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Hogan Knows Best is a reality show with real family issues. The show has Hulk Hogan in it along with his children and ex-wife. Once a family that was united and then becomes divided after marital issues. The show will have day to day events on it, showing what the family is up to. The shows focuses on Hulk Hogan's daughter and son trying to make it in the industry. It is a fun family show and also shows their struggles in life. Hulk Hogan's ex-wife is trying to mend her relationship with her daughter and son after dating and becoming engaged to a much younger man. The show is for family and all ages to get a peek into their life. There are many ups and downs they go through as a family.

Hogan Knows Best is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on July 10, 2005.

Hogan Knows Best is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hogan Knows Best on demand atAmazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 43 Episodes
July 10, 2005
Cast: Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan, Brooke Hogan, Nick Hogan, Sylvester Stallone
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Hogan Knows Best Full Episode Guide

  • Hulk is informed that he's a 2007 father of the year recipient. Before the big ceremony in New York, the family returns to Clearwater to visit Hulk's Mom. Although Grandma Hogan and Linda don't always see eye to eye, the family appreciates their homecoming, which includes trips to Hulk's childhood home and a local Hooters.

  • Brooke is hard at work on her music career, recording her second album and rehearsing for upcoming performances. After Linda and Hulk see that Brooke has been spending more money than she's making, they decide it's finally time to put her in charge of her own finances. Brooke is thrilled with the control and financial independence, but quickly realizes the pressure and stress of having those responsibilities. Money gets spent fast in the studio and on the road. Can she learn to handle the pressure?

  • The family travels to Universal Studios in Orlando where Brooke has a big concert. After the show, Nick wants to go on the rides but knows that fans mob the family wherever they go. He and Brooke hatch a plan for the family to wear prosthetic skin and makeup so they can act like normal people for a change. Can the Hogans enjoy a family day undercover or will fans figure it out?

  • Nick's flair with the ladies makes his parents realize that they never gave him "the talk." So Hulk sits Nick down for an intimate father-son chat. But when Nick doesn't take his Dad seriously, Hulk decides to show instead of tell. He makes Nick care for a computerized baby doll so Nick can learn one consequence of premarital sex.

  • It's vacation time for Team Hogan and Linda insists the family leave the beach to go to a dude ranch in Wyoming. Arriving in the middle of nowhere, the family realizes that part of a ranch vacation is actually working on a farm. Linda loves the animals and the mountains but the rest of the family hates milking a cow, feeding horses and late nights with the ranchers. Will the Hogans need a vacation from their vacation?

  • Hulk and Linda discover that Brooke has been keeping them in the dark about her new guy. Brooke didn't want them to find out her new beau is thirty years old and Hulk and Linda are unnerved when they finally meet him. Hulk devises a plan to thwart Brooke's puppy love by inviting one of Brooke's old teenage flings to Miami for a visit. But has Hulk now doubled his boyfriend problems?

  • Linda wants to get back into shape, so she decides to hire a personal trainer. Hulk tries to convince her that he is the best man for the job, but she insists on outside help. But Hulk doesn't warm to Linda's choice, the former Mr. Slovakia, or to the gimmicky fitness classes at the local gym. Hulk challenges Linda that if she really wants to get toned, she has to do it the Hogan way.

  • Hulk looks to bond with Nick by engaging in some of his son's interests.

  • The family starts to get on Hulk's case about his unfashionable wardrobe -- he won't go anywhere without his fanny pack and parachute pants. Since the Hogans now live in the fashion mecca of Miami, they press Hulk to dress up, and the family goes clothes shopping for stylish South Beach attire. That leads to a spa treatment for Hulk and finally a visit to a hair restoration facility. Will the greatest of all time get turned into a girly-man?

  • After 23 years of marriage even the best of relationships have hard times and Hulk and Linda's partnership is no exception. To help end their squabbling, they agree to visit a marriage counselor. She lets them air their dirty laundry and gives them exercises to help them work out their relationship issues, such as a "wish day" where they can ask the other for anything they want. Can the counselor get the Hogans back in the same corner?

  • The move to Miami has been tough on the family, but especially for all the Hogan pets. Linda realizes that the dogs are particularly out of sorts, acting strange and tearing at furniture. She turns to a variety of pet therapists and psychics to try and calm the family zoo.

  • Hulk has more or less retired from wrestling, save for the occasional guest match. But WWE chief Vince McMahon wants Hulk to sign up for twenty more years. When he sweetens the proposal by offering to help promote Brooke, Hulk is faced with a dilemma.

  • When the Hogans moved out of Clearwater, they left everything behind, including Hulk's buddy, Brian "Nasty Boy" Knobs. So Hulk invites Knobs to the new pad in Miami Beach for a weekend -- without asking Linda. But when this 300-pound loafer strolls around in his underwear, belches, and plays constant pranks, he quickly becomes the family's worst nightmare.

  • Nick decides he wants to be a drift-car racer and signs up for lessons with stunt driver Bobby Ore, but Nick faces pressure to qualify for his drifting license.

  • Brooke is working hard to prepare for Memorial Fest in Miami, one of her biggest concerts yet. But she struggles with her parents being too overbearing and bossy about her music career. When Brooke gets an offer to model bathing suits for a men's magazine, she sees it as a chance to take charge of her life and claim some independence. But will Hulk let it happen?

  • As if getting adjusted to a new city isn't hard enough, the Hogans quickly realize that they can't get by in the neighborhood if they don't speak some Spanish. Linda decrees that the family take Spanish lessons over Hulk's objections. Will they be able to master Spanish and enjoy Miami's melting pot?

  • Linda daydreams out loud about who would make the perfect man for Brooke. Hulk squirms at the idea of Brooke dating, but a conversation turns into a competition as Nick, Linda, and Hulk challenge one other over who knows Brooke the best. Things heat up when each family member invites their idea of the perfect guy to the house.

  • Brooke is spending endless nights in the recording studio and traveling constantly to promote her upcoming album. It's happening too quickly for her to handle. One night in the studio, producer Scott Storch is disappointed with Brooke's performance and questions if she really has what it takes to succeed in the music business. Hulk challenges her to get back on track.

  • The family wants to celebrate Hulk's 53rd birthday so they decide to take him on a surprise cruise. But Hulk throws a temper tantrum because he hates cruise ships. Everywhere he goes he's followed by hundreds of fans wanting to take his picture or get an autograph. Will Hulk have a happy birthday or will he throw the other passengers overboard?

  • There's no music industry in sleepy Clearwater, Florida so the Hogans decide to pick up and move to Miami Beach, where Brooke's record label, studio and producer are located. They pack up their animals, cars and 13 years of memories and trade their castle-like mansion for a sleek Miami Beach abode. But when the Hogans finally survey the new place, they discover that the $12 million house is full of problems, and Hulk and Linda wonder whether leaving Clearwater was such a good move.

Hogan Knows Best News

New TruTV Series to Feature Hulk Hogan and Little-People Pro Wrestlers

There's a new professional wrestling league in town, and they're calling themselves the MCW, or "Micro Championship Wrestling." Why "Micro"? Simple: every wrestler in the MCW is a little person.

The organization's goal is to "show the world that little people are serious athletes who have the determination to succeed."

Their website reads: "Our Micro Athletes may be short in stature, but make up for it in Hardwork, Will Power and Determination!"

TruTV has put in a six-episode order of a new show centerin