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In the drama Roman Empire, the rise and fall of the legendary society is examined. The series uses a combination of documentary techniques and dramatic recreations to tell the story. Its historical accuracy is questionable. Aaron Irvin, Corey Brennan, and Jerry Toner star.

Roman Empire is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on November 11, 2016.

Roman Empire is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Roman Empire on demand atNetflix online.

Friday at 12:00 AM et/pt on Netflix
3 Seasons, 15 Episodes
November 11, 2016
Documentary & Biography, Drama
Cast: Aaron Irvin, Corey Brennan, Jerry Toner, Steve West
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Roman Empire Full Episode Guide

  • Caligula's increasing paranoia and debauchery lead to ruinous bloodshed and spending as Rome, the Senate and even former allies turn against him.

  • Vulnerable without an heir, Caligula decides to secure the throne with a child of royal blood by embroiling himself in affairs with his three sisters.

  • The death of Tiberius vaults Caligula to power as Rome's new emperor, a role at which he initially excels -- until an illness unhinges his mind.

  • After the mysterious death of his popular father, young Caligula grows up in the uncertain shadow of his tyrannical emperor and uncle, Tiberius.

  • His reforms win public adoration, but Caesar's imperial ambitions antagonize the Senate and ill health undermines his authority, sparking a conspiracy.

  • After chasing Pompey to Alexandria, Caesar is victorious in the war, then swiftly makes a powerful new ally and lover in Egypt's ruler, Cleopatra.

  • Caesar's hard-won victory over Gaul endears him to the Roman people but leads to a military showdown with the Senate and his former ally, Pompey.

  • Caesar's wealth grows as one-third of the triumvirate, but his brutal tactics make enemies, forcing him to remake his image as a military conqueror.

  • After success in war makes Caesar a rising star, escalating tension between Rome's two most powerful men creates an opportunity for advancement.