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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 6.7  (856)

The Pinkertons is a television drama series that premiered on syndication channels in 2014. Starring Angus Macfadyen as Allan Pinkerton, the show is set in the late 19th century and is loosely based on the real Pinkerton Detective Agency that was established in 1850.

The show follows Pinkerton and his team of agents as they investigate crimes and solve mysteries across the United States. His agents include his son Willie (Jacob Blair) and Kate Warne (Martha MacIsaac), who becomes the first female detective in America after being hired by Pinkerton.

Each episode focuses on a new case that the team has to solve, and the cases range from counterfeit money to train robberies to murders. The show also often includes historical figures of the time, such as President Abraham Lincoln and outlaw Jesse James.

The Pinkertons is a show that combines action, drama, and historical accuracy to create an entertaining and engaging experience for viewers. The setting of the late 19th century allows for a unique perspective on crime-solving, as the Pinkerton Detective Agency was one of the first organizations of its kind in the world.

The lead character, Allan Pinkerton, is portrayed as a determined and intelligent detective who is not afraid to take risks to solve a case. Angus Macfadyen brings depth to the character, allowing the audience to see Pinkerton as a complex figure who struggles with his flaws and personal demons.

Martha MacIsaac's portrayal of Kate Warne provides a refreshing take on the detective genre that involves a female lead breaking barriers and making a significant impact in a male-dominated field. She is portrayed as a strong and confident woman who is a valuable asset to the team and often has to deal with discrimination and harassment from those who doubt her abilities.

Jacob Blair's performance as Pinkerton's son, Willie, is also noteworthy, as he provides a more light-hearted and comedic element to the show. He often finds himself in awkward and humorous situations, but proves himself to be a capable agent in his own right.

Overall, The Pinkertons is a great series for fans of crime dramas and historical fiction. The show is well-written, well-acted, and manages to balance entertainment with education, as it accurately portrays the time period and the Pinkerton Detective Agency's role in it.

Unfortunately, despite its initial success, The Pinkertons only lasted for two seasons before it was cancelled in 2015. This may have been due to a lack of marketing for the show or the fact that it was not picked up by a major network. However, the show still has a loyal fanbase and is available to watch on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

In conclusion, The Pinkertons is a unique and entertaining crime drama that is worth watching for its historical accuracy and engaging characters. While it is a shame that the show did not last longer, it is still a worthwhile viewing experience for anyone interested in crime-solving or late 19th century history.

The Pinkertons is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 2014.

