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This reality series follows the daily lives of a group of fame-hungry women who spend their days working out, shopping, partying and having plastic surgery in an expensive California community. The series debuted in 2006 with a cast that included would-be reality stars Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
13 Seasons, 221 Episodes
May 9, 2006
Cast: Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Gretchen Rossi, Brooks Ayers
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The Real Housewives of Orange County Full Episode Guide

  • The reunion continues with Kelly and Meghan reviving their text message feud; Peggy airs her grievances to Shannon; an unexpected turn of events leaves everyone in state of total shock.

  • The ladies reunite; Lydia is taken to task for her outspoken opinions and actions; Vicki provides an update on her relationship with Steve; Kelly and Shannon open up about the state of their marriages.

  • Vicki surprises her son Michael with a new role at Coto Financial, while Kelly complains to her mother that she's finally at a breaking point in her marriage. Tamra fulfills her greatest wish of attending her estranged daughter's high school graduation. The ladies celebrate the launch of Meghan's new candle line and Peggy finally comes face-to-face with all the women after her sudden departure in Iceland.

  • After being hurt by Kelly's words, Peggy reveals a secret video to Lydia. Meanwhile, the rest of the ladies whoop it up at a Viking dinner where Tamra and Vicki continue to get along, much to the dismay of Shannon. When Peggy finally arrives at the dinner, her preemptive strike on Meghan thoroughly backfires. Once everyone returns to the OC, Shannon discovers the nature of her unbalanced behavior, but also finds her marriage on thin ice.

  • The ladies of Orange County are ready to explore everything in Iceland from hiking a glacier to sampling the exotic cuisine.

  • While Vicki visits her cardiologist, Shanon and Peggy are still simmering about the cancer questioning that took place with their husbands.

  • Vicki and Tamra finally come face-to-face to see if there is any hope of redeeming their broken friendship. Lydia discovers the joys of when the rich get richer. Kelly's dad comes to town and she discovers the parallels between her parent's dysfunctional relationship and her own. Peggy and Diko celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary with the ultimate Armenian inspired party while Shannon faces the consequences of her prying husband's actions.

  • Lydia throws Doug a party and invites all the ladies despite her hurt feelings over being left out of Shannon's dinner.

  • Kelly goes into her breast reduction surgery with the sentimental support of her husband Michael. Tamra shares with Meghan her concern over Shannon’s recent behavior. Vicki and Shannon visit Kelly while she recovers at home. Shannon invites Tamra, Meghan, Kelly and Peggy out to dinner where Peggy defiantly defeats a deluge of digs from Kelly. And later, Lydia calls Tamra to invite her to Doug’s Balls Voyage party, but finds out that her invite to Shannon’s dinner was apparently lost at sea.

  • As rumors swirl around Orange County following Vicki’s birthday party, Tamra catches wind of what transpired about Eddie and is livid. The "Friendship Whisperer" Lydia is even perplexed by Vicki’s motives and is nervous for all the women to converge at Kelly’s beach volleyball party. Kelly is having a breast reduction and decides to have a "Boobs Voyage Party" with all the women except her former bestie, Meghan. All hell breaks loose at Kelly’s party when Tamra and Vicki finally talk face-to-face.

  • Meghan is still reeling from Kelly's attack. Lydia tries to play mediator but is unable to stay impartial. Tamra gets an unexpected phone call that leaves her wondering about her and Vicki. Peggy prepares to send her daughters off to college. Shannon celebrates her birthday. Vicki throws a party, and an old friend reveals some details about Eddie's past.

  • Kelly suspects her new pal Shannon of being up to her old tricks and confides in Meghan. Meghan puts her detective hat back on to investigate Vicki's issues with Shannon and Tamra.

  • Vicki gets green with envy when she learns that Kelly is planning on celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Shannon and Meghan. Peggy learns that something got lost in translation between her and Tamra at the Nobleman Launch Party. Lydia ponders if her son's dreadful prophecy will come true as she competes in a Spartan Race with Tamra, Eddie, Doug and David. Meghan hopes Irish eyes will be a smilin' upon Shannon and Kelly as they engage in a heavy pour of whiskey and whimsy.

  • Lydia is hopeful everyone can get along for her magazine's launch party. Tamra struggles with her broken family and her mom's poor communication skills.

  • Vicki tries to balance her life alongside her relationship with Steve; Lydia plans a launch party for her new magazine; Tamra organizes a sit down for Kelly and Shannon; Megan hosts a Sip-N-See for baby Aspen.

