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This show is a continuation of Degrassi: The Next Generation which was featured on Teen Nick and the Family Channel. It features a diverse set of characters that all face challenges of different magnitudes. This show has storylines dealing with mental health, drug abuse, physical illness, parental abuse, romance, LGBTQ* acceptance, and other situations faced by high schoolers in today's world.

The aim of the show is to educate viewers so they learn about real life situations that they could face or have faced in their life. While this show is mainly meant to entertain the viewer, it is also used as a tool to bring awareness to certain issues that aren't talked about as much as they should be like, mental health and the treatment of the LGBTQ* community. Degrassi: The Next Class is available on Netflix and is shown weekly on the Family Channel in Canada.

Degrassi: Next Class is a series that is currently running and has 19 seasons (138 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 2016.

Where do I stream Degrassi: Next Class online? Degrassi: Next Class is available for streaming on Family (F2N), both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Degrassi: Next Class on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Daily 9:00 PM et/pt on Family (F2N)
19 Seasons, 138 Episodes
January 4, 2016
Cast: Na'ku'set Gould, Amanda Arcuri, Sara Waisglass, Ehren Kassam
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Degrassi: Next Class Full Episode Guide

  • A superstorm, headed for Toronto, stalls a Degrassi dance. Maya, Zig & Zo« plan to attend but get stranded at the Matlin house. Even with the power out, sparks still fly at the Hollingsworth mansion. Meanwhile, Clare heads to NYC for an interview at Columbia and fears running into Eli.

  • The media is abuzz about Zo«'s trial. Feeling hopeless and worried about her tarnished reputation, Zo« is nervous as the verdict approaches. Becky is torn about what to say in her testimony, but deep down knows what she has to do.

  • Zo«'s trial begins and when she fears that she is being painted in a harsh light, she takes matters into her own hands. Becky is torn up about what she's going to say when she takes the stand as a character witness in her brother's trial.

  • Tristan is warned by Mr. Yates to make his feelings about their affair less obvious at school but Tristan can't help it, he's beaming. Imogen's smitten with Jack and will go to any length to impress her, even if it means taking her quirkiness to a whole new level.

  • When Tristan asks Mr. Yates for some writing help for his MC gig, Mr. Yates suggests he come to his apartment for some extra help. Imogen crushes hard on Jack and is determined to prove she can "roll" with her crowd.

  • Drew's excited for the last days of the Hollingsworth campaign but his charm gets him more than he bargained for.

  • Hiding Zig out at the Matlin house while the Maya organizes the Art Night seems to be working... for now. But will she be able to keep the gang away? Clare is deparate for answers from Drew.

  • Maya is doing her best to keep Zig safe but when she snoops and finds a bag of drugs, her worst fears are confirmed.

  • Fireworks begin at Wild Wild West Night when Clare makes her decision known with regards to Drew and Eli. Zo« struggles to stand up for herself. Miles and Zig face off in a showdown for Maya's heart.

  • When Zo« lands her dream role, it hits a little too close to home following her assault. Clare has some tough decisions to make as she searches for a date to Wild Wild West Night. Miles focuses on settling the score with Zig.

  • Tristan confronts Mr. Yates about his harsh Drama class criticisms and finds out the shocking truth behind them. Dallas loses his cool at the National Science Fair, letting down Alli in the process. Clare's plan to get Drew an internet date backfires.

  • Dallas feels he's being racially profiled after he and Connor are held for questioning in connection with a terror incident. Clare makes it her mission to get Drew a new girlfriend. Tristan is determined to join Mr. Yates' new Theatre Collective.

  • Becky tries to get back in bestie rhythm with Imogen at the semi-formal, but is there more to their relationship than friendship? Miles goes to extreme lengths when he worries he'll lose Maya to Zig. Jenna wears a skimpy dress in hopes of impressing Connor.

  • Maya tries to help Zig out of a tough situation when she makes a disturbing discovery about his home life. Jenna sets her sights on winning the semi-formal king and queen crowns with Connor. Becky worries she will lose Imogen as a friend when new student Jack arrives.

  • With rumours swirling about Zo«'s drunken adventures at a recent party, Becky files a DTV report and uncovers a video of Zo« and two unidentifiable guys. After her investigation leads her to make a false accusation, Becky sets out to make things right -- but once she discovers the truth, she questions if she's doing the right thing.

  • A shocking discovery leads Miles to question his family life. Eli is slipping away, and Clare finds herself growing closer to Drew. Dallas wants to be with Alli, but the truth about her relationship with Leo could send him over the edge.

  • When a messy breakup causes trouble for Drew, he tries to put it behind him as fast as possible.

  • Drew tries to keep things casual with Zoe, but finds it easier said than done. Imogen protests the Degrassi dress code.

  • Maya wants to hang with the rebels, but can she pass their test? Meanwhile, Alli hides the truth from her parents and the police.

  • On Alli's eighteenth birthday, she makes a huge decision about her future. Maya and Zig are forced to team up for an assignment.

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