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In the reality series Siesta Key, a group of young people are thrown together in a Florida beach community, and then producers sit back and watch (and perhaps create) drama as the cast parties, hooks up, and otherwise frolicks. The series follows a familiar formula and is one of many similar shows that has been aired on MTV, specifically Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

The series debuted in 2017, and its third season began airing in early 2020. It was the subject of controversy from the beginning, thanks mainly to the behavior of one of its cast members, Alex Kompothecras. Kompothecras' wealthy chiropractor father is an executive producer of the series. Friends of Kompothecras had been the subject of a viral video in which they tortured a shark by dragging it behind a boat. Kompothecras himself was caught on video apparently shooting a shark.

MTV finally had enough of Kompothecras' behavior as the thrid season of the series aired. Earlier Instagram posts in which Kompothecras used racist language and engaged with racist content resurfaced. As the controversy became public, MTV announced that Kompothecras would no longer be employed by the series and that season 3 would be re-edited to minimize his presence. A central storyline of the season was intended to involve Kompothecras' infidelity in his relationship with his girlfriend. His girlfriend will continue to be featured in the series.

Kompothecras' father announced that he would be looking into taking legal action against MTV. It is unclear whether the elder Kompothecras will continue to produce the series.

Siesta Key is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (54 episodes). The series first aired on July 31, 2017.

Where do I stream Siesta Key online? Siesta Key is available for streaming on MTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Siesta Key on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, MTV, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
3 Seasons, 54 Episodes
July 31, 2017
Cast: Madisson Hausburg, Garrett Miller, Kelsey Owens, Juliette Porter
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Siesta Key Full Episode Guide

  • Jeannie Mai hosts as the Siesta Key cast virtually looks back at breakups, makeups and blowups from Season 3, and the group shares relationship updates, shocking secrets and more.

  • Juliette and Sam make their relationship official, but Kelsey starts a rumor that threatens to destroy them. Madisson and Ish make plans for their future, while Brandon figures out next steps with Camilla.

  • Juliette and Kelsey argue over Juliette's career opportunity. Jared and his girlfriend breakup when Mike reveals a rumor to the group. Garrett launches a supplement line but worries his friends won't support him. Amanda's at odds with JJ when he brings a new girl around.

  • Juliette and Sam get closer when Sam takes the whole crew to Miami for New Year’s. Kelsey’s jealous of Juliette’s career opportunity. BG and Camilla argue about Amanda. Madisson and Ish clash while house hunting in Siesta Key.

  • Juliette and Sam’s relationship progresses, and Chloe and Madisson try to hash out their differences. Kelsey finds out Garrett has been training an ex-fling. Madisson and Ish aren’t on the same page about their future.

  • Juliette hangs out with a billionaire, while Alyssa's family questions her boyfriend's loyalty. Madison distances herself from Chloe and the group. Amanda's distrust of JJ ruins their relationship. Kelsey's ex keeps Garrett on high alert.

  • Juliette tries to move on by diving full-force into work. Madisson is fed up with Chloe's meddling and decides to move out. Kelsey's ex comes back to shake things up between her and Garrett.

  • Juliette is devastated when she learns Alyssa is pregnant. Chloe is stressed about running the Crescent Club. Brandon struggles to give up his dreams while Madisson starts to pursue hers.

  • Alex and Alyssa find out their relationship challenges are far from over, and Juliette learns that Alex and Alyssa are back together. Amanda and JJ fight over Amanda's exes. BG reintroduces Camilla to the group.

  • Juliette's ex, Robby, tries to reconnect with her. Kelsey questions Garrett's loyalty when a girl from his past appears on the scene. Brandon and Camilla reconnect while Jared introduces his new girlfriend to the group.

  • Juliette wants to spill Alex's secret and Chloe is caught between her loyalty to Juliette and her career. Amanda chooses sides, betraying Juliette in the process. Also, Madisson tries to start making plans for her future with Ish.

  • Juliette and Chloe are worried that Amanda is fully Team Alex. Alyssa is suspicious about what went on in Nashville between Juliette and Alex. Madisson meets up with Ish after their break up. Juliette reveals a huge secret.

  • Juliette hears that Alex wants to reignite things. Alex explodes over the rumor. Amanda frustrates Juliette and Chloe when she seems to have Alex's back. Kelsey and Garrett explore their past. Brandon advances his music career.