  • Tamra and Shannon come fact to face with Meghan's new baby; Lydia's family takes a vacation full of uncomfortable conversations; Vicki meddles in her son's love life; Peggy invites her friends to the unveiling of her Lamborghini.

  • While the fallout from The Quiet Woman leaves Shannon and Kelly both stunned, the ladies move on with their lives as Shannon takes her daughter Sophie out for a driving lesson and Kelly looks to improve her love life from the inside out. Also spotlighted: Lydia's mom throws a birthday party for her grandson, where Vicki forms an instant bond with new housewife Peggy; and Tamra looks to break the cycle of parental alienation and divorce in her family.

  • Trust issues plague Vicki as she organizes her new office. Also, Peggy deals with her looming surgery; Tamra is thrust back into a past role; and Shannon confronts her weight gain as well as her nemesis, Kelly Dodd, who crashes dinner.

  • Shannon enlists a feng shui expert to help bring balance to her chaotic life; Lydia launches her magazine; Kelly struggles to make her marriage work; Meghan settles into life as a new mother; Lydia and Shannon meet for the first time.

  • Vicki expands her business and moves offices; Tamra reunites with an old friend; Shannon struggles with her weight and her marriage; Kelly worries her mother is becoming a hermit; Meghan returns after the birth of her baby, Aspen.

  • Conclusion. The reunited girls dish on their traumatic Glamis adventure, with old tensions sparked and Meghan on the defensive for her lack of sympathy toward Vicki. The drama of Ireland is also reviewed, and Shannon reaches her breaking point.

  • Part 2 of 3. A Season 11 reunion goes on with Kelly on the hot seat because of her behavior. Heather has a confrontation with Kelly, who shares shocking secrets about her past; Shannon sheds light on her vow renewal; and Vicki's daughter talks about her mom.

  • Part 1 of 3. The OC gals reunite. Included: Vicki is interrogated; Tamra communicates about religion and being a peacemaker; Meghan speaks up about her relationship with Jimmy; and Kelly stands her ground when '70s bash accusations rise.

  • The gals celebrate Tamra and her fitness challenge with a carb-loaded get-together at Shannon's new home, but drama surrounds Vicki and her loose-lipped gossip.

  • A bus ride from hell draws to a close as the ladies' Ireland vacation concludes. A return to the O.C. finds the ladies dealing with fallout from their outing, and Tamra gets ready for her long-awaited fitness contest.

  • An Ireland vacation carries on with the women taking separate adventures. Meghan attempts to locate distant relations with Kelly, while the others go to a milk farm. Later, Kelly attempts to make amends with Tamra, but ire rises, leaving the crew in disarray.

  • The gals fly to Ireland to explore Meghan's heritage. They enter on a pub crawl, which leads to a sobering exchange between Tamra and Kelly, shoving Tamra over the edge. The ladies then attempt to recover with a traditional Irish "hooley" night.

  • Meghan honors the opening of her candle shop with a bash. Also, Vicki warns she will reveal a secret about Shannon; Meghan copes with the highs and lows of pregnancy; Heather hosts a posh book-release party; and Meghan suggests a vacation to Ireland.

  • Michael and Kelly discuss the ups and downs of their relationship since separating, while Meghan goes to her first ultrasound appointment. Vicki gets asked to film a commercial for a cancer charity. Shannon packs up her old home and gives it a heartfelt "goodbye" while Tamra hosts Kelly, Vicki, and Heather for a day of pampering and luxury at Glen Ivy Spa.

  • Shannon panics about a looming family move as her daughters tune up for a rock show. Meanwhile, Vicki celebrates Briana's birthday; and family and friends watch the Beador girls perform, but an uninvited guest's startling allegation rocks the evening.

  • The women regroup after an accident, and new alliances are formed. Also: Tamra thinks about delaying her fitness competition; Meghan goes to Vicki's home to make amends; and Shannon attempts to bandage torn friendships.

  • Eddie's birthday is observed at a motor-sports mecca, but Kelly's dirty mouth brings tension. The women explore sand dunes, leading to a memorable ride. In the OC, Meghan gets results from a pregnancy test, and Shannon's house is sold.

  • Kelly's erratic attitude is addressed in the wake of angry dramas at a sushi dinner. Elsewhere, Meghan moves forward in her IVF process; Shannon relishes in a night with friends and family; and Vicki and Kelly connect at a celebration of their own.

