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Black OPS is a documentary TV series that examines special forces operations conducted around the world. The series takes an in depth look at some of the world's best known and riskiest special forces operations ever conducted such as when a group of Chechen terrorists stormed a movie theater in Moscow and held hundreds of people hostage for days in 2002.

Black OPS is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 2012.

Black OPS is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black OPS on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

Wednesdays at 10:00 pm et/pt on Military Channel
2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
October 17, 2012
Documentary & Biography, Military & War
Cast: Richard Cullen, Mark Ivan Benfield, Danny Darren, Max Rudd
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Black OPS Full Episode Guide

  • A group of terrorists are sheltering in Iraqi Kurdistan where they control a mountainous area known as the Halabja salient - US Army special forces, the Green Berets, are sent deep behind Iraqi lines to eliminate the terrorists with the back up of local Kurdish fighters known as the Peshmerga.

  • Terrorists storm the Japanese ambassador's home in Peru, taking 450 hostages. Commandos undertake a daring rescue that takes four months to achieve.

  • A look at the cross country operation that saw the SAS team up with the German GSG in order to solve the hijacking of the Lufthansa Flight 181 in 1977.

  • The story of the rebirth of the SAS, as British soldiers take part in a counter insurgency campaign called the Malayan Emergency.

  • Examining the incredible Israeli assasination plot to bring down Abu Jibad.

  • Two aid workers are kidnapped in Afghanistan.

  • Three special forces units travel to Syria searching for the mastermind behind the country's nuclear weapons program.

  • Examining the details of what really happened on the day an American helicopter was shot down over Somalia in 1993.

  • In September 2000, a British special-forces operation rescued a group of Royal Irish Rangers, who were captured during civil war in Sierra Leone by a gang of rebels known as the West Side Boys.

  • The July 4, 1976, assault by Israeli commandos on an airport in Entebbe, Uganda, to rescue more than 100 hostages taken by hijackers from an Air France flight bound for Paris.

  • A look at the hunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian-born Al Qaeda in Iraq leader who was killed in June 2006 during a bombing raid in Iraq.

  • An inside account of operation Neptune Spear: the black ops raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

  • October 2002. Russia's elite force, Spetnaz Group Alfa, face an impossible task - to rescue 800 people held hostage by Chechen gunmen and suicide bombers inside a Moscow theatre. Negotiations have failed and innocent lives hang in the balance.

  • Mumbai is under attack and only one Special Force has the knowledge and training to take the terrorists to task. In November 2008, an undisclosed number of assassins went on a three-day rampage of death and destruction in India's largest city.

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Airport Assault | Black Ops Clip (02:56) The Knock-Out Gas and Spetznaz at the Moscow Theater Siege | Black Ops: Extras Clip (01:51) Mumbai Attacks Testimonials | Black Ops: Extras Clip (03:02)