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  • 2008
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.1  (887)

Tabatha Takes Over was a reality show that aired on Bravo from 2008 to 2014. The show starred Tabatha Coffey, a successful salon owner and hair stylist, who traveled around the United States to help failing businesses get back on track. The show was a spin-off of the hit reality show, Shear Genius, which Tabatha had previously been a part of.

Each episode of Tabatha Takes Over followed the same basic formula. Tabatha would arrive at a business that was struggling to stay afloat, and would spend the first few days observing how the business was being run. She would then offer her professional advice and suggest changes that needed to be made in order for the business to succeed.

Tabatha was often met with resistance from the business owners, who were used to doing things their own way. But Tabatha wasn't afraid to speak her mind and tell people what they needed to hear, even if it wasn't what they wanted to hear. She had a no-nonsense approach that made her a fan favorite.

During the course of the show, Tabatha would take on a range of different businesses, from hair salons to cafes to gyms. She would assess everything from the cleanliness of the facilities to the marketing strategy to the customer service, and would offer suggestions on how the business could improve in all of these areas.

One of the things that made Tabatha Takes Over so popular was the drama that often ensued between Tabatha and the business owners. Many of them were resistant to the changes she suggested, and there were often heated arguments as a result. Tabatha was always calm and rational, even in the face of this resistance, and viewers loved watching her bring order to chaos.

Another thing that made Tabatha Takes Over so compelling was the genuine transformation that often occurred in the businesses that Tabatha worked with. By the end of each episode, the businesses were almost always running more smoothly and efficiently, and the owners had gained a new understanding of how to run a successful business.

Overall, Tabatha Takes Over was a hit with viewers who were drawn to Tabatha's no-nonsense personality and her ability to turn failing businesses around. The show was cancelled in 2014 but it remains a beloved part of Bravo's reality TV lineup.

Tabatha Takes Over is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on August 21, 2008.

Tabatha Takes Over
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Where Are They Now?
12. Where Are They Now?
June 27, 2013
Tabatha provides updates on memorable businesses from previous episodes_4-18 in the Season 5 finale.
Nadia's Family Salon
11. Nadia's Family Salon
June 20, 2013
A salon in New Jersey is struggling because of the owner's absence. A gambling problem, anger issues and poor communication skills also swirl around the establishment's dramas.
Studio 157
10. Studio 157
June 13, 2013
Photographer and former Miss West Virginia pageant beauty queen, Jenn Cady knows the ins and outs of glitz and glam. However, this passive, people-pleasing owner has no rules, no structure and no clear vision.
Manikir Royale
9. Manikir Royale
June 6, 2013
Tabatha attempts to refurbish a struggling North Hollywood nail salon.
Cafe Treats
8. Cafe Treats
May 30, 2013
California Café's success has soured due to an owner's lack of experience, an abrasive management style and an unfocused menu.
House of Synergy
7. House of Synergy
May 23, 2013
Tabatha attempts to empower Reg Mangone, owner of House of Synergy Salon and Spa in beautiful Long Beach, California.
Bombshells Salon and Spa
6. Bombshells Salon and Spa
May 9, 2013
Jennifer Norfleet and Tiffany Crawford are best friends and business partners. However, Bombshells Salon and Spa is about to implode because of mismanagement.
Summers Sports Bar
5. Summers Sports Bar
May 2, 2013
Willie and Mary Jimenez fulfilled their American dream when they opened up Summers Sports Bar in beautiful Manhattan Beach, California. Sadly after Willie's passing, the business went gone downhill fast.
NexGen Barber Shop
4. NexGen Barber Shop
April 25, 2013
Tabatha attempts to revive a Tennessee barbershop where the owner abandoned the business for nearly a year to work with a youth ministry, and the barbers staged a walkout.
Top Cuts
3. Top Cuts
April 18, 2013
Tabatha attempts to revive a New York salon owned by her former student, a woman who tries to run the business from her home after suffering from breast cancer.
VIP Nightclub
2. VIP Nightclub
April 11, 2013
VIP Nightclub in Riverside, California was once the hot spot. Known for its fabulous, fierce drag shows, it also doubled up as a hip gay nightclub with lines out the door. But everything has changed now and Tabatha has her work cut out for her.
Salon Mogulz
1. Salon Mogulz
April 4, 2013
In the fifth season opener, Tabatha attempts to reinvent a salon in a booming area of Tennessee.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 21, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (887)