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The reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills follows the daily lives of a group of fame-hungry women who spend their days working out, shopping, partying and having plastic surgery in an expensive California community. The series debuted in 2010. The show's original cast included would-be reality stars Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards, and Lisa Vanderpump. Richards was a former child actress. Grammer was the former wife of actor Kelsey Grammer. Armstrong was the wife of Wall Street mogul Russell Armstrong. Maloof was the daughter of billionaire George J. Maloof Sr. Vanderpump was the wife of restaurant developer Ken Todd.

Since the first season, the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has expanded and contracted as various socialites have left and others have joined the show.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the sixth series in the Real Housewives franchise. The original series, The Real Housewives of Orange County, followed the exploits of wealthy women in another part of Southern California. Other Real Housewives series have been set in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, and Salt Lake City.

The franchise has spawned spin offs. These secondary series have focused on particular cast members. The first spin off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, followed Lisa Vanderpump and the staff of her restaurant. That spin off spawned a spin off of its own, Vanderpump Rules: Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky.

All of the many series in this reality franchise air on the Bravo cable network.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (222 episodes). The series first aired on October 14, 2010.

Where do I stream The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is available for streaming on Bravo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Bravo, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, hayu, Google Play, Apple TV, NBC online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
10 Seasons, 222 Episodes
October 14, 2010
Cast: Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Full Episode Guide

  • In never-before-seen footage from Season 10, the story behind Denise's “Bravo, Bravo, F---ing Bravo” moment is finally revealed. Dorit faces mediation for her highly publicized lawsuit. Garcelle's new house is threatened by wild fires. Meanwhile, Lisa checks out a swanky Hollywood apartment with her daughter Amelia, and Erika hopes to stay in one piece after Kyle takes her for a spin in a vintage car.

  • The housewives made their concerns about Denise's marriage known. Garcelle is grilled for her lack of support to Erika's Broadway debut. Denise reveals the real score about her friendship with Brandi.

  • Kyle takes a turn in the hot seat when she is left to answer for her attitude towards Dorit and Erika. When her daughters are brought up in conversation, Lisa bares all and addresses Garcelle’s implication that she has a need for attention. Teddi reflects on the exhilarating joys and crippling fears of parenthood during a pandemic. A defiant Denise comes under fire for her connection to Brandi Glanville, but Garcelle and Dorit maintain their loyalty and quickly come to her defense.

  • Catch a special episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.

  • Denise is a no-show at Dorit’s housewarming party and fails to keep plans with Garcelle twice in one week. The group hops on a private jet to celebrate Erika’s Broadway debut, while Lisa and Denise try to salvage their 20-year friendship in a tense one-on-one.

  • Kyle and Dorit surprise Teddi with a baby shower, but Brandi reveals a few surprises of her own. Denise and Garcelle lament over how they think Lisa has changed

  • While a Vespa ride reminds Kyle and Dorit just how much fun they can have together, Denise calls out Lisa for betraying their friendship. And the tables are turned at the last supper when Denise delivers a sermon that puts the ladies on defense.

  • The Rome getaway continues as the women process Brandi's claims against Denise. While Kyle and Dorit attempt to work through their constant clashes, Garcelle, Denise, Erika and Lisa tour the city in luxury Ferraris.

  • After rumors about Denise begin to swirl, Lisa attempts to save the group's Roman holiday from turning into a disaster. When Teddi questions Denise about talking behind their backs, the confrontation leads to shocking revelations and questionable denials. Garcelle's bluntness hits a nerve with Sutton. Meanwhile, Kyle raises her eyebrows at Dorit and Erika's fashion-forward travel wear.

  • Lisa invites Dorit and the others on a glamorous Roman getaway. Denise tries to make nice with Erika, but gets an ice-cold shoulder instead. Garcelle digs into Sutton’s past, while Brandi drops a bomb on Kyle and Teddi which threatens to turn their dream vacation into a nightmare.

  • Garcelle finds herself in a tough spot during a business meeting. Lisa questions Denise’s motives when Denise’s behavior is filled with shades of grey. With Dorit’s help, Kyle throws a black and white charity gala full of familiar faces from years past. Erika tries to avoid being “mansplained" to again, while Camille’s road to reconciliation is bumpier than she expected.

  • Denise and Aaron’s hasty departure from Kyle's barbecue leaves the other ladies confused and unsettled. Kyle helps Kim through a delicate medical procedure, while Lisa and Erika have a distinctively Beverly Hills “procedure” of their own. Garcelle moves into her new house. Aaron awkwardly comes face to face with Erika and Teddi at Sutton's trunk show.

  • Garcelle is honored for her work with a local charity, but her acceptance speech isn’t charitable to one guest.

  • What promises to be a relaxing trip to Santa Barbara instead opens old wounds for Dorit, Erika, Teddi and Kyle.

  • Erika is left seeing stars at her astrology party when old resentments flare up between Kyle, Teddi and Dorit. Denise's simmering frustration boils over in front of a speechless Lisa Rinna.

  • Lisa and Teddi butt heads over Kyle’s emotional meltdown. Garcelle celebrates a milestone in her sons’ lives, while Lisa struggles to stay in the shadows as her daughters launch their clothing line.

  • After an awkward invitation, Lisa Rinna and Garcelle opt out of Teddi's fitness and wellness retreat, which is far from relaxing for the other ladies. Kyle and Erika question Dorit's all-about-me behavior. Denise is upset when her backyard dinner party takes an R-rated turn in front of her kids. The ladies are shocked when Kyle becomes inexplicably emotional.

