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90210 is a spin-off the popular Beverly Hills, 90210 series. It premiered in September of 2008 and has remained popular ever since. There are currently four complete seasons and the series will be on air for at least one more season, according to the CW. This series has a similar premise as the original. It features two teens -- Annie and Dixon -- who have moved to Beverly Hills with their parents. As a teen drama, it has all of the angst and issues as the first series. Dixon, who is adopted, deals with his identity off an on through the series. Annie, Dixon and the teenaged characters that surround Annie and Dixon in the series have a wealth of problems to deal with. They have surprise half siblings, forbidden love affairs, rape, car accidents, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, attempted suicide, ill parents and much more. There is no shortage of drama in 90210.

While much of the series involves teenagers attending West Beverly High, the students are not the center of all the storylines. Their parents and teachers have tragedies, secrets and love affairs of their own. Quite often, the stories are entangled and the drama of one generation seeps over into the other generation. This is particularly true in the first season when Dixon is dealing with his adoption and his family is reeling over the fact that Annie and Dixon's father has another son in Beverly Hills.

The most recent series ends on some highs and lows. Dixon has been in a car accident, which happens rather often in the series, and he may be dead. Adrianna, who has battled drug addiction, teen pregnancy and a failed acting career, among other things, is now trying to make her way as a country singer. She has left town, but whether she will be successful is still uncertain. Naomi's wedding is broken off at the last minute and Annie is dumped by a priest. How they will keep up this level of drama next season is anyone's guess.

90210 is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (116 episodes). The series first aired on August 4, 2008.

Where do I stream 90210 online? 90210 is available for streaming on The CW, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 90210 on demand at Vudu, Apple TV, CW Seed, Pluto TV online.

The CW
5 Seasons, 116 Episodes
August 4, 2008
Cast: Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, AnnaLynne McCord, Dustin Milligan
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90210 Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, a tragic event brings everyone together one last time.

  • Naomi becomes the fall guy when an out of control royal creates trouble. Silver gets some test results. Annie decides to go on a book tour in Paris to get over Liam. Adrianna performs after Fall Out Boy at a huge concert that ends in chaos.

  • In exchange for ending things with Naomi, Jordan and his mum assist Mark. Liam feels betrayed after reading Annie's book. Michaela catches Adrianna and Navid sharing an intimate moment.

  • In an effort to convince teenage pro-surfer Cassie to be their first sponsored athlete, Liam and Navid ask her favorite musician Olly Murs to help out.

  • Annie is forced to reveal her identity as Author X. Annie, Adrianna and Silver plan a girls' night out for Naomi, which ends with disastrous results.

  • Naomi is offered a promising job opportunity to plan events for a media empire; Annie, Adrianna and Silver plan a night out with Naomi; Dixon starts developing feelings for Michaela; and Liam befriends the Cronus brothers in order to clear Navid's name.

  • When Liam combines business and pleasure, things go awry.

  • Annie experiences an alternate reality about what life would have been like if she had stayed in Kansas, including being engaged to her high school boyfriend.

  • Annie is furious when Naomi locates her and Dixon's half brother Mark. Liam suffers symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Annie experiences an alternate reality about what life would have been like if she had stayed in Kansas, including being engaged to her high school boyfriend.

  • Annie experiences an alternate reality about what life would have been like if she had stayed in Kansas, including being engaged to her high school boyfriend.

  • Annie lets her imagination run wild when she envisions being engaged to her high school boyfriend. She also sees Dixon as a successful artist, Naomi working in real estate, Adrianna famous for being a bad girl actress and Teddy still keeping his sexuality a secret.

  • Silver and Teddy continue to struggle with the pregnancy situation. Ashley reveals her obsession to Liam as Annie and Naomi drive along the coast to rescue him. Their plan goes awry and someone is shot.

  • Alex pitches a business deal to Max; Naomi devises a plan to get Bryce to hire Max again; Annie offers Liam money to help trap his blackmailer; and Teddy refuses to sign over his parental rights, leaving Silver heartbroken.

  • Naomi hosts a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion in an attempt to impress the ladies at the West Beverly alumni group. Liam and Annie discuss Vanessa's accident and he reveals his suspicions that Vanessa is stalking him. Navid is offered a business proposal. Meanwhile, Dixon discovers the truth of Adrianna's affair with Taylor.

  • In a fit of jealousy, Navid leaks Liam and Linsey's sex tape. Meanwhile, Naomi and Alec team up to help Max.

