good and bad. As they talk, they wind up downing an entire magnum of champagne...

  • Lucy and her friends struggle to stay on their diet - an effort made Herculean by the presence of Harry's gourmet feast in Lucy's refrigerator!

  • Lucy breaks a keepsake vase Harry's previous secretary made for him. She decides the best approach is a replacement, so she takes a ceramics class to learn how.

  • Lucy, Harry and Mary Jane purchase a custard franchise. Lucy eventually drives off the employees, and Mary Jane must return to her regular job. That leaves Harry and Lucy to run the custard stand by themselves. Their efforts quickly go south...

  • Lucy learns that Kim is dating a college professor, and immediately assumes the man is cradle robbing! She goes to the campus and on seeing an older man makes a perhaps predictable assumption. Then she begins to plan how she'll demand Kim end the relationship!

  • Lucy shops for antiques, and selects a reproduction of an antique chair. But the owner mistakenly sells her the extremely valuable original antique! When he realizes this, he sets out to recover it, an operation that involves romancing an unsuspecting Lucy.

  • Lucy and Harry bicker more than usual, prompting their friend Mary Jane to suggest a visit to a group therapist. He suggests they switch office roles to get a better feel for each other's responsibilities.

  • Kim's friend Annie wants a part in a new drama club show, so Kim arranges for her to receive a makeover, and then discovers that the director liked her better as she was before!

  • Prince Hennepin has come to America looking for a wife, and he has hired the Unique Employment Agency to help him. But his eye comes to rest on Lucy herself, and his promise of a quarter million dollar reward has Harry scheming to convince his niece to accept the proposal!

  • Lucy and Kim take their twelve year old cousin Patricia to a Donny Osmond concert. Donny misinterprets Kim's attempts to get an autograph for Pat, and develops a crush on her that leads him to commit himself to a charity function. When Kim realizes the truth, she must set the record straight.

  • Lucy cleans out her fireplace, making herself dirty in the process. Then, still filthy, she delivers a crate of apples to her beauty parlor. En route, a criminal mistakes her for "Dirty Gertie" who is his good luck charm, and gives her a hundred dollars for one apple! The police realize they may have a way to put an end to a criminal career, with a little help from Lucy.

  • Lucy arranges for Phyllis Diller to entertain a Chamber of Commerce charity function, but Phyllis loses her voice in the eleventh hour, forcing Kim to improvise.

  • Petula Clark needs an assistant to help her prepare for a recording session and handle her pregnancy; Lucy snares the assignment for herself, and promptly makes a hash of it, overprotecting the singer and threatening the session - until she accidently winds up making a valuable contribution.

  • "Poopsie," the wife of the milkman, becomes convinced that Lucy and her husband are having an affair, and throws him out of the house. Lucy, Kim and Harry work to reunite the troubled pair.

  • Lucy's wheelchair knocks over a bystander - who promptly sues her for $100,000, claiming an injury that makes it hard for him to work and even to get around. But is he on the level? Lucy's friend Kim doesn't think so, and hatches a plan to prove it.

  • When Lucy's son Craig returns home from college, a football coach spots him and decides he just might be quarterback material. But Lucy doesn't want Craig playing a sport she believes is too dangerous, so the coach sends a special emissary to convince the reluctant Lucy...

  • Harry finds himself unable to run his office without Lucy; every one of the replacements he hires has even less experience! So he solves the problem by moving the office to Lucy's house, so she can work! Lucy, of course, doesn't want him there and tries various schemes to dislodge him, all of which fail. Finally, the police intervene...

  • Lucy escapes hospital confinement and returns home, but still needs help. Her friends agree, but find themselves drawn away by other commitments, leaving her Uncle Harry to play twenty-four hour-a-day home nurse, a job he soon finds taxing...

  • Lucy becomes jealous of her new hospital roommate, admitted for a suspected broken foot. That roommate is Eva Gabor, who draws the attention of everyone in the hospital. Irritated, Lucy makes Eva's hospital stay miserable.

  • Lucy breaks her leg and winds up in the hospital, garnering her sympathy from her friends and co-workers. But being in the hospital is very boring, so when a handsome doctor visits the patient in the next bed, Lucy hatches a scheme to lure that doctor over to visit her. But he catches on, and concocts a scheme of his own...