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Instant Mom is a show starring Tia Mowery. Mowery plays the character Stephanie, a young lady who marries a man who has three children. Mowery's character Stephanie is a happy go lucky free spirit who soon finds that she may be in over her head. On the show she likes to party and have fun with her girls but now has to find the balance that comes with being a parent. This comedy can be seen on NickMom and also co-stars Michael Boatman who plays Stephanie's husband Charlie.

Boatman's character is a busy cardiologist who tries to display patience while Tia learns to balance being an instant mom. Co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph, who plays the character Maggie helps to keep Tia grounded and focused. Maggie lets it be known that she is the experienced parent who takes no prisoners. As the mother of Stephanie, Maggie is straight forward and says exactly what is on her mind. The show would not be complete without the children played by child actors, Sydney Park, Tylen Jacob Williams and Damarr Calhoun.

Thursday 8:30 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
1 Season, 67 Episodes
September 29, 2013
Cast: Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Michael Boatman, Sydney Park, Tylen Jacob Williams
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Instant Mom Full Episode Guide

  • When the Phillips' cousin Jamal, an older doppelganger of James, comes to town, Charlie fears he will be a bad influence on his younger cousin. Aaron and Maggie teach Gabby how to be fancy for an upcoming date.

  • Stephanie and Charlie are thinking about having a baby when Gabby goes off to college and the boys chose to live with their mom in Orlando.

  • When Gabby discovers that her ex's new girl is using him, she makes attempts to reveal the truth, but everyone believe's she is jealous. Also, Charlie, Aaron and Maggie look for a bat in the house.

  • Gabby questions her choice in guys when Charlie likes the boy she is dating. Also, James begins dating two girls at the same time.

  • Stephanie believes that Aaron is depressed and attempts to get the family to end their bad habits, but things only get worse.

  • Stephanie is concerned that Gabby is being enabled and decides Gabby must find a job to help pay for a car. Also, James and Maggie start a business teaching older people how to talk like teens.

  • When Aaron is returned home by the police, family services gets involved to decide whether Stephanie and Charlie are fit for parenthood.

  • James and Gabby attempt to sell Grandma Maggie's fruit snack professionally, but when she discovers what they are up too, she wants to be part of it too.

  • James tries to trick Stephanie and Charlie into thinking one of his friends is actually a foreign exchange student.

  • The night before Gabby takes the SATs, a secret about Stephanie is exposed; James and Aaron have a hard time sharing a room.

  • Stephanie assists James in running a student rebellion when the principal get picky about the dress code; Gabby educates Charlie on working with social media.

  • Gabby attempts to make Noah envious through a friend from when she was a kid; when Aaron unintentionally calls Stephanie Mom, she endeavors to correct him.

  • Stephanie requests that Aarom become friends with a client's son, before she finds out that Aaron is scared of him; Maggie's life is rescued by Gabby.

  • A cousin comes to see the Phillips, but Charlie is concerned he will be a negative influence on James. In Addition, Aaron and Maggie aid Gabby in getting ready for a date.

  • Stephanie gives James a "get out of jail free" card. Charlie and the kids swap the card with each other.

  • Gabby lets a friend borrow Stephanie's new purse. The purse is returned ruined and Gabby must get a new one to replace it.

  • James becomes a candidate in a school election when he gets embarrassed by his crush. Also, Charlie recruits Gabby to assist him in replacing a lost wedding ring.

  • Maggie persuades James and Aaron to act like they are her younger siblings when she starts to date an older man. Gabby gets in trouble for having Noah over when her parents aren't home.

  • Charlie is stressed about the consequences of Stephanie helping Aaron beat James in a game. Meanwhile, Gabby is trapped in a duel between Stephanie and Gabby.

  • Gabby has to drive beside Stephanie after she gets a traffic ticket.

  • Gabby has been fighting with her parents so Maggie takes her in for a weekend hopping to discipline her. Shocking to everyone, Gabby and Maggie get along well. Stephanie exposes Maggie's other side to Gabby.

  • Stephanie wants James and Gabby to stop fighting. She stops punishing them, but it doesn't go well.

  • Stephanie makes her family face their fears as she attempts to overcoming her fear of swimming.

  • Stephanie is the one shaken up after she takes Gabby to see her first scary movie against Charlie's wishes. James snuck into the same movie with Aaron and uses Stephanie's fears to convince her their house is haunted.

  • Stephanie is worried she is turning into Maggie after reacting to Gabby's desire to get a tattoo. In an effort to prove otherwise, she ends up pushing Gabby into wanting to get one even more.

  • Noah asks Gabby to the prom, but she worries about fitting in at the after party; Stephanie and Charlie get overprotective.

  • Stephanie's neighbor has better success getting the children to do things.

  • After Aaron describes Stephanie as a "yelly monster" when she is trying to get the family ready in the morning, Stephanie tries to do better, but things go from crazy to crazier.

  • Stephanie pretends there are no plans for Gabby's sixteenth birthday while she secretly plans a surprise party, but when she trusts Maggie with the invitations, things don't go as planned.

  • When Stephanie's new company gets evicted from their office and James fails to secure MVP of his basketball team, she signs them both up for a bike race to prove that hard work pays off, but she gets carried away trying to win.

  • Stephanie and Charlie plan an adults only weekend in New York, only to discover that Aaron has stowed away in their car; James and Gabby make plans while their parents are away.

  • James inadvertently becomes popular at school when he's mistaken for a bad boy, and when one of his new pals does something wrong, he's reluctant to tattle; Stephanie lectures James about doing the right thing.

  • In order to help Aaron with his fear of the dentist, Stephanie agrees to get checked out as well, despite being afraid herself. When she discovers their new dentist is someone from her past, she becomes even more scared.

  • James' mad video-game skills land him a spot on a professional team. Unfortunately, he soon regrets going pro, so Stephanie and Charlie try to get him out of his contract.

  • Aaron gets in trouble for calling his teacher a name he heard from Stephanie; James tries to avoid his history homework.

  • Stephanie feels lost when all of the kids have their own plans and ditch her on Halloween. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to maintain his perfect rating as the best house in the neighborhood.

  • When Stephanie and Charlie discover Gabby has a secret boyfriend, they meet him and aren't impressed.

  • The neighbors destroy the kids' garden, which upsets Stephanie and Charlie. They seek revenge, but soon the kids follow their bad example.

  • In the season premiere, Stephanie is concerned she is working too much when Aaron's imaginary friend returns.

  • Aaron has to do a report on a grandparent. Through research he discovers Maggie has a secret career as a romance novelist, which she denies. The family hatches a plan to get Maggie to reveal her secret identity.

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