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The Real Housewives of New York city is a reality tv program on the Bravo tv network. Most of them are successful business women who seem to have it all and can do it all. Now in its 5th season there are new fresh faces in the group. What once was a boring reality show has come alive.

Ramona Singer who is by far the star of the show is a successful business woman with her successful wine business, Ramona Pinot Grigio, Tru Renewal skincare line, True Faith jewelry collection, and her Ramona Singer Jewelry on HSN. Know too many for her "Turtle Time" she seems to be the jack of all trades.

LuAnn De Lesseps or the countess is know for her manners and etiquette. She has written a book Class with the Countess and released songs, Money Can't Buy You Class and Chic C'est La Vie. She has had numerous articles in published in several known magazines.

Sonja Morgan quoted as saying "I have a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for me" Sonja is know for her catering, Sonja in the City and of course her toaster oven adventure. She even cooks for her guest full meals with her toaster oven.

Carole Radziwil know for her journalistic work for Primetime Live and 20/20. She is a best selling author for her book, What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love. A story of her life and battles she faced while losing her husband to cancer. Lets not forget this down to earth gal is also a princess, once married to Polish prince Anthony Radziwill. Anthony was the son of Lee Bouvier Radziwill, the sister of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Heather Thomson the creator of Yummie by Heather Thomson, a successful shapewear line she designed after having her children and being disappointed by the products available to her. She is also know as a successful designer and stylist working for several big named celebrities.

Aviva Drescher the final housewife. Actually she is the only housewife. She devotes all of her time to her husband and taking care of her 4 children. Aviva was involved in a terrible accident at a young age and had to have her leg amputated. Now with a prosthetic leg she is bound and determined to not let the tragedy define who she is.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
9 Seasons, 181 Episodes
March 4, 2008
Cast: Ramona Singer, LuAnn D'Agostino, Sonja Morgan, Bethenny Frankel
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The Real Housewives of New York City Full Episode Guide

  • The housewives look back on their trip to Mexico. Tinsley and Sonja attempt to clear the air and salvage their friendship.

  • In part II of the reunion, new housewife Tinsley opens up about her rocky re-entry into NYC life and reveals some big news. Carole reflects on the turbulent election and the status of her relationship with Adam, while Sonja discusses her personal love triangle, which elicits a shocking accusation about her French lover. Additionally, Bethenny gets emotional talking about her personal life and how she is planning to move forward.

  • Tinsley has Carole over to see her new digs. Luann and Tom challenge each other during a game of tennis. Bethenny deals with the stresses of renovating a new apartment, but finds distraction with a hot, new fling.

  • The ladies drink up and strip down back at the villa. Sonja spreads the love to all the ladies while Bethenny and Ramona have a nude detente in the pool.

  • The drama continues as Bethenny confronts Ramona about attending the trip. Tinsley readdresses the article with Sonja, while some of the other ladies try their hand at surfing.

  • The ladies arrive in Mexico, with Ramona and Sonja scrambling for the best villa room and swiftly alienating themselves. Also, Tinsley addresses a damaging article about her, Luann takes a boozy tumble and Bethenny reprimands Sonja for her bad behavior.

  • Back in the city, Bethenny fine tunes the upcoming trip to Mexico. Carole has her day in court while Sonja gets an intimate cosmetic treatment.

  • Sonja digs a deeper grave for herself. While the ladies hit the slopes, a big news story about Bethenny breaks. Bethenny is on the fence about inviting Ramona to Mexico.

  • An old-school skirmish erupts between Dorinda and Sonja during a lunch in the Bronx. Also, Tinsley breaks down during therapy; the ladies head to Vermont for a snowy weekend, despite tension between Ramona and Bethenny; and Tinsley's life decisions are discussed.

  • Sonja's love triangle gets more complicated as things heat up with "Frenchie." Meanwhile, Tinsley goes apartment hunting. Carole and Adam bicker over items he left behind in her apartment. Fredrik and Bethenny look over her apartment as they plan to put it on the market. Carole and Dorinda go to Washington DC for the Women's March. Ramona throws a party at her apartment with a surprising guest list.

  • The ladies join Dorinda to tell Luann about rumors regarding Tom. Meanwhile, Ramona's odd behavior at dinner throws everyone off, and conflict between Bethenny and Ramona reaches new heights.

  • Bethenny discusses selling her apartment with broker Fredrik Eklund ("Million Dollar Listing New York"). Also: New rumors fly about Luann's fiancé; Tinsley's mom visits; and Dorinda hosts a birthday-holiday weekend for the ladies at her Berkshire home.

