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  • TV-PG
  • 1993
  • 5 Seasons
  • 6.4  (4,395)

Grace Under Fire is a critically acclaimed American sitcom that premiered in 1993 and aired until 1998. The show was created by Chuck Lorre and produced by Carsey-Werner, and it starred actress and comedian Brett Butler as the titular character, Grace Kelly. The show follows Grace, a divorced mother of three who is trying to rebuild her life after leaving her abusive husband. Grace lives in a small Missouri town and works as a counselor at an oil refinery. Despite facing many challenges as a single mother, Grace remains determined to provide for her children and create a better life for them.

One of the main themes of the show is the struggles that single parents face in juggling their work and family responsibilities. Grace often finds herself torn between her job and her children's needs, and she must learn to navigate these competing demands while remaining true to herself.

The show also explores the relationships between the various characters who reside in Grace's town. Grace's closest friend is Russell Norton, played by Dave Thomas, who is a pharmacist and staunch conservative. Although they often disagree on political issues, their friendship remains strong throughout the series.

Other recurring characters in the show include Grace's ex-husband, Jimmy Kelly, played by Casey Sander, her nosy neighbor Nadine Swoboda, played by Julie White, and her three children, played by Jon Paul Steuer, Sam Horrigan, Kaitlin Cullum, and later, by Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

Over the course of its five-year run, Grace Under Fire tackled numerous social issues, including addiction, domestic violence, and single parenthood. The show was widely praised for its honest and realistic portrayal of these issues, and it earned Brett Butler two Golden Globe nominations for her performance as Grace.

One of the most notable aspects of Grace Under Fire is its use of humor to address serious social issues. The show's writers deftly blended humor and drama to create an engaging and thought-provoking show that resonated with audiences.

Another standout feature of the show was the chemistry between the cast members. Brett Butler's portrayal of Grace was both vulnerable and fierce, and her interactions with the other characters were always entertaining. Dave Thomas's performance as Russell was also a highlight, and his character provided a welcome counterbalance to Grace's more impulsive nature.

Ultimately, Grace Under Fire was a groundbreaking show that tackled important social issues with humor and heart. Although it went off the air over two decades ago, its themes and characters remain relevant today, and it continues to be remembered as a beloved and influential sitcom.

Grace Under Fire is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (125 episodes). The series first aired on September 29, 1993.

Grace Under Fire
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Down in the Boondocks
14. Down in the Boondocks
February 17, 1998
Grace runs into Bev, Quentin's girlfriend's mother, at the pharmacy. Bev tells her she's feeling suffocated in her marriage; being rich isn't that great. Grace has a hard time relating to Bev's problems.
Grace Under Class
13. Grace Under Class
February 10, 1998
Grace stops by the pharmacy while Quentin's working at the soda fountain. Quentin's girlfriend Laurie is there, and Grace meets her for the first time.
The Fall from Grace
12. The Fall from Grace
February 3, 1998
At the construction site, Grace feels the resentment of her co-worker, Derrick, who wanted the job Grace has. Grace, who has asked D.C. for more responsibilities, is surprised when her old pal Vic shows up and says he's desperate for a job.
Fire in the Hole
11. Fire in the Hole
January 20, 1998
Wade shows up with Dan Gabriel, his old commanding officer in Vietnam, who's now a covert operations/demolition expert. Dan and Grace begin a verbal sparring match almost immediately.
Digging up the Dirt
10. Digging up the Dirt
January 13, 1998
When D.C. and Grace have a meeting in a motel with an equipment supplier, gossip that they're having an affair flies around Victory.
Grace Under Funded
9. Grace Under Funded
January 6, 1998
Grace buys some new clothes for the first time in years and the next day learns that her paycheck will be late because D.C. is having trouble getting his payroll money from the government.
The Victory Tree
8. The Victory Tree
December 30, 1997
Libby visits the bridge construction site on a field trip and discovers that the Victory Tree that holds a significant place in the town's history is to be cut down.
Riverboat Queen
7. Riverboat Queen
December 30, 1997
D.C. has a chance to bid on a hotel job for one of the biggest developers in the Midwest. Grace tells him he's going to have to make an extra effort to schmooze the guy and make him feel at ease, even though it isn't D.C.'s style.
Finders, Keepers
6. Finders, Keepers
December 23, 1997
Libby wants to go to Washington on a class trip, but Grace can't afford to send her. A tornado has hit Victory and there has been much destruction.
A River Runs Through Him
5. A River Runs Through Him
December 23, 1997
Jean is upset, complaining that the new bridge will cut off Emmet's (grave) view of the river, so Grace suggests that she move the grave site.
Mother Christmas
4. Mother Christmas
December 16, 1997
Louise, Grace's mom, arrives for the holidays, surprising everyone. Louise has definite ideas about how little girls are to be brought up and she disapproves of Libby's tomboy behavior. Her mission is to turn Libby into a demure young lady.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
3. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
December 9, 1997
Wade's back from Colorado and tells Grace that he and Nadine are splitting up. He also tells her he's heard that some kids were partying down by the quarry, and it's possible Quentin may have been there.
Grace Under Construction
2. Grace Under Construction
December 2, 1997
Grace is in search of a job and Libby is worried that they're going to be poor again.
Smells Like Victory
1. Smells Like Victory
November 25, 1997
Grace arrives home very late from her job in St. Louis and finds the kids still up, the house in disarray, Jean asleep on the sofa and Libby cleaning the kitchen.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 29, 1993
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (4,395)