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Making food at high quantities needs some extreme measures and innovative methods. Go behind the scenes to see how America's favorite treats are made including Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Shriver's salt water taffy, Haviland thin mints, Herr's potato chips, Dum Dum lollypops and so much more. Meet the people and the machines behind all of your favorite guilty pleasures and see the hypnotic process at work. Best of all, everything you see is made right here in the United States of America! Pull up a chair, grab your favorite snack, and marvel at how it got to your home.

Food Factory USA is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on August 21, 2014.

Food Factory USA is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Food Factory USA on demand at, BYUtv online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on fyi
3 Seasons, 53 Episodes
August 21, 2014
Food, Reality, How To
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Food Factory USA Full Episode Guide

  • A secret spice blend, a giant steam peeler, and a massive processing facility turn farm-fresh potatoes into bite-size Mexi-Fries; these chocolate almond toffees have a connection to Hollywood royalty; perfecting the art of making absinthe.

  • Turning plump green fruit into sliced black olives; frozen fruit pops are like guilt-free smoothies on a stick; wafer-thin cookie chips.

  • A low-fat fig Newton that's literally 80-feet long; fresh organic cream churned into an impossibly large chunk of bright yellow butter; pomegranate-flavored treats.

  • IThe Charleston tea plantation; a hoisin sauce that has twice been sent into outer space; ice cream sandwiches that have been a San Francisco tradition since 1928.

  • Maintaining the need for zesty salsa verde; hand made caramel-pecan praline; tangy sauce made by Buffalo's Anchor Bar.

  • It takes a top-secret recipe and a waterfall to make deep-fried cheese curds; keeping up with the demand for cow pies; pecan caramel clusters drenched in rich creamy chocolate; the science behind carbonated pop-in-your-mouth candy.

  • Hand-dipped in chocolate, cheesecakes on a stick; a giant cheddar wheel; mouthwatering blondies shipped around the country.

  • A Pennsylvania bakery makes 28 donuts per second; pepperoni rolls come out picture-perfect; a freshly popped multigrain snack that originated in Korea.

  • A million cups of applesauce every year; the art of ultra-creamy fudge at America's longest-running family-operated candy maker; a billion crispy onion rings.

  • Big League Chew; a creamy horseradish from Baltimore; Pennsylvania cupcakes that was a national security incident.

  • Head to North Carolina, home of Mt. Olive's picklicious plant that produces plenty of pounds of pickled pepperoncini peppers everyday.

  • Head to Gloucester, Massachusetts, where one of America's longest-running companies reveals the secret to making golden square-shaped fish fillets.

  • Featuring a massive milking operation and a centuries-old recipe, these hardworking goats help produce 300 wheels of decadent triple-cream goat cheese every day. There's a giant rabbit mascot at this Missouri factory where 1.4 million cheddar bunny crackers hop off the assembly line every hour. It takes a state-of-the-art extruder and atomized liquid cheese to make 44,000 cheese doodles per minute. Cheese `nudes' become crispy mozzarella sticks at this Georgia facility where the final product is stretch tested in a lab. Before being smothered in cheese at locations across the country, every single Pappa John's pizza starts out as a dough ball in Kentucky.

  • It takes three truckloads per day and a million pounds of flour every week to keep up with the demand for Quiznos toasted subs.

  • An authentic French brand steeped in history, visit Babybel's South Dakota headquarters where 600,000 pounds of milk are transformed into one million bite-size cheeses every day.

  • The massive roasting facility for Dunkin Donuts; a hearty soup that's steeped in history, New England clam chowder; the iconic multi-colored Slap Stix lollipop.

  • Woody and bunghole are technical terms at Jack Daniels' Tennessee headquarters where its world-famous whiskey is lovingly brewed using fire, fresh spring water, and 150 years of expertise. Help celebrate Coca-Cola's iconic contour bottle's 100th birthday at the massive Georgia facility where its special formula remains one of the best-kept secrets in the world. Wahlburgers takes pride in its red-hot Hollywood connection and their six-inch all-beef all-American wieners.

  • The show features S'mores that are made in Pennsylvania, Five Guys sesame-studded burger buns and chip-shaped popcorn.

  • A single batch of PEZ candy makes around half a million fruity-flavored tablets.

  • This episode includes White Castle's iconic square sliders, juicy hand-picked mandarin oranges, and heart-shaped crackers.

  • A Smokehouse Brisket sandwich from Arby's and Hangover Joe's Git'R'Done Energy Drink are featured on the show.

  • Among the army of dedicated workers behind every custom serving of Cold Stone ice cream, it's the senior taste-master who's got the best job of all. There's an all-American rags-to-riches story behind these delectable buttery cookies that were born in France but later perfected by five brothers from Vietnam. Watch out for airborne fish when you order up home-style crab cakes at this Seattle's Pike Place market where fishmongers are famous for literally throwing seafood around the shop.

  • Nearly 200 million squeaky clean California lemons are washed, waxed, sized, and sorted at this Sunkist plant every year.

  • Making astronaut food is serious business at this massive Oregon facility where it takes 18 hours to transform savory beef stew into a freeze-dried meal that's perfect for outer space. Nearly 200 million squeaky clean California lemons are washed, waxed, sized, and sorted at this Sunkist plant every year. It's worth the drive to Texas just to get your hands on this decadent pecan pie, and if the bakery is closed once you get there, the vending machine outside is open 24/7.

  • The show features chocolate pudding and cookie ice cream and champagne and strawberry lollies.

  • A chocolatier creates around 500,000 bars on a daily basis and cashews are used in the Indian dish kaju katli.

  • The show features chocolate pudding and cookie ice cream and champagne and strawberry lollies.

  • The show looks at how some foods are made in factories, including peanut buttercups and pasta sauce.

  • The world's tallest thermometer in the "╦ťGateway to Death Valley'. Host Jamie Colby travels to Baker, California to learn the story of a family's 134-foot thermometer.