The Pinkertons
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To The Death
22. To The Death
May 23, 2015
Panic erupts when a mysterious sniper begins killing the residents of Kansas City one by one. Will and Kate race to catch the shooter, unaware that the gunman has his sights set on the very heart of the Pinkerton Agency.
The Better Angels of Our Nature
21. The Better Angels of Our Nature
May 16, 2015
A reading of an incendiary biography of famed Confederate spy Rose Greenhow by her daughter includes scandalous allegations about Allan Pinkerton. When the book's publisher turns up dead, Will and Kate must find the killer - and clear Allan's good name.
20. Review
May 9, 2015
Robert Pinkerton is in Kansas City to conduct Will and Kate's annual performance review. When Robert raises questions about their partnership, Will and Kate's loyalties will be tested.
Murder on the Western Express
19. Murder on the Western Express
May 2, 2015
Kate and Will take on a case where client and victim are one and the same, after the coach bringing their new employer to Kansas City arrives with a gruesome cargo - a trio of bodies, the victims of foul play.
Think of the Children
18. Think of the Children
April 25, 2015
When a childrens' charity administrator is found murdered on the eve of a benefit dinner, the Pinkertons go undercover in Kansas City high society.
Forever Free
17. Forever Free
April 18, 2015
Will and Kate investigate the disappearance of a member of the Buffalo Soldiers, a recently-formed regiment of black soldiers.
Mudd and Clay
16. Mudd and Clay
April 11, 2015
The Pinkertons are tasked to protect a notorious criminal housed at the Dubois while awaiting trial. But when a brutal snowstorm traps them in the hotel and the locals get wind of the monster in their midst, Kate and Will find themselves facing a dangerous mob.
On Account of Huckleberries
15. On Account of Huckleberries
March 14, 2015
The Pinkertons tackle their first cold case after a skeleton turns up on the outskirts of Kansas City. When the search for a suspect leads them to Logan's doorstep, Will and Kate must face the possibility that the Sheriff is a killer.
Old Pap
14. Old Pap
March 7, 2015
A murder coincides with the arrival of notorious Confederate General Sterling Price in Kansas City. As the Pinkertons investigate, Kate finds herself in grave danger when she comes face to face with an old enemy.
Frontier Desperados
13. Frontier Desperados
February 28, 2015
A young woman's husband is abducted and the Pinkertons are hired to negotiate his release, but when the ransom drop goes wrong, the race is on to save the man before it's too late.
12. Reunion
February 21, 2015
Will and Kate investigate a murder involving four former Civil War nurses who are bound together by a terrible secret.
The Devil's Trade
11. The Devil's Trade
February 14, 2015
When a medium's prediction of murder comes true, Kate and Will are hired by a troupe of spiritualists for a case that will test their deductive skills - and challenge their beliefs.
The Sweet Science
10. The Sweet Science
February 7, 2015
Will grows jealous when an old friend of Kate's comes to town with a traveling boxing league. But when her friend is accused of murder, Kate will have to choose between her feelings for the man and her duty to the Pinkertons
In Marm's Way
9. In Marm's Way
January 31, 2015
The Pinkertons get more than they bargained for when a peddler from New York City goes missing, and a blast from John Bell's past threatens his freedom.
To the Sunset
8. To the Sunset
January 24, 2015
When a member of the Chippewa Tribe is murdered in town, Will and Kate must unlock the truth from the only witness - a 12-year-old Sioux boy who doesn't speak English - before a race war breaks out in Kansas City.
The Case of the Dead Dog
7. The Case of the Dead Dog
January 17, 2015
An investigation that begins with a dead dog quickly spirals out of control when Will and Kate find themselves in the middle of a dangerous feud between local farmers, and the railroad barons who want their land.
Lines of Betrayal
6. Lines of Betrayal
November 22, 2014
Will and Kate uncover a mystery that hits too close to home when a fellow Pinkerton Agent is murdered, and Allan returns to Kansas City to oversee the investigation.
The Hero of Liberty Gap
5. The Hero of Liberty Gap
November 8, 2014
When a young, idealistic Civil War hero is attacked during a campaign speech, the Pinkertons are pulled into an even dirtier world than they're used to -- politics.
The Fourth Man
4. The Fourth Man
October 25, 2014
It's a trail of murder, mystery and revenge as Kate and Will step into an international case between America and Japan.
The Play's the Thing
3. The Play's the Thing
October 18, 2014
Will and Kate get more drama than they bargained for when an actor dies during a performance of "Hamlet", and Will is forced to go undercover as a member of a traveling theater troupe.
Double Shot
2. Double Shot
October 11, 2014
When a whiskey magnate is found stabbed to death in a brothel, the Pinkertons are hired by the dead man's widow to find the prostitute she suspects robbed, then murdered, her wealthy husband. Clashing with Kansas City's Sheriff, Kate and Will begin to suspect that the now-missing prostitute may have been framed. Their suspicions turn out to be well founded when the prostitute is murdered... while in police custody. Suspicions turn to the dead man's business partner when he's found to be cooking the books, but the truth turns out to have more to do matters of the heart than the bottom line.
Kansas City
1. Kansas City
October 4, 2014
William (Will) Pinkerton has been assigned to investigate a series of bank robberies in and around booming Kansas City. When thieves rob a train (the first time a train has been robbed!) and kill a Union Army sharpshooter on his way home from the just-ended Civil War, it becomes clear there is more going on here than meets the eye. Allan Pinkerton calls in his best agent, Kate Warne, to take over his son's investigation. Initially appalled by the idea of working for a woman, Will soon finds Kate to be smart, resourceful and brave. Not to mention attractive. Still, these are two headstrong people and they will rarely agree on how to get a case solved... even in a case like this which threatens to upend the fragile post-Civil War peace.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 4, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (856)