  • Adrianna tells Annie about her intimacy issues with Dixon. Colin sets up Alec in order to expose his attempts at ruining Naomi and Max's relationship. Navid is unsure of what's going on with Silver and Liam. However, Liam has his eyes set on Linsey.

  • Liam signs up for a business law class. Naomi intends to tell Max the truth about her and Alec, but on their romantic trip she freaks out over a trust exercise. Silver discovers the nude pictures have leaked online.

  • Silver fails to schedule her insemination appointment. Meanwhile, Adrianna encourages Silver to pamper herself before she becomes a mom. Liam goes to see Vanessa's lawyer but is concerned when a detective starts asking about her whereabouts.

  • Adrianna is shocked when Taylor appears and reveals his plans to go into business with Liam and Navid to re-launch The Offshore. Max and Naomi put their honeymoon on hold to organize a huge reception to prove that the wedding isn't a sham.

  • The fifth season opens with Naomi and Max landing in jail. Liam must sell The Offshore to pay off Vanessa. Navid and Liam discuss business. Teddy is overwhelmed by Silver's request to father her baby. Lori Loughlin and singer Carly Rae Jepsen guest star.

  • Cast and crew discuss unforgettable moments from it's history before the final ever episode.

  • Naomi makes a shocking announcement; Teddy returns; Dixon rushes back from touring to repair his relationship with Adrianna; Silver feels like she has to choose between Navid and Liam and makes a life-changing decision.

  • Naomi feels the need to protect Max and tries to sabotage Madison's bachelorette party.

  • Navid assumes Liam and Silver hooked up so he decides to confront Liam on the red carpet of a movie premiere. Annie and Caleb finally succumb to their sexual tension. Meanwhile, Naomi has been hired to plan the wedding of an heiress and discovers she knows the groom a little too well.

  • Naomi's friends are concerned that she is rushing to the altar.

  • Dixon is rushed to the hospital after he collapses at the recording studio.

  • Naomi thinks Annie's business partner is the perfect guy for her, but she soon learns that her sister Jen also likes him.

  • Annie organizes a charity fundraiser with good intentions for her inheritance.

  • Annie must decide if she will expose her work as an escort to help Dixon when he gets arrested for a fire at a sorority house.

  • Naomi is determined to repair her boss's relationship with her daughter Holly; Greg asks Silver to move to New York with him; Navid discovers a shocking secret about Greg's daughter; Annie finds out Liam's girlfriend Vanessa might have been involved with his motorcycle accident.

  • Dixon returns and Adrianna gives Austin some advice he doesn't want to hear.

  • Naomi's party planner boss wants her to be in charge of Holly's birthday party.

  • Dixon struggles with temptation as he navigates his way back into the music world; Annie confronts Jeremy; Naomi and Holly embarrass themselves in front of Janice Dickinson at a fashion show; Teddy makes a choice that Silver disapproves of.

  • Dixon pursues a relationship with Adrianna. Meanwhile, Raj and Ivy's continuous arguing creates serious contention between them. Liam plans a Thanksgiving feast for all of the gang.

  • Teddy's Vegas wedding video gets leaked to the public and has a bad effect on his uncle's campaign.

  • The group goes to Las Vegas where Naomi meets Austin's dad and country superstar Judd Ridge. Liam is invited to play in a celebrity poker game.

  • Naomi is forced to work with her nemesis Holly on a campus costume party.

  • Liam is offered a modeling job and Annie develops feelings for an unlikely guy. At a charity talent show to raise money for a new type of cancer treatment for Raj, Naomi is desperate to upstage Austin's friend Sally, who is in town for a visit. Meanwhile, Dixon pushes himself to the limit and Adrianna confronts him.

  • Marissa Harris-Young is running against Teddy's Uncle Charles for public office and asks Silver to make campaign videos. Teddy runs into an old love and Annie is stuck with Leila during an important date.

  • After Navid sets up studio time for Dixon, he feels the pressure to produce a hit song. Naomi will need Austin's help in order to take down Holly and her sorority.

  • Naomi finds unusual allies when she seeks revenge on sorority president Holly. Annie must determine a way to come up with cash quick as she is short on money for sorority dues.

  • Naomi rushes a popular sorority, where she, along with Annie go through sorority games in an effort to re-gain her status. Annie finds out a shocking secret about Jeremy that could affect her future. Liam decides to keep the bar he bought on a whim.

  • The gang from Beverly Hills has graduated from high school. Naomi coped with the shocking news of her pregnancy and quickly discovers she doesn't have the status in college that she did in high school. Annie gets some unexpected news that keeps her in town. Adrianna comes back to town looking for redemption, which she soon learns will be hard to earn back.

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