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In this part of the Real Housewives franchise, a group of well-off women live in an upscale community near Washington, DC. As in all the other Real Housewives series, the cast members are always embroiled in drama as they try to one-up each other in their quest for reality-TV fame. The series airs on the Bravo cable network.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
4 Seasons, 67 Episodes
January 17, 2016
Cast: Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger
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The Real Housewives of Potomac Full Episode Guide

  • Following the lives of six wealthy African-American ladies in Potomac, Maryland, as they try to secure their spot in a prestigious circle.

  • Karen goes after Michael; Ray talks about the rumor about his wife's cheating; Gizelle talks about her new man; Ashley shares something about her relationship with Michael.

  • Gizelle and Karen confront each other about the confusing nature of their friendship, and Gizelle reveals a shocking development in her love life. Candiace's mother, Dorothy, joins the couch

  • Robyn and Juan make a grand gesture to solidify their relationship; Candiace begins making financial strides without her mother's help, and Karen finally reveals her La Dame perfume with an extravagant soirée.

  • Following the lives of six wealthy African-American ladies in Potomac, Maryland, as they try to secure their spot in a prestigious circle.

  • The ladies enjoy a day of adventure in the Cayman Islands; Ashley and Candiace bury their issues over yoga; Robyn decides to confront Gizelle about her behavior at her open house, catching her fellow green-eyed bandit off guard; and Katie's behavior continues to grow more questionable, but things go from bad to worse when she decides to make a big statement.

  • Ashley finally makes contact with a distant relative, but their reaction leaves her in tears; and Candiace and her mother are still at odds, but Dorothy proves that old habits die hard.

  • Ashley finally makes contact with a distant relative, but their reaction leaves her in tears. Meanwhile, Candiace and her mother are still at odds, but Dorothy proves that old habits die hard.

  • With her due date quickly approaching, Monique calls on Chris for help, but his unexpected reaction catches her off guard. Ashley makes the courageous decision to seek out her roots, meanwhile, Katie and her boyfriend Jacob spread some surprising information about Michael, leaving the other ladies confused about where she stands in her relationship.

  • With the help of singer Macy Gray, Karen and her daughter Rayvin record a tribute to her parents. Meanwhile, Robyn plans a haunted house party for Juan's birthday, where an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance. The charges against Michael are dropped, but Katie reveals new information about Michael, leaving more unanswered questions regarding the Darbys' marriage.

  • Gizelle gives Adore her undivided attention; Candiace work on her relationship with her mom; Ashley tries to deal with stress through therapy.

  • Robyn confronts Gizelle about throwing her under the bus with Ashley, meanwhile Candiace and Chris have a fight of epic proportions; Katie hosts the ladies at a Potomac hoedown, but breaking news about Michael overshadows the event and one housewife is left feeling vindicated.

  • Robyn finally reveals Michael's secret comment, causing everyone to wonder about the state of the Darby's marriage; Candiace takes her mother to therapy in an effort to fix their relationship, but Dottie's resistance brings Candiace to tears; and Ashley performs at Gay Pride, but the joyful event quickly turns sour once her issues with Robyn reach a boiling point.

  • Monique has a breathtaking underwater photo shoot to commemorate her pregnancy, while Karen shows off her sexy dance moves with Ray. Candiace hosts a dinner party where revelations about Michael's alleged secrets are brought center stage. Ashley and Candiace get in a heated argument, causing a serious meltdown.

  • The Sirocco crew comes to terms with Mila's controversial views. Captain Sandy's good friend, Dr. Jennifer Berman, returns with the expectation of actually leaving the dock this year. Hannah's on high alert making sure Sandy's friends are taken care of and Sandy's toast is butter free. Meanwhile, Joao continues to struggle to motivate Jack. Colin wonders if this new crew might be a little too bawdy for him, and Chef Mila's redemption charter gets off to a choppy start.

  • The housewives navigate social circles while juggling relationships, families, and careers.

  • Gizelle takes the ladies to a plantation where her ancestors were enslaved; the women hit New Orleans' legendary Bourbon Street for a night of fun, but the merriment comes to a halt when Candiace questions Ashley's plans to have a baby.

  • Following the lives of six wealthy African-American ladies in Potomac, Md., as they try to secure their spot in the prestigious circle.

  • Gizelle goes to therapy to help deal with her recent breakup, but a big revelation forces her to rekindle her relationship with a long-time foe.

  • Candiace's big day is here, but instead of focusing on her soon-to-be husband, she's more nervous about her mother's unpredictable behavior; Ashley tries to make amends to Karen and Monique; Gizelle ends up in a heated discussion with Monique.

