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In this drama, a down-on-his-luck lawyer tries to get his career started again by taking on a wrongful death lawsuit. The case turns into something much bigger than he expected, though, when he begins to uncover a deep web of corruption. Billy Bob Thornton stars in this Amazon original series.

Goliath is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on October 14, 2016.

Where do I stream Goliath online? Goliath is available for streaming on Amazon Studios, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Goliath on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Friday 12:01 AM et/pt on Amazon Studios
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
October 14, 2016
Crime Drama
Cast: Swann Arlaud, Phénix Brossard
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Goliath Full Episode Guide

  • When Billy undercovers the full extent of the Blackwoods' crimes, he forces Wade into damage control mode. Diana makes a desperate attempt to keep what is rightfully hers, no matter who she has to destroy in the process. Patty follows a tip from Diana that could change her life forever. Meanwhile, Brittany makes a major decision about her future, and Billy helps Denise finally find closure with Marisol.

  • In order to convince the court to break the Blackwoods' NDAs, Billy puts Wade on the stand and forces him to give incriminating testimony under penalty of perjury. Billy offers Stephanie Littlecrow a way out of the lawsuit, but he needs something from her first. Meanwhile, Diana makes Joe Littlecrow a business proposition he can't refuse. Back in Los Angeles, Denise decides it's finally time to do something about Marisol Silva, for once and for all.

  • Billy and Patty depose the Blackwoods, putting Wade and Diana on the record and pitting them against each other. As the Blackwoods tell their stories, Billy begins to learn how they seized ownership of the county's water board, while JT finally gets his hands on the evidence that completes the puzzle. Billy surprises Wade by uncovering a secret Diana has been hiding from him. Meanwhile, Brittany faces tough questioning of her own as she pursues a career in law.

  • Billy and Patty head to court to get their class action certified, but they end up fighting for their lives when they walk into an ambush. Brittany is worried about Denise's drinking in college and asks Billy to have a fatherly talk with her. Patty makes a heartfelt plea to Diana and gets a surprising offer in return. Meanwhile, Stephanie Littlecrow's unexpected inheritance causes Wade and Diana to take radically different tactics to convince her to sell.

  • Billy and Patty try to convince county residents to join their class action against the water board. However, Wade Blackwood counters by bringing on a defense attorney with a personal vendetta against Billy. JT digs up information on the shady backroom deal that gave the corporate farmers control of the county's water, only to endanger a key witness. Meanwhile, Roy Wheeler confronts Diana Blackwood, trying to put an end to her scheme himself.

  • Billy meets Wade Blackwood's sister, Diana, as she prepares for the high-profile launch of her new almond-based lifestyle brand. Struggling to develop a wrongful death claim, Billy asks Patty for help. However, as she arrives in the Central Valley, Patty discovers a much larger problem: an entire county that has to live without water. When Billy attends a black-tie party at the Blackwoods' mansion, he encounters an old enemy and new complications.

  • Billy and Patty team up with Hakeem to flip the only person left who can testify about Wyatt's dealings with the La Mano Cartel. With the final piece of the puzzle in hand, Billy sets off to take down the people responsible for framing Julio Suarez, once and for all. As Billy finally confronts Marisol, Brittany learns the truth about Wyatt, and Patty has to make a big decision about her future with Jeff.

  • Billy wakes up in a house in Mexico, in the middle of nowhere, being held hostage by a group of strangers who have been sent to kill him. With no clue where he is or how he got there, Billy has to attempt a harrowing escape through a Mexican village during a bizarre, nightmarish local festival. Meanwhile, Patty stumbles on a critical piece of evidence in Jeff's possession that jeopardies her relationship with him.

  • With Julio on the verge of being exonerated, Billy and Marisol celebrate with a well- deserved weekend vacation in Mexico. However, Billy finds himself coming face-to- face with Gabriel Ortega, the head of the Le Mano Cartel. With Billy out of their way, Wyatt and his conspirators begin cleaning up their mess in Los Angeles, leaving Patty and Hakeem as the only two people who still stand in their way.

  • Before he can get his witness to confess to his role in the double-murder, Billy has to convince his old nemesis, Hakeem Rashad, to give his witness an immunity and protection deal. When Brittany accidentally lets it slip to Wyatt that someone is going to flip, he pressures Marisol to put an end to Julio's case. Despite her best efforts otherwise, Patty starts falling for Jeff Clayton, the FBI agent assisting their case.

  • In court, Billy tries to suppress the two key pieces of evidence in the prosecution's case with a risky strategy. Marisol offers Denise an internship at her campaign headquarters, putting Billy's daughter firmly in the center of the conspiracy. Wyatt and Brittany start forming an unexpected bond. Meanwhile, Billy's last hope for saving Julio may just be the man responsible for framing him.

  • A new suspect comes into focus when Billy gets the name of the real shooter from an old, street- smart friend. However, Billy and Patty need the help of an FBI connection to bring him in. When Marisol learns a critical piece of information from Billy, she has to make a difficult choice. Meanwhile, billionaire developer Tom Wyatt decides to take matters into his own hands, putting a member of Billy's team in danger

  • After losing Julio's alibi, Billy decides to formally take on the 16-year-old's defense. But first, he needs to reassemble his dream team: Patty, Brittany, and Marva. As Billy begins to mount Julio's defense, the conspiracy responsible for putting his client in jail starts to become clear. Meanwhile, Billy' s budding romance with mayoral candidate Marisol Silva puts him in the crosshairs of a new Goliath.

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