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Creative Galaxy is a television show about two friends, Arty and Epiphany, who solve their obstacles in space with the use of artistic expression. With some creative help from the home viewer, Arty and Epiphany enhance their skills to create beautiful works of art like paintings, masks and more.

Creative Galaxy is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on April 19, 2013.

Creative Galaxy is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Creative Galaxy on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Amazon Studios
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes
April 19, 2013
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Kira Gelineau, Devan Cohen, Kallan Holley, Scott McCord
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Creative Galaxy Full Episode Guide

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  • EPIPHANY'S DINO DANCE: We're playing Spaceball! Don't let the ball touch the ground! Arty, Jackson and Juju are having a great time but Epiphany keeps missing the ball! At first she was upset, but now she's feeling MAD! So mad that she doesn't even want to play anymore. How can they help Epiphany stop being mad so that she can keep playing? Let's go to the Creative Galaxy to find out! On Groovopolis, Melody teaches the kids about dance art, and how you can show all kinds of feelings through dance! They stomp, roar, and grrrr their feelings out through a Dino Dance. It's working! Expressing her emotions through dance is helping Epiphany feel a lot better and ready for round two of Spaceball. EPIPHANY AND EUREKA: Epiphany's friend Eureka is over to play and they're having so much fun together! They do silly dances and play hide and seek, as Juju snaps pictures of them. But it's time for Eureka to go home. Epiphany is so sad and doesn't want to say by to him. Arty and Juju wonder if there's anything they can do to help Epiphany be happy again. They blast into the Creative Galaxy to look for a way. Arty and Juju take Epiphany to Paperia to see if Captain Paper might have any ideas. Captain Paper sees the amazing pictures that Juju took and immediately becomes inspired! A flip book! They can make a flip book that Epiphany can look at to remind her of Eureka. Captain Paper teaches them how to make the flip book by printing the pictures, putting them in reverse order, punching holes and then tying a ribbon to connect them. Flip away! Seeing the moving image really helps to cheer Epiphany up. Whenever she misses Eureka, she can flip through these and feel happy again! Art is a great way to remember a friend.

  • ARTY'S EGGCELLENT ADVENTURE: Arty and his friends are ready to hunt for Easter Eggs but there aren't any. The Easter Bunny has accidently broken all her eggs! They take to the Creative Galaxy where Chef Zesty helps her by teaching them how to dye and decorate eggs using all-natural egg dye made with fruits and vegetables. HOPPY EASTER DINNER: Arty is excited to use the vegetables they've harvested from their garden for their big veggie Easter Dinner. Jackson is nervous though- he's never eaten the veggies they're having for dinner and doesn't want to stay. Chef Zesty teaches them that food can be art though, and they create yummy food art that looks as good as it tastes!

  • JUJU'S BIRDHOUSE: Juju wants to take a picture of her favorite bird- the Rainbow Redwing- but it keeps flying away! With the help of Captain Paper, Arty and Juju set out to find a way to make the bird stay put. Using things they found in nature, they make a comfy, cozy birdhouse and a bird feeder to help keep the bird in one place. ARTY'S ART CAR: Jackson and Annie want to participate in a Art Car Race with Arty, but they don't know have art cars of their own! Arty takes them to Buildora and they learn how to make some of the coolest cars in the galaxy using recycled items.

  • ARTY'S BOO-TASTIC HALLOWEEN: Boo! It's Halloween time in the Galaxy and Arty and his friends are ready to trick-or-treat. Along the way, they help Seraphina finish her pumpkin sculptures, Chef Zesty make his banana ghost pops, and Gallaria make her haunted house spooky before it's time for the doors to open!

  • ARTY'S OUTDOOR MOVIE: It's Family Movie Night and Juju joins the fun. But when Splatter knocks over the movie snacks, Chef Zesty helps them make new snacks that glow in the dark! A SILLY STORY FOR BABY GEORGIA: Arty can't get Baby Georgia to laugh. Seraphina shows Arty how rock art can tell stories, and it inspires Arty to make his own funny story. But will it make Baby Georgia laugh?

  • ARTY'S FALL PAINTING: It's fall in the Creative Galaxy. But the Galaxy Grille's new fall painting never arrived! Arty and Annie soar to Paintoria where they learn about ground color and save the day with a beautiful window display. A STATE OF THE ARTY SIGN: Arty's Mom built a new indoor playground, but there's one problem- no one can find it! Sketch helps Arty create a sign using different drawing techniques so his friends can find it and they can play!

  • JUJU'S RAINBOW: Arty and Jackson see a rainbow but Juju misses it, so Arty and Jackson fly to Paperia where they learn how to make a rainbow just for Juju. THE CREATIVE GALAXY FESTIVAL: There's a festival in town and Arty has created a special game- the Hover Hop- just for the occasion. But there's just one problem- no one can SEE the game! Arty saves the day by using complimentary colors to make his Hover Hop really pop.

  • ARTY'S ART WALK: Mom is disappointed she can't come along with Arty and Jackson on their art walk. Arty is able to save the day using impressionist art techniques to re-create the experience for her, in a painting! ARTY'S FORT: Arty is building his moon block city, but it keeps getting knocked over! He flies to Buildora where he learns that forts can be art, too!

  • THE BIRDIE BALLET: Annie, Arty and Jackson are about to perform a ballet for their friends and family but they can't remember the last part. Uh-oh! They head to Groovopolis, the music and dance planet so Melody can remind them of the steps. ARTY'S INSTRUMENTS: Arty and his Dad set up a little dance party at the park. When Dad's guitar breaks, Arty and his friends head to the music planet to see if they can make some musical instruments. What they discover is there are instruments that will allow them to play AND dance at the same time!

  • THE TOOTH FAIRY, PART 1: Arty loses his tooth... and then really loses it! He makes a special pillow, with a pocket in the shape of a tooth on it, so he can keep it safe. THE TOOTH FAIRY, PART 2: Arty goes on a treasure hunt created by the Tooth Fairy. With a little help from Seraphina and Fabiana, Arty will search the Creative Galaxy to make a special surprise craft.

  • DAD'S BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST: It's Dad's Birthday, and Arty really wants to make him a super special surprise to show him how much he cares. He blasts off to Cooktopia where Chef Zesty teaches him how to make a delicious-tasting (and delicious looking) birthday breakfast. DAD'S RESTAURANT BIRTHDAY: Arty and his family are going out to dinner in a restaurant for Dad's birthday, when they find out they'll need to wait for a table. Arty takes off to the Creative Galaxy where Sketch and Captain Paper teach him art-y ways to pass the time.

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