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Bravo invited viewers along for Kim Zolciak's and Kroy Biermann's journey to the altar with "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding." As a veteran of reality television, Zolciak did not fail to entertain as she prepared for the extravagant nuptials. The Bravo special series was nine episodes long and began airing on April 26, 2012. In addition to making viewers privy to the trials and tribulations of wedding planning, "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding" welcomed viewers into the new family home. Cameras documented the couple becoming accustomed to parenting their newborn son, KJ.

Biermann, defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, found himself settling into the role of stepfather to Ariana and Brielle. Kim's outspoken, young daughters accepted their new stepfather with open arms.

Not all family dynamics showcased were as easy. Kim found herself at odds with her mother, Karen, on multiple occasions while planning the wedding. She was disappointed in her mother's reluctance to attend select wedding-related meetings.

Kim Zolciak employed celebrity party planner Colin Cowie to facilitate an elaborate wedding with the finest in everything from linens to cuisine. Cowie is Kim's right hand man as she spared no expense in planning the wedding.

As the wedding date neared and Kim found her relationship with her mother in a better place, she was being disappointed by her best friend and matron of honor, Jen. She began missing important wedding-related activities. The situation was resolved after Jen confesses to not being fully comfortable in her matron of honor role.

Kim Zolciak is known for her instance in wearing wigs for every public appearance. Curious viewers were treated to a view of Kim's natural hair in an episode detailing her wedding hairstyle options.

Once the wedding date arrived, Kroy spent the first part of the day at football practice while Kim worked out the kinks at home. She insists on every detail being as near to perfect as possible.

Kim and Kroy exchanged vows in their backyard, in front of family and friends. They ended the magical day with an impressive reception. The evening did not lack drama. Karen was booted from the festivities for her hostile reaction to being told she was to use the portable toilets brought in for the occasion instead of the restroom inside the home.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
6 Seasons, 71 Episodes
April 26, 2012
Cast: Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak-Biermann
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Don't Be Tardy Full Episode Guide

  • The Biermanns are set to renew their vows in Turks and Caicos seven years to the day that Kim first locked eyes on Kroy, but rising tension with Brielle and a missing dress threaten Kim and Kroy's chances to say "I do" all over again.

  • Kim offers her parents a chance to reconcile after six years of conflict. Meanwhile, the Biermanns go to Turks and Caicos for their vow renewal ceremony. Later, Brielle's declaration causes a problem.

  • As Kash recovers from the incident with Sinn, the Biermanns hit the road to cheer on Brielle's boyfriend, Michael, as he pitches for the Birmingham Barons; the Biermanns meet Michael's parents and drama ensues; the family unveils Tracey's bedroom.

  • Kash is bitten by a dog, and Kim and Kroy must make a difficult decision.

  • Kroy calls foul on Brielle's plan to move in with Michael, and challenges her to be more than a live-in girlfriend. Ariana's quest for freedom kicks into full gear as she pursues her learner's permit. And the family goes on a furniture shopping spree as part of Tracey's home makeover.

  • Kim can't cope with Chef Tracey's feline roommates during a hilarious home makeover. Ariana learns the perils of parallel parking in her first driving lesson. Brielle tries to convince Kim and Kroy that she should move in with her big-league boyfriend Michael.

  • Kroy dishes out more discipline to Ariana, his already-grounded teenage daughter. Brielle is determined to learn “how to baseball” to impress her Major League-bound boyfriend. Kim and Kroy play private investigator and tail Tracey home, only to discover why they’ve never been invited.

  • Brielle’s baseball beau keeps asking her to move in with him, making her wonder if it’s time to finally flee the Biermann coop. Meanwhile, Kim and Kroy grow wary of Tracey’s white lies, putting her outrageous stories to the test with a polygraph. They also use their sleuthing skills to dig up some disappointing dirt on Ariana.

  • Kim, Kroy, and the "originals" are through with business, and now it’s all pleasure in Italy. Next stop – Venice! Brielle and Ariana joy ride the canals, while Kim attempts to propose a vow renewal to Kroy… on a wobbly gondola. Back in Atlanta, KJ lets Tracey know who’s really in charge while Kim and Kroy are away.

  • In the Season 6 premiere, Kim's skincare line, Kashmere, has taken off, and she and Kroy have been invited to a prestigious skincare convention in Italy, which they decide to bring Brielle and Ariana along to.

  • Kim gets some disappointing news about what's been going on with her heart. And if that wasn't enough to put a damper on things, Kroy could get the call at any moment to sign with a new team away from home.

  • Kim's 38th birthday is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a party doubling as a launch for her skincare line, Kashmere.

  • Kroy calls for a family fun day to distract from the stress of a looming change; things quickly turn from fun and games to sibling rivalry when Kroy offers the winner a $1,000 prize; Tracey's girlfriend is headed to Atlanta to meet her in person.

  • With all the uncertainty surrounding her family's future, Kim recognizes that Ariana is in the most difficult situation.

  • Exciting things are happening for Brielle and KJ when Access Hollywood puts Brielle's improv and kitchen cleaning skills to the test and KJ gets an audition.

  • Even though Brielle is working as Kim's assistant, she still has high hopes of becoming a celebrity news reporter. So the family's publicist, has set up a meeting with Access Hollywood in hopes they would offer her a position.

  • After their trip to Montana, Kim is desperate for an adult-only break. So of course, she, Kroy and Tracey head to the casino - the one place where Kim can fully shut off the rest of the world.

  • The Biermann kids have been going nonstop since the plane landed in Montana. Kim loves seeing Kroy in his element, but knows her element is back in Atlanta, with her Starbucks and walk-in closet.

  • Kim and Kroy take the kids on a road trip to Kroy's hometown of Hardin, Mo.; the younger children are in heaven, while Ariana and Brielle just want cell service; Kim longs for the comforts of her own home.

  • Tracey and her family go to an animal shelter; Kim gets baby hungry when she sees the puppies; Kroy objects to taking a dog home from the shelter.

  • Kroy is confident he's done with the Falcons, which means a big move could be on the horizon. Kim is worried about the contents of her closet while Ariana dreads having to start high school in a new city.

  • Kim is given a new lease on life after she suffered a stroke, which in turn led to major heart surgery.

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