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Hundreds of years from now, the last surviving humans discover the means of sending consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These Travelers assume the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform missions in order to save humanity from a terrible future.

Travelers is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 2016.

Where do I stream Travelers online? Travelers is available for streaming on Netflix, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Travelers on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
October 17, 2016
Cast: Reilly Dolman, Patrick Gilmore, Eric McCormack, Jared Abrahamson
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Travelers Full Episode Guide

  • Shattered by recent losses and a sweeping new protocol, the Travelers face a bleak future with only one long-shot chance to succeed in their mission.

  • The Faction sets off nuclear blasts that destroy all of the Travelers' archives, except the one in which a wounded David just happens to be trapped.

  • MacLaren urges Yates to help him when a Traveler with a mission vital to humanity's survival arrives in the body of a just-captured serial killer.

  • Suffering from a fatal brain disorder, Trevor makes the choice to allow himself to be overwritten as the team races to invent an experimental cure.

  • The Faction kidnaps Philip and a group of other historians, forcing MacLaren and the team to extract their location from a critically injured Hall.

  • The team attempts to extract a rogue A.I. from a child messenger, but the program expands too rapidly. A new Traveler adjusts to his host.

  • The team learns that Traveler 001 is still alive when the Faction tries to capture him. Doubts about their loved ones worsen for Kat, Jeff and David.

  • Certain that his team erased his memory of the previous day, MacLaren retraces his steps in the case of a disturbed youth with a horrific future.

  • MacLaren and Yates adjust to their new partnership while protecting a TV show host whose inflammatory rhetoric about Travelers has led to tragedy.

  • MacLaren, his team and their loved ones regroup at a safe house protected by the FBI, but doubts and betrayals may sabotage the rest of their mission.

  • Traveler 001 stays one step ahead of MacLaren's team by taking each of their loved ones hostage and forcing the travelers to divulge their identities.

  • An incoherent homeless man turns out to be a brilliant but delusional traveler who knows the identity of the team's powerful nemesis, Traveler 001.

  • The travelers guard a little girl who has a big future, while Marcy recalls more than expected when she attempts a procedure to recover her memory.

  • Philip attends a disturbing historical update session, MacLaren's wife has a medical emergency, and Trevor learns something shocking about his host.

  • MacLaren and his team are summoned to the formal hearing of Traveler 0027, who is charged with undermining both the Director and the Grand Plan.

  • When the team is wiped out during a mission to a remote lake, a traveler repeatedly transfers into a nearby skydiver to make a frantic rescue attempt.

  • Outflanked by members of the Faction, MacLaren's team races to acquire uranium, bring the Director back on line and halt the spread of the pandemic.

  • Assigned to prevent a flu-like outbreak, the travelers are shocked when the pathogen seems to evolve, becoming fatal and spreading across the world.

  • Two team members assist an activist in preventing the release of an agricultural product, while the others help a traveler plan his own assassination.

  • Three months after the team's last assignment, the discovery of bodies at a construction site alerts the travelers to a global pattern of killings.

  • MacLaren and Walt pursue a mysterious, unexpected group of new travelers, while Marcy helps David recover from trauma and Philip makes a new friend.

  • Grant MacLaren and his team find themselves in FBI custody with no means of escape, while a mysterious new traveler reveals secrets to his psychiatrist.

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