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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

"My Dysfunctional Family" is an American reality television series that aired on Country Music Television(CMT) in 2014. This insightful show introduces us to the chaotic, sometimes heartbreaking, yet also hilarious world of familial struggles. A blend of vulnerability and dramatic moments combined with real-world counselling techniques, it stands as a unique gem in the catalogue of reality television offerings, appreciating the value of family bonds while presenting candid scenarios that many viewers will undoubtedly relate to.

The central figure of "My Dysfunctional Family" is Dave Vitalli. Vitalli, a well-respected family fixer and youth behavior specialist, utilizes his considerable experience dealing with troubled teens and their equally troubled parents to help families in crisis. Moreover, Dave Vitalli himself stems from a difficult past and a troubled childhood, thereby lending an authentic voice to the narratives. His raw, sometimes tough love approach, backed by years of professional experience, sees him trying to address and resolve the deep-seated issues festering within the featured families. Using tough love and hard-hitting home truths he gently guides the families on their journey to resolution and healing.

One of the most captivating elements of "My Dysfunctional Family" is its departure from the traditional reality show formula. Rather than relying heavily on scripted dramas or forced conflicts, this show places its emphasis on the reality aspect of the genre. The family conflicts presented are genuine in their tension and raw emotion, lending an air of authenticity to each episode. This authenticity is further heightened by the choice of 'fly on the wall' filming technique, giving the viewers a close, personal look at the trials and tribulations faced by each family, while also unveiling their movement towards rediscovery, reconnection, and hopefully, resolution.

Being set around different homes across America, the series successfully establishes a remarkable variety in its settings, painting a diverse and expansive picture of American familial experiences. Each episode highlights a different family facing its unique set of challenges. From rebellious teenagers and estranged family members to rare behavioural issues and complex emotional troubles, the "My Dysfunctional Family" roster of situations is as diverse as it is intriguing.

Integral to the success of each episode is the brilliant portrayal of personalities and their various conflicts by the real stars of the show - the families themselves. Although Vitalli is, without a doubt, a crucial driving force for the narrative, it’s the family members who cast a deeper, more lasting impression on viewers. Their stories, struggles, and the undying, if not somewhat strained, love they have for each other forms the heart and soul of the series. The raw and unfiltered emotions they bring forth manage to both engage viewers and inspire empathy.

While the highlight of "My Dysfunctional Family" is the extensive focus on personal growth and healing, the show also does a commendable job of incorporating humour in the mix. Even though dealing with serious, often intense situations, the series manages to highlight the comedy that inadvertently sprouts in the strangest of circumstances. This knack for weaving in light-hearted moments amidst tense scenes allows a much-needed break for both the families and the viewers.

At its core, "My Dysfunctional Family" is a show about real-life problems and the journey towards resolving them. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions, combining tough love, heartbreaking realities, and joyous resolutions. It doesn't shy away from depicting the uncomfortable or the messy; instead, it celebrates it as a part of the human experience. Consequently, it strikes a chord with its audience, becoming not just another reality TV show, but a candid examination of familial relationships.

To sum up, "My Dysfunctional Family" is a series that builds on the strengths of reality-based television to present an engaging, often poignant view of family dynamics in modern-day America. It shines a light on the complex web of relationships within a family unit, emphasizing the importance of communication, understanding, and, ultimately, love. Despite focusing on dysfunctional dynamics, it champions the potency of resolution and familial bonds. In essence, if you're on the lookout for a reality show that tugs at the heartstrings while also serving a dose of authenticity, "My Dysfunctional Family" stands as an excellent choice.

My Dysfunctional Family
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Image Is Everything
7. Image Is Everything
August 16, 2014
Dave Vitalli tries to help a broken family put the pieces back together in Alabama. He immediately connects with struggling teens Russell and Julia, and both are eager to work with him. Their mother Lauren, however, isn't so sure.
Somebody Dropped the Ball
6. Somebody Dropped the Ball
August 9, 2014
Dave lands in northern California to help Geoff and Shawna Oliver with their wild teen daughter, Jennifer, who loves to party.
Destined For Disaster
5. Destined For Disaster
August 2, 2014
Dave Vitalli makes his way to Kansas and talks to a rebellious teenager and her family.
The Line Between Love and Hate
4. The Line Between Love and Hate
July 26, 2014
Dave helps a fed up fiancé.
Running From Trouble
3. Running From Trouble
July 19, 2014
Dave helps a single mom having a difficult time with her two teenage daughters.
Daughters at War
2. Daughters at War
July 12, 2014
Dave tries to help five out-of-control sisters, but realizes the real problem is a single father and the circumstances surrounding him.
Turning a Blind Eye (Pilot)
1. Turning a Blind Eye (Pilot)
July 5, 2014
In the series premiere, Dave Vitalli is in Virginia to help Kandance, a struggling single mom, whose teenagers rule the roost.
  • Premiere Date
    July 5, 2014