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  • 2022
  • 1 Season

Watch El Rey, Vicente Fernandez Online. El Rey is a fascinating show about the life of one of Mexico's most iconic singers, Vicente Fernandez. The show takes viewers on a journey through the ups and downs of Vicente's life as he becomes a famous singer and ultimately a national treasure.

The show explores Vicente's humble beginnings, growing up in a small town in Jalisco, Mexico, and his early struggles to break into the music industry. It also explores the personal hardships he faced, including the death of his young daughter and his long-standing battle with alcoholism.

Vicente's music is at the heart of the show, and viewers are treated to some incredible performances of his most famous songs. From the haunting "Volver Volver" to the romantic "Mujeres Divinas," Vicente's music is an integral part of the show and provides a powerful emotional anchor for the audience.

One of the standout features of El Rey is its visual style. The show is shot in a beautiful, cinematic fashion that perfectly captures the majesty and romance of Vicente's music. The lush landscapes of Mexico provide the perfect backdrop for the story to unfold, and the cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking.

The performances in El Rey are uniformly excellent. The lead actor, Jorge Zarate, delivers a stunning portrayal of Vicente, capturing both his passionate performances on stage and his vulnerability and sadness offstage. The supporting cast is also excellent, with standout performances from Gabriela de la Garza as Vicente's wife, Cuca, and Rafael Inclán as his manager, Don Antonio.

One of the most compelling aspects of El Rey is the way it explores the music business in Mexico. The show provides fascinating insights into the way the industry works, from the corrupt practices of some managers to the loyalty and brotherhood between Vicente and his fellow musicians.

Ultimately, El Rey is a celebration of the life and music of one of Mexico's greatest singers. It's a powerful tribute to Vicente's legacy and an incredible showcase for his incredible body of work. Whether you're a lifelong fan of Vicente's music or new to his work, El Rey is a must-see show that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

In conclusion, if you love Mexican music and want to learn more about one of its greatest artists, Watch El Rey, Vicente Fernandez Online. The show is a masterpiece that showcases the incredible talent of Vicente Fernandez and provides a fascinating insight into the music industry in Mexico. Whether you're a music lover, a history buff, or just looking for a great show to watch, El Rey is not to be missed.

El Rey, Vicente Fernandez is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 2022.

