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This series follows a corrupt judge as he has a nervous breakdown. He thinks that God it telling him to go on a path of vigilante justice. If the criminals are let free by the legal system the judge now goes after them himself. Hand Of God is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on August 28, 2014.

Where do I stream Hand Of God online? Hand Of God is available for streaming on Amazon Studios, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hand Of God on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Amazon Studios
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 28, 2014
Drama Mystery
Cast: Ron Perlman, Dana Delany, Andre Royo, Garret Dillahunt
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Hand Of God Full Episode Guide

  • Pernell, his belief restored, seeks to mend relationships with Tessie and Paul, and re-examines his visions with renewed purpose. He makes shocking discoveries about his trial, and what really happened to PJ. KD keeps watch on Chief Toby, and discovers a formidable new foe, Raymond Kelly, in the process. Crystal begins to trust Pernell again, inviting him to return to the house. On the eve of his birthday and under pressure from the police, Bobo seeks out a new backer and takes decisive action against Pernell.

  • Haunted, isolated, and disillusioned, Pernell takes drastic measures to relieve his suffering. KD carries the only message that may offer Pernell hope, but he must betray Tessie to do it. Jocelyn provides Asa with a new clue to the meaning of Pernell's first vision. Afraid for her life, Crystal finds refuge with her sister in Stockton, and eventually discovers what really happened to Wilson. Toby puts the squeeze on Paul, and on Bobo, whose friendship with Pernell may be broken irreparably.

  • San Vicente authorities turn up the heat with a round of subpoenas, but an unexpected visitor offers Pernell a clue about SVPD corruption that could turn the tables. Pernell helps Crystal and Wilson in a quest to find PJ's software that may put them in danger. But when he runs into trouble with Crystal, Pernell lashes out in public--going toe-to-toe with Paul. Tessie gives KD a lesson in love.

  • After KD's startling confession, Chief Toby and the police make a move. Crystal and Bobo encourage Pernell to go to the media to clear his name. Against Dr. Olonari's wishes Pernell's seeks out medication to stop his hallucinations, but he soon discovers some dangerous side effects. Crystal teams up with a hacker to find Bathwater as Jocelyn confronts her past in therapy.

  • Pernell hides his medical treatment with Olonari as he attempts to reconnect with his wife. But Crystal is busy using her new position as Anne Wu's replacement to further investigate Bathwater. Paul and Alicia face the fallout of Alicia's accident, which reawakens Paul's faith. Tessie enlists KD's help to secure her dream house. As Pernell's visions worsen, KD takes matters with the Caldwell trial into his own hands.

  • Pernell's bail is revoked, and he finds himself tormented by a mysterious new presence in jail. Crystal returns to San Vicente on a mission that will take her to Brooks HQ for an unorthodox job interview. KD tries to dissuade the key witness in Pernell's trial. Facing public unrest under a spotlight, Bobo asks the Harris family for a sacrifice. And Paul visits Alicia, with disastrous consequences. Jocelyn, feeling surveilled, suffers a setback in her healing process.

  • With his visions returning and Chief Toby watching him like a hawk, a desperate Pernell breaks the terms of his bail to consult a renowned neurologist. Crystal confronts family secrets and PJ's legacy. Bobo chases political glory, but must go through a dangerous old flame to get there. KD and Tessie find common ground, and Paul, without Alicia around, goes into a tailspin when his reputation falls apart.

  • With newfound evidence and renewed conviction, Pernell believes he's finally uncovered the truth of PJ's suicide and who was behind Jocelyn's rape. Crystal intervenes, fearing a relapse may have grave consequences. Bobo finds that his standing with his own family may be among the sacrifices he's made to seal San Vicente's deal with Brooks Innovations. Paul and Alicia receive news that could destroy everything they've been working for.

  • With Pernell convinced he's lost his mind and Crystal worried she's complicit in his insanity, the Harris attempt to regain some control over their lives. Pernell struggles to suppress his intensifying hallucinations, and the legal battle with Jocelyn over PJ's life comes to a dramatic conclusion. Alicia's visit to the doctor leads to a most difficult decision affecting both Paul and the future of Hand of God. KD unravels as he grapples with having placed his faith in a false prophet.

