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Malibu Country is a sitcom based on the life of Reba MacKenzie, her two kids, and her elderly mother as they move to Malibu, California from Nashville, Tennessee to start their lives over. Reba Mackenzie, played by Reba McEntire, put her music career on hold to take care of her husband and two children. The show begins as Reba MacKenzie has just recently learned of her husbands affair. She leaves her husband and moves her family to a home in Malibu that she discovered that her husband had in purchased secretly.

Malibu is an whole new world far away from the familiar streets of Nashville for the Mackenzie family. They are quickly introduced to their neighbor Kim. Kim has a bubbly talkative personality and is very free with sharing other people's business. The world is turned upside down for Reba's son Cash, who has been forced into a long distance relationship with his girlfriend. Not long after the move, Cash's girlfriend breaks up with him because of the distance. Cash's younger sister June finds Malibu to be a little more interesting. She quickly makes friends with the neighbor Kim's stepson Sage, who tells her that he is gay. Reba's mother Lillie May, played by Lilly Tomlin, finds that liberal California has a lot to offer when she finds a doctor that prescribes her medicinal marijuana lolly pops.

Reba's hopes of rekindling her music career are quickly dashed by Geoffrey, the record label's gay assistant. Geoffrey tells Reba that she is to old and not sexy enough for today's music and that she needs to find a hook if she would like to be considered. Reba returns home dejected from the meeting. Lillie May encourages Reba not to give up on her dreams and go crawling back to Nashville. Reba starts working on what will become her ticket back in the music industry with fierce determination. Her journey to her and her families new lives begins.

1 Season, 18 Episodes
November 2, 2012
Cast: Reba McEntire
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Malibu Country Full Episode Guide

  • In the first season finale, Reba's family plans an online date for her. Although the night doesn't go as planned, she realizes that she may be ready to start dating again.

  • Reba is thrilled about her career opportunities when she finally gets to meet Mr. Bata in person, but her hopes take a hit when he reveals his plans for her.

  • Reba struggles to know if she should tell Kim that her husband gave her an introductory kiss that was a bit too passionate.

  • Reba's wild brother, Blake, surprises the family when he shows up and invents a hasty plan to turn Lillie Mae's BBQ sauce into a profitable business.

  • Reba, June and Cash compete to give Lillie Mae the ultimate birthday gift, but when her wish is for Reba to bowl for her league's opposing team, things become fierce.

  • Reba and Lillie Mae put their weekend plans on the back burner when their neighbor makes a confession that causes quite a commotion.

  • In an effort to maintain her deal with the record label, Reba agrees to collaborate with superstar bad girl singer Shauna, who moves into her home to become better acquainted.

  • When Reba discovers Cash is struggling to write a one-act play for an English project, she advises him to use his own life and write what he knows. But Reba's advice may come back to haunt her.

  • June lands the coveted meeting with Mr. Bata that Reba has been pouring her efforts in to secure. Meanwhile, Lillie Mae and Kim discover Cash's innate ability to make winning horseracing picks.

  • Reba finds out that June's school has dropped its music program, so she tries to get all the music committee moms to bring the program back.

  • Reba is determined to hold a traditional Christmas celebration.

  • Reba tries to get info on Bobby's past from his ex-bandmate, but he refuses to break the "bro-code."

  • Reba gets jealous when her daughter starts opening up to Kim rather than her.

  • Reba is ticked off when her ex-husband Bobby arrives for Cash's birthday and surprises him with a brand new sports car, despite Reba's intentions to teach their son a lesson about earning a car.

  • Reba is excited that Geoffrey was able to get Mr. Bata to agree to have one of her songs recorded, but is upset that he wants to use a rapper instead of her.

  • Kim and Lillie Mae convince Reba into going on a blind date. June has some boy trouble.

  • In the series premiere, Reba decides to leave her unfaithful husband and takes her kids and mother to Malibu to start a new life.

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