El Rey, Vicente Fernandez
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The Beginning and The End
36. The Beginning and The End
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Vicente has a reunion with his dad. In 1976, Vicente returns to the stage in grand style at the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City.
¿De qué manera?
35. ¿De qué manera?
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Vicente agrees to start working with Renato. In 1976, Vicente focuses on proving his innocence and suffers the loss of another dear friend.
Por tu maldito amor
34. Por tu maldito amor
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Chente and Cuquita take their premature son back home. In 1976, Vicente deals with a tragedy and becomes the suspect in a death investigation.
I Lost You
33. I Lost You
September 14, 2022
In 1976, Verónica's lies cause big trouble for Vicente and his family. In 1966, Chente mourns a loss and struggles to pay Cuquita's hospital bill.
La derrota
32. La derrota
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Cuquita's high-risk pregnancy prompts a difficult decision. In 1976, Vicente starts working as a TV presenter and Verónica spreads a new rumor.
31. Downfall
September 14, 2022
After a scary encounter with the black mariachi in 1976, Vicente quits singing. In 1966, Mrs. Sui fires Chente, and Alberto strikes a deal with Verónica.
No me sé rajar
30. No me sé rajar
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Chente receives heartbreaking news and Cuquita experiences a pregnancy scare. In 1976, Vicente gets sick in Spain and deals with a loss.
La ley del monte
29. La ley del monte
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Paula's health worsens and Chente records a song under Alberto. While on tour in 1976, Vicente is worried sick by the situation with his kids.
The Love of My Life
28. The Love of My Life
September 14, 2022
In 1976, Cuquita contacts Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and Vicente Jr. gets into trouble at school. In 1966, Cuquita and Chente get married.
Por tu amor que tanto quiero...
27. Por tu amor que tanto quiero...
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Chente rushes to Huentitán to talk Cuquita out of getting married. In 1976, Vicente lands in a delicate situation with Nicaragua's president.
The Fight
26. The Fight
September 14, 2022
In 1976, Verónica coerces Vicente Jr. into giving an interview. Vicente takes a trip to Nicaragua. In 1966, Chente learns a painful truth about Cuquita.
25. Starry
September 14, 2022
In 1976, Verónica continues to smear Vicente's name and targets Vicente Jr. While looking to get more singing jobs, Chente meets Tico and Chucho in 1966.
El Rey
24. El Rey
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Vicente plans a scheme to get Mrs. Sui off his back. In 1976, Vicente tries to convince composer Antonio Vargas to let him sing "El rey."
Everything for Everything, Part 2
23. Everything for Everything, Part 2
September 14, 2022
After proving "Volver" was written by Master Maldonado, it becomes a hit in 1976. In 1966, a homeless Chente has no choice but to ask Mrs. Sui for help.
Everything for Everything, Part 1
22. Everything for Everything, Part 1
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Chente defends his cousin Tere from her intolerant neighbors, but this brings stark consequences. In 1976, Vicente faces a lawsuit.
Y volver, volver, volver...
21. Y volver, volver, volver...
September 14, 2022
Chente leaves for Mexico City in 1966 but promises to write Cuquita. Chucho's success worries Vicente, so he tries a different approach with his music.
Mujeres tan divinas
20. Mujeres tan divinas
September 14, 2022
Ximeno takes revenge on Chente after his romantic shenanigans are exposed. In 1976, Vicente forms an alliance with Honorio's son for his next film.
Las llaves de mi alma
19. Las llaves de mi alma
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Chente's love life becomes hectic. In 1976, Vicente and Cuquita attend his movie premiere, and he later receives bad news about his contract.
Lights, Camera...
18. Lights, Camera...
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Chente goes on a chaperoned date with Raquel, Guillermo's sister. Vicente's romantic scenes in his upcoming movie make Cuquita feel insecure.
A Question of Time
17. A Question of Time
September 14, 2022
Prompted by Cuquita, Vicente gets into acting in 1976. A flashback to 1966 shows how Chente and Guillermo met for the first time.
Camino inseguro
16. Camino inseguro
September 14, 2022
While on the 1976 tour, Tiberio stirs up problems between Antonio and Vicente. A glimpse of 1960 details how Chente and Cuquita started dating.
Get Up and Fight
15. Get Up and Fight
September 14, 2022
In 1956, Chente confronts his father about his gambling habits. In the '70s, Guillermo's true colors come to light and Tico becomes Vicente's producer.
A King Without a Palace
14. A King Without a Palace
September 14, 2022
In 1976, Vicente's new album hangs by a thread. Meanwhile, Guillermo allies with Verónica. In 1956, Chente takes part in a radio station's music contest.
13. Enemies
September 14, 2022
In 1976, Vicente tries to get his friend Chucho a record deal and starts working with a new music producer. In 1956, Chente becomes a car washer.
12. Secrets
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Vicente and his sisters discover a secret about their dad. In 1956, Ramón bumps into an old enemy, and Juan pressures Chente to pay his debt.
11. Goodbye
September 14, 2022
Vicente and Lorena's performance in LA fuels the dating rumors. In 1956, the vision of the black mariachi leads Chente to make an abrupt decision.
Your Departure
10. Your Departure
September 14, 2022
Teen Chente considers David's proposal to find work in the US. In 1966, Verónica starts a new rumor that causes a firestorm for Lorena and Vicente.
In a Hurry
9. In a Hurry
September 14, 2022
Vicente enlists the help of a famous singer to perform in an iconic theater. In 1956, Chente's hernia threatens his job at the construction site.
The Show Must Go On
8. The Show Must Go On
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Vicente's father wreaks havoc at his album's release party. When his family is evicted in 1956, teen Chente desperately looks for a new job.
They Haven't Beaten Us Yet
7. They Haven't Beaten Us Yet
September 14, 2022
In 1956, Chente refuses to get hernia surgery, and his sister Refugios lands him in hot water at work. In 1966, Vicente prepares his first album.
6. Death
September 14, 2022
Vicente investigates Verónica, and Cuquita hides a secret from him. A 16-year-old Chente gets a job at a bar — but it's not what he expects.
Family First
5. Family First
September 14, 2022
In 1966, a journalist plays a dirty trick on Vicente, and his busy schedule gets him into trouble. In the '50s, Ramón and David have a falling out.
The New World
4. The New World
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Vicente's newly appointed image consultant makes Cuquita feel left out. In 1950, Chente uses his singing skills to promote the shoe business.
Hello... and Goodbye?
3. Hello... and Goodbye?
September 14, 2022
As his debts start piling up in 1966, Vicente focuses on terminating his previous contract. In the '50s, Chente comes up with an idea to help his family.
A New Way
2. A New Way
September 14, 2022
In 1950, Chente and his dad move to Tijuana and settle in a motel. In 1966, Vicente gets a record deal and moves to Mexico City with his wife, Cuquita.
The Beginning
1. The Beginning
September 14, 2022
In 1966, Vicente is on tour, struggling to make money, when a strange vision appears before him. Flashbacks to 1950 detail his childhood in Jalisco.
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