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  • TV-PG
  • 2012
  • 4 Seasons
  • 5.6  (1,001)

America Unearthed is a documentary television series from History that premiered in 2012. The show is hosted by geologist and forensic investigator Scott Wolter, who travels across the United States to investigate various unsolved mysteries and unearth hidden truths about American history. Joining Wolter on his journeys are Larry Yazzie, a Native American historian and cultural expert, and John Edel, an agrarian historian.

The series takes a closer look at many of America’s unsolved mysteries and controversial historical events, including the Knights Templar, the Salem Witch Trials, and even the legend of King Arthur. Wolter and his team use a unique blend of scientific analysis and historical research to uncover new evidence about these unexplained phenomena and shed light on the mysteries that have confounded historians for years.

Throughout the series, Wolter and his team travel to various locations to investigate the mysteries of America’s past. They dive deep into the mysteries of ancient civilizations, explore forgotten ruins, investigate cryptic symbols and artifacts, and even conduct scientific experiments and tests in the lab to back up their theories. Along the way, the team speaks with experts, historians, and witnesses who provide unique perspectives and insights into the mysteries they are investigating.

The show covers a wide range of subjects, including ancient civilizations, lost and hidden treasures, sacred sites and symbols, secret societies, and historical conspiracies. Wolter and his team use cutting-edge technology and scientific analysis to uncover new evidence about these unsolved mysteries and offer up new perspectives on long-held beliefs.

One of the unique features of the show is Wolter’s use of forensic geology to analyze various rock formations, soils, and minerals to determine their age and origins. He also uses his expertise in minerals to analyze the composition of ancient artifacts and structures to determine their age and place of origin.

Throughout each episode, Wolter and his team explore both the historical and modern-day implications of their findings. They delve into the political, cultural, and social forces that have shaped American history and examine how these forces continue to impact society today.

Overall, America Unearthed is a fascinating and thought-provoking series that takes audiences on a journey through the mysteries of America’s past. Host Scott Wolter brings a unique blend of scientific analysis and historical research to each investigation, uncovering new evidence and offering fresh perspectives on long-standing mysteries. And with the help of Larry Yazzie and John Edel, Wolter is able to provide a uniquely multicultural perspective on American history and culture, shedding light on the complex forces that have shaped the nation.

America Unearthed is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on December 9, 2012.

America Unearthed
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Exodus of the Templars
10. Exodus of the Templars
July 30, 2019
Scott Wolter crisscrosses the Atlantic as he investigates cryptic carvings allegedly left behind by the Knights Templar. He runs scientific tests to prove his long-held belief that the Templars hid treasure in North America.
Chicago's Mystery Bomber
9. Chicago's Mystery Bomber
July 23, 2019
Forensic geologist Scott Wolter turns detective to crack one of Chicago's oldest cold cases -- the 1886 bombing of Haymarket Square; a recent dig for a buried time capsule may yield new clues about the identity of the bomber.
Drake's Lost Treasure
8. Drake's Lost Treasure
July 16, 2019
Scott Wolter travels up and down the Pacific coast in search of the long-lost treasure of ruthless privateer Sir Francis Drake; he follows a sensational new tip from a California treasure hunter who claims he has clues that lead to the gold.
Bigfoot of the Bayou
7. Bigfoot of the Bayou
July 9, 2019
Scott Wolter heads down to the land of gumbo and grits to search for the Honey Island Swamp Monster; he spends a solitary night in the Louisiana bayou to collect evidence of the elusive creature's existence.
The Spy Who Saved America
6. The Spy Who Saved America
July 2, 2019
Scott Wolter leaves no stone unturned in his quest to discover the true identity of Agent 355, a mysterious female operative who was a crucial member of Gen. George Washington's Culper Spy Ring.
Phoenicians in America
5. Phoenicians in America
June 25, 2019
Scott Wolter inspects mysterious carvings on a stone that may prove the ancient Phoenicians made it to America over 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus.
The Ripper Unmasked
4. The Ripper Unmasked
June 18, 2019
Scott Wolter investigates a sensational new theory about the identity of Jack the Ripper. He also uncovers a connection between the ritualistic patterns of the Ripper murders and the Freemasons.
Cave of Secrets
3. Cave of Secrets
June 11, 2019
Scott Wolter travels to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, to check out a mysterious cave that may have been a stop on the Underground Railroad.
Alien Artifacts
2. Alien Artifacts
June 4, 2019
Scott Wolter bushwhacks his way through the jungles of Veracruz, Mexico, as he investigates ancient artifacts that could shatter the archaeological record forever and change everything we know about our place in the universe.
Vikings in the Desert
1. Vikings in the Desert
May 28, 2019
Scott Wolter travels to Arizona to verify the origin of alleged Viking artifacts found in the desert. If proven authentic the bronze pieces could substantiate claims that the Vikings made it all the way down to the American Southwest.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 9, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (1,001)