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  • 1968
  • 1 Season
  • 5.9  (808)

Mayberry R.F.D. was a spin-off sitcom from the popular television series The Andy Griffith Show, which aired from 1960 to 1968. The show followed the lives of the citizens of the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina, and their beloved sheriff, Andy Taylor, played by the late Andy Griffith. The show was a production of CBS and was produced by Aaron Ruben.

Mayberry R.F.D. picked up where The Andy Griffith Show left off, but with a new protagonist. Instead of following the adventures of Andy Taylor, the show focused on the character of Sam Jones, played by Ken Berry. Sam was a widowed farmer who lived on his farm outside of Mayberry with his young son, Mike, played by Buddy Foster. Sam was a new arrival in Mayberry, having recently moved to the town from out of state with his family.

The show had a host of recurring characters from the original series, including Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee, Andy's beloved aunt, and George Lindsey as Goober Pyle, the auto mechanic who worked at Wally's Service Station. Other characters included local pharmacist Emmett Clark, portrayed by Paul Hartman, and his wife Martha, played by Alice Frost.

Mayberry R.F.D. was a wholesome family sitcom that focused on the everyday lives of the townspeople. While there were conflicts and problems within the town, the show always had a way of resolving them in a lighthearted and comedic manner. The show was also known for its strong moral values and for highlighting the importance of community, something that was a hallmark of The Andy Griffith Show.

One of the most endearing aspects of Mayberry R.F.D. was its focus on its younger characters. Buddy Foster's Mike Jones was a central character on the show and was often given storylines that highlighted the struggles and joys of growing up in Mayberry. These storylines often dealt with common issues faced by children, such as making friends, dealing with bullies, and adjusting to changes in their family life.

Another notable aspect of Mayberry R.F.D. was its use of music. Ken Berry was a talented singer and dancer, and his musical talents were often showcased on the show. One of the show's most famous musical moments was a performance by Berry and the young Foster of the song "Rock-a-Bye Baby" during a talent show.

Mayberry R.F.D. was a hit with audiences and ran for three seasons from 1968 to 1971. The show also spawned a number of merchandise tie-ins, such as comic books and board games. However, the show was eventually canceled due to declining ratings and a shift in television programming away from the traditional family sitcom.

Despite its relatively short run, Mayberry R.F.D. remains a beloved television series and a cherished part of the legacy of The Andy Griffith Show. The show's simple, wholesome humor and its emphasis on family, community, and morality continue to resonate with audiences to this day.

Mayberry R.F.D. is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 1968.

Mayberry R.F.D.
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Sister Cities
26. Sister Cities
May 12, 1969
Sam gets ready for the arrival of Mexican officials from Mayberry's sister city.
The Church Bell
25. The Church Bell
March 24, 1969
Mayberry gets word a nearby town has a church bell for sale. The Mayberry committee go and make an offer, but a battle of wills breaks out over the price.
Millie's Girlfriend
24. Millie's Girlfriend
March 17, 1969
Millie's friend becomes her roommate when she breaks up with her boyfriend.
Emmett's Retirement
23. Emmett's Retirement
March 10, 1969
Retired Emmett has nothing to do except hang around his friends all day, driving them crazy.
An Efficient Service Station
22. An Efficient Service Station
March 3, 1969
Goober has to clean up the station or he'll lose it.
The Pet Shop
21. The Pet Shop
February 24, 1969
A new pet shop opens in Mayberry and Mike is all fired up to purchase a new Dog. Sam vetoes the idea based on previous previous experience with pets. Mike sets out to prove him wrong.
Sam, The Expert Farmer
20. Sam, The Expert Farmer
February 17, 1969
Sam's embarrassed his bean crop failed while Millie's was successful.
The Camper
19. The Camper
February 10, 1969
Mike and Harold fight and break up, but still go on the annual fishing trip together.
Howard's Hobby
18. Howard's Hobby
February 3, 1969
Howard, whose hobby is coin-collecting, takes skydiving lessons to impress a girl who loves to skydive.
Driver Education
17. Driver Education
January 27, 1969
Goober's job teaching driving at the high school comes to a violent end when he crashes into the principal's car.
Aunt Bee And The Captain
16. Aunt Bee And The Captain
January 20, 1969
Aunt Bee falls for a ship's captain when she takes a Caribbean cruise. First of a two-part episode.
Aunt Bee's Cruise
15. Aunt Bee's Cruise
January 13, 1969
Aunt Bee falls for a ship's captain when she takes a Caribbean cruise. First of a two-part episode.
New Couple In Town
14. New Couple In Town
January 6, 1969
Goober tries to help a new couple in town, a woman and her writer husband who've moved to Mayberry for inspiration.
Sam And The Teenager
13. Sam And The Teenager
December 30, 1968
Sam doesn't know what to do about a teen with a crush on him.
Miss Farmerette
12. Miss Farmerette
December 23, 1968
Millie is crowned Miss Farmerette at the county fair, and is invited to go to Hollywood by an old friend who's an agent.
Emmett's 50th Birthday
11. Emmett's 50th Birthday
December 16, 1968
Emmett's fiftieth birthday has him down in the dumps.
Sam Gets A Ticket
10. Sam Gets A Ticket
December 7, 1968
Sam gets a traffic ticket in Mt. Pilot and is all ready to fight it.
Mike's Losing Streak
9. Mike's Losing Streak
December 2, 1968
Sam thinks Mike's irresponsible and won't let him go to the baseball game, but the townspeople's sympathy for Mike makes Sam feel like a heel.
The Church Play
8. The Church Play
November 18, 1968
Millie is chosen to direct the church play, and decides to make it more modern.
Youth Takes Over
7. Youth Takes Over
November 11, 1968
Civic Youth Day has the kids taking over the grown-up's jobs.
The Panel Show
6. The Panel Show
October 28, 1968
A television company writes to the town asking them to send two representatives to New York to record a show about where is better Mayberry or New York City. Emmett and Howard are chosen by the town to defend the honor of all small towns across America. Things don't go well and Howard returns to Mayberry an outcast till an odd twist of events teaches the town and Howard some inner truths.
The Copy Machine
5. The Copy Machine
October 21, 1968
Problems multiply when Mike acquires a copy machine.
Help On The Farm
4. Help On The Farm
October 14, 1968
Andy urges Sam to hire two ex-convicts, who later vanish along with money from the cookie jar.
The Race Horse
3. The Race Horse
October 7, 1968
Sam's cousin, Vince is coming to visit after not seeing him for 5 years. Vince reveals he has a horse that has not lived up to its potential as a race horse and is looking to sell the animal to finance a restaurant he wants to partner in. Sam begins to ask around town in the hope of helping his cousin out, however Aunt Bee cooks up an alternative scheme that may see everyone finish up a winner.
The Harvest Ball
2. The Harvest Ball
September 30, 1968
Goober gets Sam to write him a letter asking Millie to the Harvest Ball.
Andy And Helen Get Married
1. Andy And Helen Get Married
September 23, 1968
Andy and Helen marry, and Aunt Bee becomes Sam's housekeeper.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 23, 1968
  • IMDB Rating
    5.9  (808)