  • A deadly mistake leads Pernell to question his anointed status, and he seeks professional help from no-nonsense therapist Langston. During his sessions, Pernell remembers the events after PJ's suicide, leading up to when he was naked in the fountain, speaking tongues. Crystal and Bobo face backlash for enabling Pernell. Alicia and Paul come to grips with a difficult decision, while KD deals with his own guilt. Jocelyn becomes suspicious of Josh's absence and begins to suspect Pernell's involvement.

  • With Pernell close to fulfilling his mission, he dispatches KD to serve justice. Paul and Alicia train with Bishop Bruce Congdon and his wife Ida to become picture perfect TV Christians, which includes dealing with Alicia's secret. Crystal is confronted with damning evidence of Pernell's extramarital affairs, and decides to confront the "other woman" (Tessie). Jocelyn goes public with her own personal burden in an attempt to finally heal.

  • When KD emerges with new clues about who hired Shane and Julio, Tessie agrees to go undercover to help Pernell follow the trail. Pernell enlists the church to stage a prayer vigil for PJ at the hospital, interrupting Jocelyn's plans to honor PJ. April bonds with Alicia and gets wind of a potentially explosive secret. Pernell, in the midst of a fast, realizes Crystal may have crossed the line while trying to help him. In trying to persuade Goldstein to help push the Brooks deal through, Bobo sacrifices his dignity and risks losing his son's respect.

  • Waiting to see what KD can find out from Julio on the inside, Pernell joins Bobo for the weekend at exclusive men's club Cartesian Cove, for a crucial recruiting trip. To pave the way for Brooks, Pernell and Bobo must convince DWP Chairman Irwin Goldstein to expand San Vicente's power grid. Things go south when Tessie turns out to be working at Cartesian Cove, Goldstein reveals he is one of her satisfied customers, and Pernell responds... unfavorably. Crystal is supportive of the trip, even baking Pernell cupcakes for the road. Once Pernell is out of the house, Crystal bonds with Anne Wu over drinks. But when she brings Anne to the hospital to "meet" PJ, Crystal finds herself in an awkward confrontation with Jocelyn. Meanwhile, with Alicia working hard to prop him up, Paul may blow a chance to audition for televangelist Bishop Bruce Congdon.

  • The search for answers stalls when a vengeful ADA McCauley and a suspicious Chief Toby prevent Pernell from talking to Julio. Running short on options, a plan comes to Pernell that may include betraying someone close to him. Still, convinced he is saner than ever, Pernell is more interested in his visions and Paul's counsel than Bobo and Crystal's pleas to take doctor-prescribed medication. Worried about Hand of God chapel's influence over Pernell, Crystal recruits her weed dealer April to spy inside the church. Tessie's estranged brother Khalil needs her help when the city threatens eviction on he and his mother to make way for Brooks. Tessie in turn confronts Bobo, who continues to work frantically behind the scenes to keep the Brooks deal on track in the wake of Pernell's erratic behavior.

  • With KD under surveillance and the Brooks deal hanging by a thread, Pernell must juggle priorities and get his hands dirty in order to pass a psych evaluation, perform a public-record apology to the D.A., and keep incriminating evidence out of the hands of the San Vicente PD... All on the same day. Meanwhile, Crystal goes to great lengths to convince Jocelyn's lawyer Nick Tramble to drop the case, and Josh discovers that Jocelyn's grief has taken on a dangerous private ritual. At Hand of God, Alicia and Paul disagree on KD's presence as they prepare for an event to feed San Vicente's homeless.

  • Pernell's pursuit of justice for PJ continues, when his visions lead him to the discovery of an accomplice in Jocelyn's rape. To keep his partnership with KD secure, Pernell must convince Paul and Alicia to hire KD at Hand of God--just when they are waiting on a miracle to help finance a new piano for the chapel. Crystal struggles to suppress her own grief while managing Pernell's erratic behavior. The fallout also lands on Bobo, who fights to keep Pernell off suspension, and keep the Brooks Innovations construction project on track.

  • In the series premiere, a morally-corrupt judge suffers a breakdown and believes God wants him to embark on a pathway of vigilante justice.

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