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Larry (Mark Linn Baker) moves from Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois to escape his family's hold on him and to embark on his new career as a photographer. He has just moved into his first apartment when there is a knock on the door. Standing before him is a wide eyed shepherd from the island of Mypos. He tells Larry that they are long lost cousins and that his family sent him to look Larry up. Larry is taken aback by the news. For the first time in his life, he can do as he pleases and now this stranger shows up on his doorstep. Larry tries to explain to Balki (Bronson Pinchot) that he cannnot live with him.

Larry, feeling guilty, decides to let Balki stay for a while. Larry is as neurotic as Balki is naive. Together, the comedy ensues. Balki teaches Larry The Dance of Joy that becomes their signature dance when happy.

Larry eventually gets a job as a reporter job working out of the basement of the Chicago Chronicle, the local newspaper, and Balki find a job in the mailroom. They deal with a demanding editor and Mr. Gropley the mailroom supervisor who always tries to get Balki fired. There are various crazy characters that round out Larry and Balki's lives.

Larry and Balki seem to be complete opposites but together they are a great comedy team. Larry spends most of his time worrying about consequences while Balki goes through life as a complete innocent. Together they seem to balance each other out.

Larry and Balki are two lovable misfits getting into trouble, mainly because of Balki but in the end everything seems to work out.

Perfect Strangers is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (152 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 1986.

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8 Seasons, 152 Episodes
September 17, 1986
Cast: Bronson Pinchot, Mark Linn-Baker, Lise Cutter, Ernie Sabella, Belita Moreno
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Perfect Strangers Full Episode Guide

  • After a balloon flight provokes Mary Anne's (REBECA ARTHUR) labor, Jennifer (MELANIE WILSON) decides to take a ride to get her labor started.

  • Balki (BRONSON PINCHOT) and Larry (MARK LINN-BAKER) compete against each other on a quiz show. When Balki learns that Larry is cheating, he succeeds in getting him removed from the competition.

  • Balki (BRONSON PINCHOT) is certain an ancient Myposian curse has befallen him and anything he touches will die.

  • Larry (MARK LINN BAKER) and Balki (BRONSON PINCHOT) get locked in a department store with a vicious attack dog.

  • Balki (BRONSON PINCHOT) and Mary Anne (REBECA ARTHUR) bring an herb from Mypos to help Jennifer's (MELANIE WILSON) pregnancy. When she doesn't want to try it, Larry (MARK LINN BAKER) and Balki eat it and become addicted.

  • Balki announces he is getting married the next day, but Larry has lost the Myposian marriage necklace. Second of a two-part episode.

  • Balki and Mary Anne fall for look-alikes. First of a two-part episode.

  • Balki and Larry bring home two women from a singles bar while the girls are away.

  • A misunderstanding causes Mary Anne to threaten to leave Balki and Balki to think Jennifer is in love with him.

  • Larry and Balki are selected as subjects in a study on psychological stress.

  • When a theater group wants to perform his play, Larry alienates the entire cast and crew, until he, Balki, Jennifer and Mary Anne must do the show themselves.

  • Larry and Balki have to move Wainwright's new couch into his office via the elevator.

  • On a trip to Las Vegas, Balki desperately wants to see Wayne Newton, and Larry lies to get tickets to the sold-out show.

  • Jennifer's possible pregnancy prompts Larry to dream about the past and future.

  • Larry mistakenly bids on an expensive bottle of wine at an auction.

  • Balki loses his ability to draw his daily comic strip when his inspiration, the stuffed carcass of his favorite sheep, Dimitri, is stolen.

  • Balki and Larry's names are drawn for jury duty which starts the day before their pre-paid, non-refundable vacation to Bermuda begins.

  • Larry and Balki have an alarm put in their car, but it keeps going off all night.

  • Larry and Balki clash when they collaborate on a new cartoon based on Balki's sketch of his favorite sheep.

  • Larry and Balki think that a lost wedding ring is inside of the neighbor's turkey and they try to get it back.

  • Larry goes to Mypos to bring Balki back to America, but instead decides he wants to live in Mypos too. Second of a two-part episode.

  • Larry has Balki's mother flown in as a surprise for Balki who is about to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen. First of a two-part episode.

  • Larry and Balki want to build a gazebo in the backyard, but they are hampered by their complete lack of skill.

  • King Ferdinand of Mypos comes to Chicago for a visit and promptly dies in Larry's arms, making Larry the new King of Mypos.

  • Larry and Balki take jobs selling cleaning products door-to-door.

  • Larry and Jennifer realize they can't afford the new house they just rented.

  • On their way to the wedding, Larry and Balki are pulled over and then arrested when Larry backs into the patrol car.

  • Balki has a simple bachelor party planned for Larry, but Mr. Gorpley changes that when he arrives with drinks and a stripper.