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This Western drama series star Pierce Brosnan as the patriarch of an ambitious family that will stop at nothing to make its fortune in the ranching and oil industries. The story is based on a 2013 novel and follows multiple generations of the family as they ruthlessly pursue their American dream. The series premiered on AMC in April 2017.

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
April 8, 2017
Cast: Henry Garrett, Paola Nuñez, Pierce Brosnan, Sydney Lucas
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The Son Full Episode Guide

  • In 1852, Young Eli must protect Ingrid; in 1916, a new attack from Standard Oil forces the McCullough family to come together.

  • In 1852, Young Eli is forced hide a deadly secret; in 1916, Maria's return brings devastating consequences for the McCullough's oil business.

  • A new danger reveals old wounds in Young Eli's tribe in 1852; in 1916, Eli and Phineas try to fight off Standard Oil as Maria Garcia returns.

  • Young Eli's Comanches must survive a dangerous journey in 1852; in 1915, Eli and Pete are forced to work together to deal with a new enemy.

  • After a devastating attack, Young Eli must help the Comanches regroup in 1852; in 1915, Pete's return causes fractures in the McCullough family.

  • Young Eli leads a daring Comanche raid into Mexico in 1852. In 1915, the McCullough family confronts a threat to their growing oil business.

  • The tribe faces an unexpected return; Eli's plan for the future forces Pete into a life-or-death decision about his loyalties.

  • Young Eli must trust a strange ally to survive; Eli's past guides him to a choice that puts him and Phineas at odds.

  • Prairie Flower is torn between love and duty; Pete grows closer to Maria; Eli brings Phineas in on a dangerous secret.

  • Young Eli must navigate tribal politics; a crisis forces Pete and Sally into a decision that will change the family.

  • Young Eli makes a choice with dangerous consequences; the McCulloughs deal with a tragedy; Jeannie wants to save the family.

  • A foe forces Young Eli to consider his loyalties in 1849. In 1915, the McCulloughs' past returns to haunt them with deadly results.

  • Young Eli confronts a life-or-death trial of survival in 1849. In 1915, the McCulloughs carry out a dangerous plan to take the fight to their foe.

  • Young Eli prepare to be a warrior, but gains enemies in 1849. In 1915, Eli and Phineas fight to help the family in Austin, while Pete confronts his demons.

  • Young Eli must find out how to live among the Comanches in 1849. In 1915, Eli and Pete contend over how to approach an unexpected attack on their home.

  • Eli McCollough must live through a frontier Comanche attack in 1849, and in 1915, heads his family empire through hard times.

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