  • Alex loses it at the Blend Opening when he comes face to face with Robby. Jake and Kelsey face a tough hurdle. Chloe demands the whole group come together in order to fix the Juliette and Alex drama.

  • Alex's crew heads to Georgia, and Chloe's meddling causes friction. Juliette works at Blend for the 4th to avoid drama. Ish comes back to Siesta Key with a big question for Madisson, but he's met with her family's disapproval.

  • Juliette tries to convince everyone that Alex is a liar and still loves her. Chloe confronts Alex about contacting Juliette. Alex has to come clean to Alyssa. Jared's ex-wife comes to town. Brandon confronts Amanda and JJ.

  • Alex sends Juliette's personal texts to Robby. Jared struggles with his breakup with Kelsey, while Kelsey continues her romance with Jake. Madisson is worried that she may be pregnant.

  • Juliette and Robby discuss issues in their relationship, including Alex. Jared confronts Kelsey and Jake about their flirty friendship. Robby tries to make amends with Amanda. Brandon's suspicious of JJ's intentions with Amanda.

  • Juliette and Alex finally meet up for the first time in months. Alex introduces his new girl to the group. Kelsey is dating Jared, but she's distracted by her boss, Jake. Juliette tries to make amends with Chloe and Amanda.

  • Juliette has to choose between her new job or going to Greece with her new boyfriend, Robby. Alex makes a play for a newly single Cara. Brandon and Amanda's budding romance is threatened by Madisson and Amanda's ex, JJ.

  • Juliette is isolated from everyone when Chloe threatens legal action. Garrett and Cara continue to struggle with their relationship. Madisson doubts Amanda's intentions with Brandon. Jared and Kelsey explore their chemistry.

  • Madisson's father disapproves of her much older man. Cara is apprehensive to make a clean break with Garrett. Juliette's romance leaves Chloe questioning Robby, leading to a huge confrontation between Juliette and Chloe.

  • Pauly tries to defend Alex and stirs up drama at Cara's end-of-summer bash. Chloe shares some findings with Juliette that make her rethink everything she knows to be true. Cara loses her cool with Garrett.

  • Juliette turns 21-years-old, and Alex tries to buy his way back into her life with an extravagant present. Garret and Cara are already at a crossroads when Garrett reveals a job opportunity that puts their relationship in jeopardy.

  • Garrett and Cara's relationship is tested. Brandon and Jared compete for Madisson's affection. Pauly faces consequences for his arrest and takes steps to earn his way back into Grandma's good graces.

  • With Jalex on the rocks, Alex connects with an old flame; Madisson reaches her breaking point with Ben; Brandon sets out on tour as a single man.

  • Juliette receives some shocking information from a surprising source. Garrett and Cara take a huge step in their relationship. Jared struggles to assimilate by using alcohol to escape his past. Pauly gets arrested on a felony charge.

  • Juliette struggles with the news of Alex and the two girls in his bed. Chloe learns that Ben has been sexting Tawni behind Madisson's back and hatches a plan to catch him in the act. Brandon's girlfriend's jealousy reaches an all-time high.

  • After days of turmoil for Jalex, Juliette witnesses something that could change her and Alex forever. Madisson stars in Brandon's music video, causing issues in her relationship with Ben and prompting jealousy from Brandon's girlfriend.

  • At Alex's family's autism gala, Chloe learns that Cara has been talking behind her back, Brandon asks Madisson to appear in his music video, and Kelsey's boyfriend visits.

  • The gang heads to Miami, but Juliette's trip is ruined when someone unexpected arrives. Madisson backs Ben into a corner, while Garrett and Cara continue to explore their feelings.

  • Juliette confronts Chloe about her feelings for Alex and her motives in bringing Cara around. Alex buries the hatchet with Jared, who takes interest in Kelsey. Garrett goes on a first date with someone unexpected.

  • When a brawl breaks out at Alex's birthday, new alliances are forged and old friendships are tested. After Juliette insults Chloe, Chloe amps up her attempts to ruin Juliette & Alex's relationship.

  • A new summer brings the heat in the Season 2 premiere of Siesta Key. Alex's birthday rager goes off the rails when his worst enemy and old flame crash the party. Madisson struggles with the idea of a long-distance relationship.

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