  • Gizelle delivers homemade treats to Karen but is shocked by what greets her at the door; Ashley and Michael are back in baby-making mode; Candiace reveals she's invited her half-brother to the nuptials, causing her mother to launch a verbal attack.

  • More shocking secrets are revealed when the husbands join the ladies on stage. Karen goes after Michael for his business and personal struggles; Ray explains the rumors about his wife's infidelity; Gizelle opens up about the "new" man in her life; and Ashley reveals big news about her relationship with Michael.

  • The ladies revisit this season's emotional highs and lows, all while trying to mend their fractured friendships. Monique and Robyn finally get to the core of their rivalry, while Candiace reveals some intimate details about her relationship. Karen sheds some light on her mysterious life, but the pain she is dealing with is too much to handle, and Gizelle proves to her that old friends are the best friends.

  • Ashley finally gives Michael an ultimatum on having a baby, while reality starts to set in for Candiace that she is about to be an instant stepmother. Robyn throws a birthday party for her youngest son, and a new family member makes a special appearance. Meanwhile, Karen and Ashley get into a heated discussion that is escalated by Michael and Ray's interaction. The ladies question Karen about the mysterious pizza delivery, and her response leaves everyone puzzled.

  • Karen meets with her assistant Matt to find out his involvement in the alleged rumors regarding her living situation. Ashley finally comes clean to her mother about some of Michael's inflammatory comments, causing more tension between the two. Determined to find out the truth about whether Karen really lives in her house, Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley plan a scheme of epic proportions.

  • While the ladies celebrate Monique's birthday with a fabulous night of burlesque, Candiace finally uses her vocals to win the women over. Gizelle confronts Charrisse about her involvement in bringing Sherman's ex-wife around, leaving Charrisse and Monique at odds. Ashley and Karen exchange heated words and accusations regarding Karen's marriage, cause a deeper rift in their already rocky friendship.

  • As the ladies travel to the beautiful South of France for a relaxing vacation on the French Riviera, Gizelle and Robyn clash over their accommodations; Monique opens up about her marriage; Ashley questions Karen's living situation.

  • Candiace and Chris get marriage insurance in the form of a pre-nup; Ashley decides to give Michael a surprise; Karen and Gizelle try to work things out over lunch; tired of all the fighting, Monique decides to plan a trip to France.

  • Ashley must face the truth about why Michael is hesitant to have more children; Robyn confronts Karen about her lies in a public forum; Charrisse is left questioning her friendship with Monique; Candiace is stressed from wedding planning.

  • Candiace attempts to persuade her mother to give her control of the family business, while Ashley and Michael revisit their pre-nup. Monique and Robyn host two different events on the same day, forcing the ladies to reveal their loyalty. After celebrating her birthday without Sherman, Gizelle begins to re-evaluate their relationship and receives advice from a very unlikely source.

  • Candiace decides to face her fears; Monique organizes a donation drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey; Gizelle breaks down over the stress of her relationship; and Robyn and Juan seek closure from their past, but a visit from past loved ones leaves the couple in extreme shock.

  • Gizelle starts to worry about the status of her relationship; Ashley is faced with the daunting task of moving her mother out her house; Candiace continues to struggle for independence; Karen hosts all the ladies at a Scent event; and Monique confronts Ashley about a rumor.

  • Monique has a car accident that leaves everyone concerned; Karen embraces her entrepreneurial spirit; things heat up between Robyn and Juan; and Ashley plans a fun retreat for the ladies, but things take a surprising turn as two of the ladies challenge Candiace when she stands up for herself.

  • Ashley invites Gizelle and Candiace to yoga, where Candiace reveals details about her fiancé; Karen distracts herself from her husband's financial issues by sending her daughter off to college; Robyn continues to settle into her new home; and Candiace invites the ladies to "Bubble Soccer", but things quickly go from playful to personal, as the ladies interrogate her.

  • Gizelle decides to write a book; Monique and Robyn try to get to the root of their issues; Candiace hopes to step out from her mother's shadow; Ashley seeks the advice of a therapist and tries to choose between her husband and her mother.

  • Michael pressures Ashley to cut financial ties with her mother; Robyn and Juan get acclimated in their new home; Monique throws Chris a 40th birthday party; a three-way fight between Robyn, Ashley and Monique gets out of hand.

  • With their relationship back on track, Robyn and Juan upgrade their lives by moving to a new condo with an interesting address. Trying to keep her man happy, Gizelle takes her new boyfriend Sherman on a romantic picnic, while Monique and Ashley hang out with a fabulous young friend who has a bubbly personality and a crown to go with it. Feeling hurt and betrayed by her friends, Karen decides to hold a "Press Conference" to answer all their questions regarding her financial situation.

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