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The reality television show, Shahs of Sunset currently airs on the Bravo cable network in the U.S. The show features a group of Iranian Americans who live in the Beverly Hill area. The story line involves examining how the group manages career development and their social lives, as well as traditional family demands.

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, featured on the show, has a total of eight tattoos, one of which is on the inside of one of her lips. Financially supported by her wealthy Muslim father, she is unemployed. Much of the time, she is seen lunching during the day with friends. Nights find her socializing in the Hollywood and Los Angeles club scene.

Reza Farahan is of Jewish Muslim heritage and was raised in Beverly Hills. Born in Tehran, Iran, he is an openly gay 38 year old real estate agent in Los Angeles. He often struggles with prejudice and gossip pertaining to his sexuality. He was motivated to be a part of the show upon learning of suicides of bullied teenagers, to portray positive images of both Middle Easterners and gay people.

One show reveals that Farahan's father had to convert to Islam in order to marry his mother. After divorcing his mother, his father went back to his Jewish family in New York. It is also revealed that Farahan's grandmother rejected his father as not being Jewish. Reza identifies as Jewish primarily and his family supports him, despite pressures to ostracize him.

Mike Shouhed is of Jewish Persian decent and works as a commercial real estate agent in the Los Angeles area. After financial losses in the Vegas market, he returned back to his L.A. home to reestablish himself.

Sammy Younai is a Jewish Persian residential real estate developer in the Beverly Hills area, specializing in multi-million dollar houses.

Asa Soltan Rahmati is a Pesian Muslim artist and singer involved in Venice's art scene. Having fled from Iran as a girl, she lived in Europe before relocating to the Los Angeles area as a teenager.

Mercedeh "MJ" Javid is a 34 year old real estate agent living in Hollywood Hills.

David Golshan is a comedian living in Beverly Hills and is Reza Farahan's best friend.

The first season garnered ratings for the season finale with a 20 percent increase over previous episodes. Bravo has subsequently announced that the series has been renewed for a second season.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
5 Seasons, 68 Episodes
March 11, 2012
Cast: Reza Farahan
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Shahs of Sunset Full Episode Guide

  • The cast sits down to discuss the drama of the season.

  • Part one of the reunion kicks off with a bang, as rifts between the group take center stage. Golnesa and Reza waste no time picking up their jilted relationship right where it left off. Asa and Mercedes surprisingly butt heads and Mike is forced to confront the group when he opens up about his pending divorce from Jessica Parido, calling into question the bonds of their friendship. When Mama Vida Javid joins, her brutally honest opinions on her daughter's tight-knit circle cause tensions to peak.

  • A joyful MJ says yes to a proposal. Meanwhile, Reza and Adam have an interesting discussion about kids; Mike makes a hard choice; and old wounds are reopened at an unveiling of Asa's photography enterprise.

  • Facing ghosts from her past and future, MJ plans an elaborate "Rebirth" ceremony with friends and family at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Newlyweds Reza and Adam ask Asa to finally make their marriage official, and GG comes to an agreement with her mother about her chemotherapy. On a shopping expedition with Shervin, Tommy makes a grand gesture that will change MJ's life.

  • MJ faces ghosts from her past and future and prepares for a "rebirth" ceremony at a Hollywood cemetery. Meanwhile, newlyweds Reza and Adam turn to Asa to make their marriage official, and Tommy makes a grand gesture that could alter MJ's fate.

  • An argument between Reza and GG low-lights a visit to the Mayan ruins. Also: A regretful Mike tries to gain his wife back; GG participates in a drastic health regimen, shocking her inner circle; and Reza bravely returns to the comedy stage.

  • A Belize vacation continues with Mike fleeing from his marital issues by heading to the Belizean rain forest. Also, MJ confides in Asa, an unexpected visitor startles the gang, and Mike is forced to disclose a secret.

  • Reza puts together a last-minute group vacation to Belize, hoping Mike and Jessica can work out their problems while there. In Belize, Mike nervously waits for his wife to get there, MJ mulls over life without Tommy, and tensions explode during a first-night meal.

  • Mike and Jessica meet in an attempt to fix their relationship after a romantic night. Meanwhile, MJ reaches out to Asa about her relationship with Tommy, and it's high style and big drama at Asa's premier fashion show, where GG is approached about rumors.