  • Vicki celebrates her family's return to Orange County. Meanwhile, Heather fights to balance work and life as she anticipates her book launch; Kelly and Vicki connect over mutual furry; and a sushi party is ruined when Kelly passes over a line.

  • Fallout from Shannon's hectic 1970s bash finds Shannon attempting a new remedy to detox and Kelly trying to make amends. Meanwhile, Meghan visits Washington, D.C., to speak about colorectal cancer, and Tamra examines custom bikinis for a fitness contest.

  • Shannon's 1970s-theme party is fueled by a hot disagreement about a rumor-filled past. Vicki tries to balance work, babysitting responsibilities, helping Briana and partying; Heather approaches Terry about his parenting; and Meghan looks for encouragement during her IVF treatments.

  • Kelly's beach party moves inside as Vicki and Shannon have a chilling showdown. Also, Meghan gets closer to beginning a family; Briana ends up in the hospital with a medical emergency; and Shannon makes a tough choice about Vicki.

  • Vicki's daughter returns, but the homecoming doesn't live up to Vicki's expectations. Also, Meghan starts IVF shots and faces her anxiety of needles in the process; and Kelly throws a beach bash, where Vicki and Tamra try to resolve their problems.

  • Heather visits Turks and Caicos in an attempt to help Terry reconnect with their kids. Meanwhile, Tamra attempts to fix a relationship; Kelly sets out to make friends with Vicki; and Meghan invites the ladies to her new home to demolish her kitchen.

  • The ladies kick off an explosive 11th season with an epic boat party as Vicki fights to win the ladies back after a year of lies left her friendless and alone. Heather's mansion is still a work in progress, and so is her relationship with her husband Terry. Shannon's marriage is on more solid footing, so it's time to look for a new home. Meghan starts in vitro fertilization (IVF) with no help from husband Jimmy. And new housewife Kelly Dodd brings her big personality to the party, but her mouth gets her in trouble.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County News

Tamra Judge Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

The reality star went public with news of her health crisis over the weekend.

Jim Bellino: Wife Alexis May Not Continue With 'Real Housewives Of OC'

Jim Bellino admits he doesn't "wear the pants" in his relationship. Apparently, he does have his legs at least far enough into them to bid Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" adieu. He also claims his wife, Alexis, isn't exactly far out of step, either.

'Real Housewives of Orange County': Gretchen Rossi Rips on Tamra's 'Camera Balls'

If Tamra Barney wants to be the star of "Real Housewives Orange County," Gretchen Rossi is fine with taking a backseat.

“That means she's a train wreck, so I'm totally OK with that,” Rossi told Naughty But Nice.

Rossi says that Real Housewives co-star has a big pair of “camera balls,” which, according to Rossi, means that Barney plays to drama for ratings.

Another Awkward Real Housewives Moment (VIDEO). Is Tamra the next Sting?

How awkward is this?

Real Housewives’ Tamra Barney loves to talk about how she and new boy toy Eddie get it on – all the time.

Vick Gunvalsoni, having recently filed for divorced after 17-years of marriage, is beyond uncomfortable hearing about it.

And like a deer caught in gated-community headlights, we get to watch the whole round of weird confession and reaction.

Over It: Is Bravo Finished With Housewives Spinoffs? Andy Cohen Says 'Yeah'

With seven different versions of the show and a gazallion cities to reach, Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise could have swept the nation. Bravo’s Andy Cohen told OK! That won’t be happening. Miami might be the last stop.

“I really feel like we’re done,” Andy said. “Yeah.”

As recently confirmed by the network, a casting call notice on Craig's List that went out for what seemed to be a "Real Housewives of San Francisco" was a hoax.

Orange County Housewives Roofied in New York

What is more shocking?

That “Real Housewives of Orange County” stars Tamra Barney and Peggy Tanous were given roofies during a night out in the Big Apple.


That the women took drinks from a “fan of the show” in the first place?

It’s not like they were in need of a free drink, seeing that they are paid to be on a show because they are women living the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and not-so-famous.

'Real Housewives of Orange County' Are Back Sans One Brunette. Where is Lynne?

In the explosive (and very blonde) season premiere of "Real Housewives of Orange County," a brunette was missing.

Jewelry designer Lynne Curtin, who was last seen by fans being booted out of her home, will not be returning to the current season. Neither Bravo nor Lynn have revealed why she also got the boot on RHOCC.

Curtin has typically been outspoken (although in a hazy sort of way) regarding her life, which included showcasing her experiences with plastic surgery, eviction, and parenting moves that included underage drinking on camera.

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