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  • 2014
  • 4 Seasons
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The Real Housewives of Melbourne is a reality television program that premiered on Bravo in Australia in 2014. The show follows the lives of a group of successful and wealthy women living in Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city. The main cast of the show is composed of seven women, including Gina Liano, a successful barrister and fashion icon; Pettifleur Berenger, a property developer; Janet Roach, a successful businesswoman and property developer; Jackie Gillies, a professional psychic and entrepreneur; Chyka Keebaugh, an event organizer and businesswoman; Lydia Schiavello, a successful art dealer and interior designer; and Gamble Breaux, a socialite and performer.

The show's production style often features interviews with the women, behind-the-scenes footage of their daily lives, and exciting events and outings. The women interact in a range of settings, including lavish parties and dinners, during shopping trips, and while traveling both domestically and internationally. The show also depicts the women confronting personal and professional challenges while navigating Melbourne's elite social scene.

The relationships between the cast members are a primary focus of the show. The women support and encourage each other, but they also engage in conflicts, arguments, and rivalries. Viewers witness the cast's friendships and hostilities unfold over the course of the season.

Gina Liano, in particular, is a fan favorite and a central figure of the show. A successful lawyer, Gina is known for her sharp wit, quick comebacks, and dynamic personality. From the first episode, she stands out with her unapologetic approach to fashion and her confrontational style. Pettifleur Berenger, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the group who quickly finds herself at odds with several of the other women. As the season progresses, Pettifleur faces challenges in managing her personal and professional life while navigating the group dynamics of the Real Housewives.

While the show is often lighthearted and humorous, it also tackles serious issues. The Real Housewives of Melbourne portrays the challenges and complexities of relationships, career success, and balancing personal and family responsibilities. The women also confront issues of gender and cultural identity, including the unique experience of being a successful, cosmopolitan woman of color in Melbourne's predominantly Anglo-Saxon society.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Melbourne praise the show for its humor, drama, and the glamorous lifestyle it portrays. The show's popularity has led to several successful spin-offs and adaptations, including The Real Housewives of Sydney.

In conclusion, The Real Housewives of Melbourne is a popular reality TV program that follows the lives of a group of wealthy and successful women living in Melbourne, Australia. The show's cast includes seven women who navigate Melbourne's elite social scene, interact with each other, and confront personal and professional challenges. While the show is often lighthearted and humorous, it also tackles serious issues of gender and cultural identity. Fans of the show praise it for its glamorous lifestyle, drama, and humor.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (46 episodes). The series first aired on August 3, 2014.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne
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The Great Divide
11. The Great Divide
January 19, 2022
Sally vows never to return after she tries her first spin class with Jackie! Meanwhile, a less strenuous catch-up is happening at Gina's, with Lydia and Venus popping over to discuss the fallout from Sophia's birthday party.
Happy Birthday Baby
10. Happy Birthday Baby
January 19, 2022
Fresh from her encounter with 'the other side,' Venus fills Lydia in on all things seance, and Sally reunites with her boys after opening her hotel in Bali. Never one to be understated, Venus plans the ultimate birthday party for youngest daughter Sophia.
Getting into the Spirit
9. Getting into the Spirit
January 19, 2022
Gina and Lydia catch up for a post-Mexico debrief. Gina stands firm where Sally is concerned, while Lydia hates being Janet's punching bag. Across town, Janet and Jackie visit Sally at home to see how she is doing after she clashed with Gina.
Tequila Sunset
8. Tequila Sunset
January 1, 1970
The housewives set sail for some fun in the sun on a catamaran off Cabo’s coast but, beneath the calm waters, a storm is brewing between Gina and Sally. At dinner that night, the girls put their differences aside and open up about past relationships, sharing the lessons they’ve learnt through heartache. But the love swiftly evaporates when Gina and Sally go head-to-head.
Tequila Sunrise
7. Tequila Sunrise
January 19, 2022
Still smarting after last week's fiery phone call with Jackie, a guarded Lydia packs for Mexico with help from Mr. Fig and mum Lina. The Housewives arrive in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, ready to kick up their heels and have some fun.
It's My Party
6. It's My Party
January 19, 2022
The events of Sally's accessories launch still plague Venus, who catches up with Lydia and Gina to debrief. Gina struggles with her grief, while Venus clashes with Gamble, but it's the ongoing feud between Lydia and Jackie that dominates the conversation.
Sally Can't Wait
5. Sally Can't Wait
January 19, 2022
The Behbahani sisters break shocking and emotional news to their father, Moji. Anxious to fill the girls in on her day in the country, Sally catches up with Jackie and Janet and reports that she and Venus have made peace.
Dishing The Dirt
4. Dishing The Dirt
January 19, 2022
Following the drama of Luke's birthday bash, Sally and Gamble unite to discuss the mystery surrounding Venus and the photos. Venus' sister Rebecca confides in her big sister that she has serious misgivings about her upcoming nuptials.
Midsummer Madness
3. Midsummer Madness
January 19, 2022
After Janet's party, Gamble's gift to Janet still leaves Venus smarting, and she vents her frustration to Gina and Lydia over coffee. She's convinced it's a ploy to mock her and husband James's aristocratic title.
House of Lords
2. House of Lords
January 19, 2022
Upset at being excluded from Gina's 'invite only' dinner, Gamble asks Janet and Jackie over to vent her frustrations. Jackie and Janet caution Gamble against quarreling with Gina and give her their first impressions of Venus.
Venus Rising
1. Venus Rising
January 19, 2022
Gina and Lydia's friendship grows closer since the death of Gina's father, but the same cannot be said of the other women.
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    August 3, 2014
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    5.3  (640)