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Wheeler Dealers is a show that started off in the United Kingdom but eventually became popular in the United States. The show is all about 2 men, Mike and Edd, and the various cars they purchase and resell for profit. Both men have extensive experience in the used car world and have significant mechanical abilities which helps them repair any and all problems the encounter when preparing to buy or sell a car.

Each episode usually features a single car that the men will purchase, usually it is something unique or somewhat uncommon, and the cars almost always have some sort of significant problem. Sometimes the cars have significant body damage that needs repaired but more often the cars have minor mechanical or electrical problems that can be quickly and cheaply fixed by Edd. Wheeler Dealers also walks the audience through many of the processes involved in repairing or replacing bits and pieces of a car so that they can understand what is actually being done to the car in the show.

Towards the end of each episode Mike and sometimes Edd generally take the car out for a test drive and begin approaching potential buyers. Mike also usually gets the opportunity to see a well maintained example of whatever car they are working on so he can get a good idea of how the car should look and perform when complete. At the end Mike often makes a deal to sell the car to whoever is interested and the total profit for the two is calculated based on the purchase price as well as work and labor done on the car to get it ready. Sometimes the guys make a little bit of money buying and repairing the cars but a large amount of the time they barely break even or even lose a little bit of money due to more costly repairs than what they expected.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
16 Seasons, 182 Episodes
June 27, 2017
Automotive, Reality
Cast: Mike Brewer, Edd China
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Wheeler Dealers Full Episode Guide

  • Mike and Edd look over a few cars in the garage as they reminisce about the recent projects. With so much work going into these transformations, Mike & Edd give insight into how it went down while looking at never seen before footage.

  • Edd surprises Mike back in England by purchasing a 1916 Cadillac. The guys work relentlessly to get the car ready for a 9000 mile endurance rally known as Peking to Paris.

  • Whilst looking for a 1985 Maserati Bi-Turbo, Mike discovers one that was converted to electric in the early 90's. Their first ever electric car project has Edd dancing & Mike worried. Can they beat the original performance of the Maserati & still profit?

  • Mike goes looking for the military grade off roader, the Humvee. He and Edd create a four-wheel drive camping vehicle that can take you to places no camper has been before.

  • Mike searches for the first ever Bond car, a 1963 Sunbeam Alpine. He finds a rust free race prepped example which is high on sporty fun but low on luxury Edd has to deal with some surprises in the engine bay before then transforming the look of the car.

  • Mike finds a second generation Camaro and plans to turn it into a proper pro touring car. Edd gets down to work on installing a pro touring stage three kit, but needs to figure out what to replace the current engine with.

  • Mike seeks out the often overlooked Porsche 912E. Choosing the right example and only with the help of Edd, they address the years of neglect, while they bring home the horses and return on their investment.

  • Mike seeks out pure luxury, the most expensive car Mercedes-Benz had to offer in 1983, the 500SEC. Mike and Edd pay tribute to AMG and transform this conservative coupe into a menacing autobahn cruiser.

  • Mike's out for adventure but it quickly turns into Edd's nightmare. Riddled with unforeseen rust, Mike sets out to save the project from disaster while Edd keeps his cool.

  • Edd and Mike look back on the memories, the good, bad and ugly, of the last eight cars. Which were the best and worst buys, the most inventive fixes, the biggest transformations and the largest profits.

  • Mike and Edd decide to create an eye catching, inexpensive beach cruiser that won't break the bank but will turn heads. The 1963 Corvair is the muse! Can the guys restore this forgotten classic to its original beauty, address all safety concerns?

  • Mike and Edd decide that the 80s classic, Ford Mustang 5.0, is the ideal affordable muscle car for a young aspiring mechanic to cut his teeth on and for them to make a profit on.

  • When Edd set Mike the task of finding him a classic American truck, Mike heads to Sonoma County where he meets his first hipster and her Chevy LUV. This truck is 'loved' but needs a lot of TLC from Edd to get it into a condition that a buyer will love.

  • The guys want to tackle something eco-friendly and they get their wish when Mike chooses the original 'Econobox, a 1977 Honda CVCC that needs a rebuilt engine and eco mods to get it back to its original numbers of 50mpg.

  • If money were no object, the Mercedes 560SL was the car to buy in the 1980s and now Mike and Edd want one! Mike finds a well looked after example in need of a complete refresh, mechanically and cosmetically.

  • Mike was challenged to find a classic endurance sports car and the Volvo PV544 fit the bill as the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing. Mike finds a running example but with an engine that few mechanics, other than Edd, can master.

  • Mike and Edd go back and forth about the definition of a "real' sports car. With the desire to hit the gas and feel the seat in his back, Mike brings Edd a 1968 Corvette. Now that's a sports car!

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