  • MJ deals with fallout from her splintering relationship with Tommy after coming back from Palm Springs, Cal. In the meantime, Reza takes a chance at stand-up comedy, with the gang coming together for his opening performance. Also: Mike attempts to win his wife back.

  • Reza and Asa travel to Palm Springs, Cal., to plan his surprise wedding with Adam. Here, Mike shows up without his wife, MJ's insecurities arise, GG plays peacemaker, and Reza's anxiety grows as an unsuspecting Adam shows up in the desert.

  • MJ is energized as she sets her mind on a new ambition. Meanwhile, Mike and Jessica start counseling; Shervin attempts to be in top form while out with a hot Australian; and surprising information about Mike is revealed at a retirement celebration for Asa's mom.

  • GG's health problems surface during a camping trip that turns into an intervention. At the campground, Mike copes with his marriage issues but won't confide in anyone, and a ropes course brings the group together, until GG dramas unravel.

  • Stress affects Asa because of a photo shoot and her upcoming fashion line. Meanwhile, a camping vacation is planned to address GG's increasingly strange behavior, and weighty matters emerge in Mike and Jessica's relationship.

  • GG's health problems escalate, so she asks for support during a medical procedure. Also, Mike and Jessica throw a backyard Shabbat celebration to attempt to improve the group's relationships, but tensions rise when MJ reveals a secret.

  • When Reza reveals his plans for a surprise wedding, he's met with unexpected resistance from MJ. The cracks in Mike's relationship begin to show as Jessica challenges her husband about what she expects from married life.

  • In the aftermath of last year's broken engagement, Reza reveals to Asa that he's finally ready to marry Adam. Newlywed Mike tells Jessica that he's finally ready to reconnect with his old friends.

  • The cast sits down with Andy Cohen to discuss the season.

  • The cast reunites to discuss the season.

  • In Thailand, the friends visit a Buddhist temple. Reza struggles with the consequences of his decision.

  • The group is off to Reza's destination wedding in Thailand, which is full of love and drama. The trip also becomes a therapy session for Asifa and Bobby; and Mike addresses swirling rumors with GG.

  • With the big day around the corner, issues between Reza and Adam begin to mount. After Adam accompanies Reza to a therapy session, Reza is forced to make a decision about their future. Meanwhile, MJ finds the courage to see a doctor and test her fertility.

  • Reza and Adam get their marriage license, but it soon appears that Reza has cold feet.

  • With wedding plans still up in the air, Reza decides to go out on a limb and decides to have a destination wedding in Thailand.

  • Asa reconnects with her roots and plans a performance art piece with a flash-mob theme. Meanwhile, GG takes a second polygraph, with unexpected results; and Mike organizes a peace summit with Reza, Asa and MJ over dinner, but a tirade derails his plans.

  • Reza puts himself, MJ and Asa on a diet plan for his pending nuptials. Mike throws himself into his wedding plans and attempts to reconnect with Reza.

  • Reza faces the truth about marrying his fiancĂ© Adam. GG recruits MJ to help her back into the dating scene. Asa is overwhelmed as she juggles living with her parents, helping Mike reconnect with the group, listening to Reza's relationship troubles and battling with MJ.

  • Mike isolates himself from the group. MJ recruits Reza to prepare her boyfriend for a surprise brunch with her mom.

  • Major home renovations pose challenges to Reza and Asa. Elsewhere, dramas revolving around a past trip to Turkey come to the fore at a big pool party.

  • Reza, Asa, and MJ talk about last year's trip to Turkey and aren't sure if GG is telling the truth. MJ and her new boyfriend spend more time together. Reza thinks his relationship with Adam might be losing the spark. GG finds out about Mike's upcoming engagement and spills the beans to the rest of the group about the Turkey incident.

  • With plans of a future together, Mike's girlfriend Jessica completes her conversion to Judaism with a dramatic ocean swim.

  • The Shahs ring in the Persian New Year but the mood dampens when Mike picks a fight with Asifa's boyfriend Bobby. Although Reza steps in as the peacemaker, he begins to realize that Mike's problems may be bigger than anyone imagined.

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