Vanderpump Rules After Show

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Want to know more about what goes on at Lisa Vanderpump's trendy SUR restaurant beyond what is shown on "Vanderpump Rules?" The "Vanderpump Rules After Show" looks to fill in some of the holes. Hosted by "The People's Couch" cast members Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman, the program features the hosts chatting with members of the restaurant's staff -- SURvers, as they're called -- to discuss what happened on that week's episode. They also answer questions about what happens in the restaurant, both on and off the show.

Monday 11:30 PM et/pt on Bravo
1 Season, 12 Episodes
November 6, 2015
Cast: Julie Goldman, Brandy Howard
Vanderpump Rules After Show

Vanderpump Rules After Show Full Episode Guide

  • Scheana calls Lala out for her behavior; Katie, Lisa and Tom Schwartz relive the engagement party; Jax and Stassi answer tough questions.

  • Kristen dishes the dirt on her dinner with James and what happened later in the parking garage; James takes the stage with his mother to tell his side of the story; Tom and Ariana discuss his new song as well as their issues with Jax and Scheana.

  • Stassi joins Julie and Brandy to discuss her sex tape and the chances of ever sleeping with Jax again. Katie and Scheana share their side of the Palm Springs adventure, and then Katie has to answer to Schwartz for the vicious text messages she sent.

  • The Vanderpump Rules After Show returns as Stassi and Kristen relive the slaps and hugs of their up-and-down friendship, Lisa rakes James over the coals for his recent outburst, and Jax is held accountable for his lies by the newly-buxom Brittany.

  • James explains his biting fetish; Lala shows some teeth; Lauren Chavez offers up her side of the "bite marks" story.

  • Kristen finally sits down with Brandy and Julie; Jax opens up about his past with Kristen; Lala shows why she's anything but basic.

  • Scheana and Shay talk about the most trying period in their marriage; Jax, Peter and Tom Sandoval give a lowdown on guys' night.

  • Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard interrogate Lala about her modeling gig, Tom Schwartz opens up about future with Katie's future; Scheana reveals the truth about Shay's addiction.

  • Hosts Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard talk to Scheana and Jax about what happened off screen at Scheana's birthday party; Lisa weighs in on James and Kristen's relationship; Jax's mother sees more of him than she would care to see.