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The television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is an addicting show that lures viewers with glimpses into the luxurious lives of an elite group of incredibly fortunate women. Following the lives of seven high-status females, Lisa, Taylor, Kim, Kyle, Adrienne, Yolanda, and Brandi, viewers get the inside scoop on the drama driven, party planning, frenemy and gossip whirlwind that makes these women's lives so dynamic. This high-energy sassy cast is made up of women who have built their vast fortunes and fabulous lives through design, business, entertainment, and family ties. Although the housewives may have clashing personalities and change allies as often as they buy new shoes, they do share a few traits in common: they're all beautiful, successful, perhaps overly passionate women who fiercely love and protect their friends and family. If their lives weren't envy-inducing enough, these strong traits that fuel their fiery dramas will surely pull you in.

The reality series is featured on the Bravo channel and is the sixth addition to The Real Housewives empire. It was picked up in the Fall of 2010 and has since then caught its viewers by storm. As proof of its addictive nature, it consistently attracts at least one to two million viewers per hour-long episode, and although the plot is often criticized to be full of first world problems, certain events within the lives of these women ironically make the series one of the more attractive, real shows on reality television.

While these women have fame and fortune, opportunities not necessarily relatable to the majority of the world, the show is unique in exposing the raw, heart-wrenching and uncontrollable nature of life that we can all sympathize with. Although these women try to cope, their life stories are scattered with heartache, divorce, family fighting, suicide, and betrayal.

The show has successfully begun its third season with the recent addition of two new housewives, brandi and Yolanda. It continues to bring traffic to the Bravo network.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
7 Seasons, 150 Episodes
October 14, 2010
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Full Episode Guide

  • Tension erupts between Dorit and Erika in Hong Kong. Lisa Rinna and Eileen chose sides while Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle are sidelined. When the ladies visit the Buddha, the madness continues and gets explosive.

  • The women head to Hong Kong, where Lisa Vanderpump continues her mission to end animal cruelty. Meanwhile, Erika confides in Kyle about visiting her mother in Georgia, and past conflicts erupt aboard a historic junk boat, pitting Dorit against Lisa Rinna against Erika.

  • Kyle hosts a party at her store, where Lisa Vanderpump's invitations to Hong Kong get out of control. Also, Dorit tries to get through Erika's icy personality, and Erika goes home to Georgia to see her mother and reconnect with her roots.

  • Erika rehearses for her soap opera role with Eileen; Lisa Vanderpump and Ken visit their new dog rescue center; Kyle throws a cake tasting for singer Carnie Wilson; Lisa Rinna makes an unexpected confession.

  • Lisa Rinna lets accusations fly; Lisa Vanderpump buys her son a condominium; the scripted show based on Kyle's childhood is closer to becoming a reality; Dorit criticizes Lisa Rinna's behavior.

  • Tension escalates at Mauricio's party in Mexico, as Kyle demands to know exactly what Lisa Rinna said about her sister, Kim; Erika encourages Lisa Rinna to be honest with Kyle; the Mexico trip wraps up with a wild boat ride and a dance to remember.

  • The women pack for their trip to Mexico; Eden tells Lisa Vanderpump what Lisa Rinna said about Kim's sobriety; while Lisa Rinna goes to New York to see her daughter walk at Fashion Week, she is the topic of conversation among the women in Mexico.

  • Eileen is thrilled when Erika hits her reading at The Young and the Restless out of the park. Lisa Rinna hosts a barbecue, but Harry ends up doing most of the work.

  • Lisa Rinna divulges the recipe for her favorite smoothie while Eden questions Kim Richards' sobriety. Erika Jayne performs in Greece for her biggest crowd ever and Dorit shocks the ladies by having Boy George perform at her husband's birthday party.

  • After her explosive encounter with Kim at Kyle's game night, Lisa Rinna talks to Eden. Erika records the music video for her new song before head to Mykonos, Greece, with Kyle. Lisa Vanderpump's son Max begins searching for his biological parents, while Dorit tries to find common ground with Lisa Rinna and Eileen.

  • Despite a history of disastrous parties, Kyle decides to host a game night for all the women, which leads to compromising positions and plenty of laughs. Lisa Rinna and Kim reunite and their feud is reignited, while Dorit and Eileen have a heated exchange.

  • Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle meet with a plastic surgeon, while Lisa Rinna and Erika are introduced to Eden, daughter of hairstyling icon Vidal Sassoon. Dorit hosts a dinner party where she and her husband PK question Lisa Rinna and Eileen's grieving decisions.

  • Kyle and Lisa Rinna have an encounter in New York City; Lisa Vanderpump surprises Ken with a watch on his birthday; Eileen is still heartbroken over the loss of her mother.

  • Erika tries to find dancers for her new music video. A few surprises surface at Dorit's birthday party. At the party, Lisa Vanderpump shows Lisa Rinna and Eileen exactly where they stand.

  • Lisa Vanderpump introduces her friend Dorit to the ladies; Erika celebrates her birthday with a Studio 54-inspired party; Lisa Rinna and Eileen encounter Lisa Vanderpump for the first time in months.

  • The Beverly Hills vault is opened, releasing Erika Jayne's latest sexy video, as well as what goes into preparing for a big show.

  • As the reunion wraps up, the women reminisce about Dubai, and also discuss some of the drama that occurred there.

  • The ladies reunite to discuss the drama of the season.

  • The gripping three-part reunion begins with some fun insights into new housewife Erika Girardi, a.k.a. Erika Jayne.

  • In the sixth season finale, tension from Dubai lingers as the women head to Kyle's desert home. Bad blood surfaces when Lisa Rinna faces Kyle's sister, Kim; and the ladies react to shocking news about Yolanda.

  • While in Dubai, Lisa Vanderpump attempts to apologize to Eileen on top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

  • After traveling for a full day, the ladies finally get to explore Dubai. Even though Yolanda is back at home, there are still lingering feelings from the Munchausen fallout, leaving some ladies feeling isolated.

  • At a glittering gala in New York, Yolanda is honored with a Lyme disease awareness award, which wipes away any doubt Kyle had about her illness. Later, the women take a trip to Dubai.

  • The ladies support Camille's cancer charity by shopping for diamonds. Lisa Vanderpump gets her friends to participate in a march that's special to her.

  • Erika invites everyone for dinner so she can introduce her husband to the women. Also, Kathryn receives positive news during a hearing test; the ladies participate in charity work; Yolanda is criticized for associating with Kim and Brandi.

  • The women raise money for charity during a spin class; Yolanda accuses Kyle of gossiping, then questions Lisa Vanderpump; Kathryn tries to get on Erika's good side.

  • The ladies have brunch at Kathryn and Donnie's San Diego home, but the situation turns sour when Kyle's sister Kim is brought up and Kathryn reveals pain from her past.

  • Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump experience cryotherapy with Yolanda. Meanwhile, Erika invites the women for her performance at the San Diego club, and Lisa Rinna is accused of betraying Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump.

  • Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump plan a joint anniversary celebration, but drama erupts when Faye Resnick is on Kyle's guest list. Also, Lisa Rinna continues to feel guilty about a past discussion.

  • Lisa Vanderpump checks out the space Ken wants for a new restaurant. Meanwhile, Eileen flies to Italy to spread her sister's ashes; and Kyle hosts a barbecue, where things heat up over over Yolanda's claims; and a 20-year grudge rears its ugly head.

  • Kyle holds a book signing at her new Hamptons pop up shop for Bethenny Frankel. During their last dinner in the Hamptons, Eileen divulges a secret from her past.

  • While in the Hamptons, Eileen is still reeling about Lisa Vanderpump's interrogation, Erika Jayne's videos are viewed, and Bethenny Frankel invites everyone to dinner.

  • The women head to The Hamptons to celebrate Lisa Vanderpump's cover of Bella Magazine. However, Lisa ends up feeling slighted by her friends.

  • Yolanda's friend fascinates the ladies with her short skirt and flashy ring. Meanwhile, Lisa makes an unexpected visit to the veterinarian's office; a comment about Yolanda's illness creates drama; and Yolanda delivers shocking news to her kids.

  • Kyle examines her career when her 7-year-old daughter, Portia, becomes interested in acting; Lisa Vanderpump invites the women over to show off the mini-horses; Lisa Rinna makes an unexpected insinuation about Yolanda's health.