  • Carole and her mom go canvassing in Pennsylvania, and later Carole and her friends watch the results at her party. Dorinda conspires to get Ramona to a surprise party she’s throwing for her, but Ramona unknowingly throws a wrench in the plans.

  • Ramona’s Hampton’s dinner party continues and the ladies have just begun the salad course. Dorinda heats things up when she confronts Sonja about her incessant trash talking. Carole gets disinvited from Ramona's Election Night party because she doesn’t believe Carole is taking the presidential election seriously enough.

  • The ladies escape to the Hamptons for the weekend, but Carole can't focus on anything but the election. Meanwhile, Dorinda prepares to see Sonja in the wake of gossip dramas and Ramona upsets Bethenny about a past film role.

  • Tinsley Mortimer, has just moved back to the city and is staying in Sonja's townhouse. Bethenny invites Carole and Ramona over to chat about life, politics and of course Sonja's new roommate.

  • In the season premiere, Luann divulges details of her wedding to Dorinda; Bethenny and her realtor friend intend to sell the apartment; Carole, who is invested in the upcoming presidential election, makes changes to her living situation; Luann questions Ramona about her meddling.

  • Highlights from the past two seasons of "The Real Housewives of New York City," including Bethenny's return, Luann's quest for love, Sonja's financial woes, Carole's romance, Ramona's dating life, and Dorinda's introduction to the friends.

  • Andy Cohen hosts as Sonja discusses how she was treated during the season; the women laugh over their trip to Miami, then things take a dark turn when the ladies discuss the decision Luann made to stay with Tom.

  • Bethenny gets emotional over recent events; Julee is defensive; Dorinda explains hers actions; Andy Cohen hosts.

  • The housewives reunite to discuss the ups and downs of the season.

  • In the season finale, Luann is devastated after Bethenny delivers news about Tom. Also: Luann checks into a hotel and examines her situation, and Bethenny hosts a Mexican-theme bash with a piñata packed with big-bucks jewelry.

  • Bethenny divulges a damaging secret about Luanns relationship with some of the ladies. Out on the town Luann continues to gloat about her engagement, while Bethenny and Sonja investigate and make a confrontational phone call.

  • The ladies celebrate at Luann's engagement party. Jules is overwhelmed with long-distance parenting and Sonja's feelings about Luann's party are revealed.

  • The ladies plan a getaway to Miami, but are conflicted about LuAnn's last-minute engagement party in Palm Beach. Meanwhile, unresolved issues surface; Jules visits her parents; and Bethenny visits a friend in Miami.

  • The ladies' spirits are lifted while at the Mohegan Sun casino. Meanwhile, Carole and Adam discuss their future, conflicting plans surround LuAnn's engagement, Bethenny ignores advice and packs for a trip, and a new getaway is announced.

  • Furious after listening to the girls talk badly about Luann, Jules gives Bethenny a piece of her mind. After insulting Luann at the dinner, Ramona tries to make amends.

  • Bethenny ignores her health issues and gets dolled up up for a Skinnygirl event. Ramona and Sonja take a dance lesson; Jules sees her plastic surgeon; and the women sit down for a few drinks.

  • Carole meets up with old friend Heather Thomson for a winter ice skate in the park. Sonja reminisces with Dorinda while cleaning out her basement.

  • It feels like old times for Ramonja as Ramona and Sonja reconcile and try to hatch a plan for Sonja to get back in Bethenny's good graces. Jules shares a secret business project with Michael, who is both surprised and impressed.

  • In the aftermath of the fallout from her Tipsy Girl venture, Sonja decides to change her partying ways. Her roommate, Luann, has a surprising announcement of her own.

  • The drama rages on in the Berkshires as Bethenny vs. Luann goes into round 2. Back in the city, Jules has to adjust to life without a nanny.

  • Things get icy at Dorinda's Berkshires holiday party, when tension between Luann and Bethenny erupts. Ramona gets wrapped up in the chaos and accuses Luann of breaking the girl code.

  • Bethenny hosts a holiday party and a vacation to the Berkshires becomes the hot topic. During a walk with Sonja, Dorinda gives her some disappointing news.

  • When Sonja stops by to talk with Bethenny, she's shocked by Bethenny's response to her new business. Meanwhile, Luann officially moves in with Sonja, Jules is on the hunt for a new nanny, and Carole takes care of a kitten while working on a vegan cookbook with Adam.

  • Carole hosts a psychic session that takes a dramatic turn when Dorinda gets an unexpected reading. Later, Jules opens up to Carole about turning her struggles into positive actions to help others.

  • Jules complains to Dorinda and Carole about Bethenny's behavior during the Hamptons trip. Bethenny gains a newfound respect for Jules when Jules opens up about a personal struggle.

