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  • 2024
  • 1 Season

Maxton Hall - The World Between Us is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on May 9, 2024.

Maxton Hall - The World Between Us
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A Piece of Happiness
6. A Piece of Happiness
May 9, 2024
Finally, the time has come: The interviews in Oxford are about to start and Ruby's dream is within reach. She's in her element - if it weren't for her roommate James. Because whether she likes it or not, James is still buzzing around in her head and really messing her up. And even worse: if the entrance exams go well, they'll be attending the same university for years ... Ruby's strategy therefore: Avoid James as much as possible. Instead, she tries to focus on her interviews and spends time with Lin and the good-looking tutor Jude, who obviously has his eye on her. At an evening get-together of Oxford aspirants at a venerable pub, Ruby does her best to ignore James and his clique. But looking at Ruby breaks James' heart, too, especially when he sees her with Jude. He's not the only one struggling with jealousy, though. Alistair witnesses Kesh wrapping a girl around his finger in front of him and numbs his pain with alcohol. Lydia can't even think about that right now, because she's ta
In the Eye of the Storm
5. In the Eye of the Storm
May 9, 2024
The greatest high is followed by the lowest fall. The fundraiser is a great success, the letter of recommendation is secure and: Ruby and James finally got closer. But Mortimer Beaufort catches them at the most unfortunate moment imaginable. He escorts James and Lydia home, where things escalate. The confrontation ends not only with a black eye for James, but a dangerous threat from Mortimer: Ruby's future and that of her entire family is in danger if James does not stay away from her. Mortimer will use his influence to tear apart and destroy their lives one by one. James realizes: All the dreams Ruby has awakened in him are out of reach. To protect Ruby, he must cut ties with her. Ruby has no idea about any of this. It hits her all the more unexpectedly the next day at school, when James first gives her the cold shoulder and then dumps her in cold blood after a confrontation. Ruby, who has never opened up to anyone like she did to him, is deeply hurt. As if that was not bad enough, un
The Moment of Truth
4. The Moment of Truth
May 9, 2024
After the party at Cyril's and James' rescue in the pool, nothing is as it was before. A picture from last night, showing a drenched James carrying Ruby out of the pool, goes around. Everyone at Maxton Hall now knows Ruby's name and the rumors are everywhere. The photo has also fallen into the hands of Mortimer Beaufort. He uses it and manipulates Lydia to send her brother a clear message: He should concentrate on the essentials and stay away from this girl. But James does not let this threat get to him. His feelings for Ruby are already too strong for that. When James notices how Ruby is unsettled by the looks of her classmates, he gives her a lesson in the famous James Beaufort poker face. A completely new feeling for both of them. On top of that, the final preparations for the fundraising gala are in full swing - not without complications. Alistair and James have a candid conversation after James catches him with Kesh at the party. Alistair has quite a crush and is suffering because
3. Exposed
May 9, 2024
Ruby can't believe her eyes when James arrives at her front door in tiny Gormsey with his chauffeur to visit the Beaufort Archive in the flagship store with her. On the way to London, they strike up a conversation more casually than expected: James corrects some of the abstruse rumors circulating about him at Maxton Hall, and Ruby gives James insights into her big plans for the future. The glamorous Beaufort flagship store impresses Ruby as much as the beautiful Victorian costumes they try on together. The atmosphere between Ruby and James intensifies visibly. They become closer than ever before - until the moment is abruptly interrupted by the surprise arrival of James' parents. While James' mother Cordelia Beaufort is very devoted to Ruby, it is his father Mortimer who gives her the cold shoulder. The usually confident James is suddenly much quieter and does not stand by Ruby. Ruby is brought back down to earth: She doesn't belong in this world. When she is greeted the next day at sc
Noblesse Oblige
2. Noblesse Oblige
May 9, 2024
After the ruined party, Ruby does everything she can to make sure everythig at the upcoming fundraiser runs perfectly - after all, nothing less than her letter of recommendation for Oxford is at stake. James, on the other hand, doesn't even think about taking his suspension from the lacrosse team seriously and shows up at practice as usual. But after an announcement from the Coach, James realizes that his untouchable status at Maxton Hall has a weak spot: The order for his suspension came from none other than his father, Mortimer, himself. James is left with no choice. Ruby, however, is even less enthusiastic than James about the fact that he is now part of the event committee and also directly upsets the morning meeting quite a bit. After a loud back and forth between the two, James presents a new idea for the theme of the gala: a Victorian party. The team is thrilled, so Ruby has to grudgingly admit defeat. The theme is set, but a motive for the poster has to be found as soon as poss
Under the Radar
1. Under the Radar
May 9, 2024
Ruby Bell, a reserved scholarship student, is working towards her lifelong dream at the elite Maxton Hall private school: studying at Oxford University. All she really wants is to get through her last year at Maxton Hall being as invisible as possible. But on the first day of school, her tightly organized daily routine of school, volunteer work on the event team, her part-time job and family is thrown into disarray when she witnesses an explosive secret. She is caught in the crosshairs of the privileged, arrogant and attractive millionaire heir James Beaufort. James has just one year left for some carefree time with his friends and the lacrosse team before he's expected to fulfill his duties at the family-owned fashion conglomerate. Carrying the Beaufort name is both a privilege and a responsibility - and when James learns that Ruby has witnessed a spectacular misstep by his sister Lydia, he decides to leave no stone unturned to ensure Ruby's silence. He wants to protect his family's r
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    May 9, 2024