  • Upon her return from her European vacation, Kyle is greeted by disheartening information; Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump head off in a private jet to find the perfect mini-horse for Ken's birthday present; a new housewife leads a double life.

  • Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump are enjoying Italy to the fullest until family problems interrupt.

  • In the sixth season premiere, Lisa Vanderpump throws the first pitch at Dodger Stadium; Kyle buys $75,000 sunglasses for her store and struggles with Kim's absence, who is in rehabilitation

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills News

Two of the 'Real Housewives' Just Got Fired

Is there such a thing as being too much for a reality show to handle? If so, that might explain this bit of news: "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has reportedly fired two cast members, Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia, after just one season on the show. There has been a lot of turnover at the RHOBH lately, as Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer all left after the show's third season.

Did 'Real Housewives' Star Adrienne Maloof Abuse Her Husband?

Reality star Adrienne Maloof is engaged in a filthy custody battle with her ex, Paul Nassif, over their three boys. Both are making claims of abuse.

Camille Grammer: Not A 'Housewife' Again After All?

Yesterday, it all sounded so promising that Bravo would welcome Camille Grammer back into the "Real Housewives" fold. Now? A source apparently different from the one that informed to E! News tells The Huffington Post that nothing's so guaranteed. The former Mrs. Kelsey Grammer is neither on the Bravo payroll, nor part of any set shooting schedule.

Camille Grammer To Make 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Return

Looks like all's still well between Camille Grammer, Bravo and Beverly Hills. Sure, she claimed she wouldn't be back after last season. But time apparently heals some wounds faster than others, and Grammer now looks to be in for a third season with Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". Just expect to see less of her: early reports have her participation limited to cameos only.

Bravo Cooking Up Seven New Unscripted Shows

The network that gave the world Heidi Klum's "Project Runway" and the best "Real Housewives" that "real" households have to offer has a lot more "reality" in store. Bravo is currently developing seven new unscripted series, Deadline reports. None have debut dates quite yet, but as with Bravo's entire program slate, all have roots in entertainment, fashion, food, art and pop culture.

Beverly Hills 'Real Housewife' Kim Richards Enters Rehab

Another Beverly Hills "Housewife: has fallen on hard times: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member Kim Richards has entered a rehab clinic to deal with continued substance abuse issues. It's not a surprise, family and friends say. Years ago, her personal demons nearly killed her.

Camille Grammer Selling Colorado Home Featured On 'Real Housewives'

This past week's episode of the Bravo reality hit 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' had the ladies visiting their chum Camille Grammer at the former Mrs. Kelsey Grammer's Beaver Creek, CO mansion. It's got everything a woman who loves entertaining could want: tons of space, six bedrooms, 7. And it's for sale.

Taylor Armstrong Tells 'ET' Of Alleged Abuses; Some Claim She's Lying

"Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" cast member Taylor Armstrong's sit-down interview with "Entertainment Tonight" debuted Tuesday evening, and Armstrong delved deeply into an alleged over 20 incidents of abuse by her late husband, Russell.

Taylor Armstrong to Talk With 'Entertainment Tonight' About Alleged Abuse

Though previously rumored to be in talks with Barbara Walters for a primetime sit-down, "Entertainment Tonight" now reports that Taylor Armstrong will sit down with Nancy O'Dell for an interview airing September 20 dealing with the alleged abuse she suffered at Russell Armstrong's hand before his death.

Russell Armstrong's Family Suspects He Was Murdered

While authorities have called the death a suicide, and Bravo has been running PSAs about suicide prevention the family of Taylor Armstrong's late husband isn't buying that conclusion. The family is reportedly in the process of retaining a private investigator that is looking into Armstrong's last days and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Real Housewives: Armstrongs 'Knee-Deep' In Couples Therapy at Time of Russell's Suicide (Video)

Monday night's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was a difficult one to watch. After the suicide of Russell Armstrong, Bravo opted to go ahead with the season premiere, starting with a special on his death. During the premiere episode, Taylor discussed the "intense" couples therapy she and Russell were entrenched in when her husband took his own life.

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