  • Kyle wraps shooting on her latest film and plans a Welcome Home party for all the ladies, including her newest friend Garcelle. Erika's singing lesson brings up a painful childhood memory.

  • While Kyle tries to attract buyers for her new fashion line in New York City, Erika gets big news that has her moving there. Also, Dorit's move into a new house is marred by negative press about her finances.

  • Kyle's new clothing line brings the women of Beverly Hills together for New York Fashion Week, where Dorit quickly realizes Kyle's lack of experience in the fashion world could turn into a runway disaster.

  • The reunion concludes with the fallout over Camille's storm-off; Teddi and Denise face a volatile foe; Kyle reflects on the end of her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump; Lisa Rinna, Dorit, and Erika debate Lisa Vanderpump's behavior this season.

  • Andy puts Teddi in a hotseat for her involvement in the Puppygate; Camille's unresolved feelings towards the others blow up.

  • When Kyle hosts a party, Camille is eager to settle the score with Teddi, Dorit and Lisa Rinna; Denise loses her cool; Kim updates Kyle on where she stands with Lisa Rinna; Kyle reveals she had an encounter with Lisa Vanderpump.

  • The morning after their drunken tirade, Lisa Rinna encourages Kyle and Teddi to do damage control with Erika before they leave France. Denise copes with her family's displacement after the Malibu fires. Dorit reveals her first window display for Beverly Beach, but the celebration is short-lived when Camille has a reveal of her own: her true feelings about Dorit.

  • In Provence, a countryside excursion features a lot of wine, and even more laughs, despite Erika's unenthusiastic attitude.

  • The housewives navigate social circles while juggling relationships, families, and careers.

  • Kyle plans a girls' trip to Provence, France. Erika and Lisa Rinna are astonished by Camille talking out of both sides of her mouth about Dorit - and are certain Dorit will call her on it. Denise spends a wild night with new friend Brandi Glanville and gets an earful about the other women. Tragedy strikes as Kyle, Lisa Rinna and Teddi head to the airport.

  • Lisa Rinna, Kyle, Teddi, and Dorit discover an article that exposes Camille's duplicity; while planning a Halloween bash, Kyle faces her worst fear; Dorit and Teddi battle the urge to confront Camille; Lisa Rinna makes a move that shocks everyone.

  • The ladies travel to the Big Island of Hawaii for Camille's lavish wedding in paradise.

  • Kyle, Lisa Rinna, Dorit and Teddi get wild at the LA stop of Erika's concert tour, but a major mishap threatens to silence the show. Lisa Vanderpump makes a declaration about the future of her friendship with Kyle.

  • The ladies hit the road in Teddi's RV for a camping trip; Erika and Dorit embrace the idea of roughing it; during a fireside chat, Camille lets Teddi know how she really feels about her, and Denise shares a raunchy story that stuns the others.

  • Denise meets with Lisa Vanderpump in hopes of mediating the situation between Lisa and the other ladies

  • After throwing a bridal shower for Camille, Kyle is being blamed for Lisa Vanderpump's absence. A dinner celebrating Lisa Rinna's mother enters uncharted territory when Lisa Rinna and Teddi get into a political argument with Camille. Denise provides a shoulder to cry on for Dorit, who is still battling the wounds of her public takedown in the press. Meanwhile, renovation on Lisa Vanderpump's kitchen begins and Erika prepares for her upcoming tour.

  • As her birthday approaches, Lisa and Kyle deal with raw emotions in the aftermath of their fight.

  • Newlyweds Denise and Aaron begin their life together by nesting at home instead of embarking on a honeymoon. Erika and Lisa Rinna lend moral support to Dorit, who deals with the repercussions of the dog fiasco going public. Despite her fallout with Lisa Vanderpump, Teddi honors her commitment to host a charity event for Vanderpump Dogs. Then, a monster argument between Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump culminates in Lisa and Ken demanding that Kyle leave their house.

  • Kyle, Dorit and Teddi shop for a wedding gift for Denise, who scrambles to pull off her big day in record time. Lisa Rinna comes face-to-face with an old flame, who dated both her and Denise at the same time.

  • Erika pushes Dorit to take her sex appeal to the next level during a magazine photo shoot. Denise lets it all hang out at dinner with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle, and reveals some big details - literally - about Aaron. Lisa Rinna helps Camille plan her 50th birthday bash, but tensions run high at the celebration when Teddi and Lisa Vanderpump go head to head.

  • After an explosive start to the girls' trip, Lisa Rinna and Denise comfort Dorit, who struggles to make sense of the gossip surrounding the situation with her former dog. When Lisa Vanderpump is accused of having spread the scandalous dog story, Vanderpump searches for evidence that will clear her name. Meanwhile, Erika and Teddi make good on their promise to put their rocky past behind them, and Kyle takes the first step in building a new jewelry collection after last year's burglary.

  • On a private island in the Bahamas, newcomer Denise quickly discovers that fun in the sun, sand, and surf comes with plenty of conflict for the rest of the women. Lisa Rinna suspects Kyle and Teddi were used in a scheme to exact revenge on Dorit. Meanwhile, Erika is stunned when Lisa Vanderpump questions her motives, and resents being portrayed as "the bad guy."

  • Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump visit the cosmetic dermatologist in hopes of lifting Lisa's spirits - as well as some other body parts.

  • Erika is excited when Lisa Rinna introduces actress Denise Richards to the group; Lisa Vanderpump struggles to come to terms with her grief after a personal tragedy; Dorit is concerned that Teddi will twist information about her family's dog.

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