  • While the ladies are still enjoying their getaway in the Hamptons, Dorinda preps John to apologize to Bethenny for crashing the lingerie party and insulting her.

  • Dorinda questions Ramona at the lingerie party. John shows up and is prepared to take on Bethenny. Later, the ladies try to relax in the Hamptons to celebrate Bethenny's birthday, yet past dramas surface.

  • Bethenny prepares for her barbecue birthday bash to be held at her Hamptons home. LuAnn and Sonja connect, Dorinda stops by to see Ramona's revamped apartment and Dorinda hosts a lingerie party that takes an unexpected turn.

  • Bethenny is thrilled to be living in a home that she loves, all while struggling to balance her career, dating and a messy divorce.

The Real Housewives of New York City News

A Judge Actually Told Bethenny Frankel That She Can't Wear Kids' Pajamas Anymore

Our legal system at work.

The Countess Has A Few 'Real Housewives Of NYC' Axes To Grind

"Real Housewives Of New York City" cast member Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has some kind parting words toward some recently released cast-mates. She also has a few that fell along the opposite end of the spectrum.

Fellow Former 'New York Housewive' Bethany Frankel Comments On Fired Four

Bethenny Frankel, the wildly successful ex-"Real Housewives of New York City" cast member who got out while the getting was good claims her four former castmates' firings didn't catch her off-guard. Frankel wasn't among the four housewives that Bravo recently let go before the show starts filming its fifth season. She left voluntarily after the fourth season, and has gone on to have considerable success.

Former 'New York Housewives' Cast Member Jill Zarin Speaks Out On Firing

Another of the four fired "Real Housewives Of New York City" cast members has released an official "farewell" statement to the Bravo hit's fans. Cast member Jill Zarin claims she has a new show in the works, which she claims will "go in a different direction."

Bethenny Frankel's New Talk Show

Reality success, a spin-off series and the big dollar sale of a profitable business are not enough for "The Real Housewives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel. Even with a bank account padded by the $120 million she made selling her SkinnyGirl company, she's branching out with her own talk show, and Ellen DeGeneres apparently has her back.

Is 'Real Housewives Live' a 'Really Bad Idea'?

File this one under "Really Bad Ideas." Bravo announced this week its latest grand plan for spreading the word about its reality TV lineup - a "Real Housewives Live" tour. According to The Wrap, "the tour will stop in three cities -- Atlantic City, New Jersey; Hammond, Indiana; and Atlanta -- and each show will feature four cast members from various 'Housewives' franchises talking about their reality-show experiences."

Facing Bankruptcy and Divorce, 'Real Housewives of New York' Star Sonja Morgan Sings the Karma Blues

After filing for bankruptcy last month, "Real Housewives of New York" star Sonja Morgan may lose her $6 million Manhattan home. According to Morgan, her recovery includes toaster ovens and inspiration from Bethenny Frankel's success.

'Real Housewives of NYC' Star Cindy Barsop Turns Table On Race-Baiting Ex-Employee

Let's play a little game I like to call "Who's The Reality-TV Racist, Anyway?" The lawsuit between "Real Housewives of NYC" star Cindy Barshop and former employee Altovise Collier is taking on an ugly new wrinkle: whereas it was Collier who first claimed that Barshop fired her from Barshop's Completely Bare spa because she's black, Barshop is now claiming that Collier's racism is killing her business.

Simon of 'Real Housewives of NY' Releases a Single: He is Real-Real-Real (Plus: A 'Real Housewives' Medley)

Simon van Kempen of the “Real Housewives of New York” wants the world to know he is “real” and you should be “real” too.

In his very rhyme-y debut single, “I Am Real” Van Kempen sings, “You should live your life for you, not how others tell you to.”

As the red-leather-clad Van Kempen told PopEater, the lyrics suited him to a ‘T.

How Real is 'Real Housewives'? New York Cast Gets Grilled, While Miami Women Go Live

Just how real is the “Real Housewives of New York City” – or any city series for that matter?

It’s a good question, and one that Joy Behar slammed on the women from the Big Apple after the spoke about conflicts that were “drama for the show.”

“So you’re saying that things are faked?” Behar asked during their appearance on “The View.

Springtime for Reality: The New Reality Season Kicks Off Now (Yidio's Spring Reality TV Guide)

It’s a fertile time for reality TV. From new “Top Chef: Masters” and “The Real Housewives of New York City” seasons to the recent kickoffs of “Shark Tank” and "Bethenny Ever After," reality is in full bloom, even after "Jersey Shore" called it a wrap last week. The ever-expanding genre even has its own Expo and Awards show called "Reality Rocks" coming up April 9-10 in L.

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