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Larry (Mark Linn Baker) moves from Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois to escape his family's hold on him and to embark on his new career as a photographer. He has just moved into his first apartment when there is a knock on the door. Standing before him is a wide eyed shepherd from the island of Mypos. He tells Larry that they are long lost cousins and that his family sent him to look Larry up. Larry is taken aback by the news. For the first time in his life, he can do as he pleases and now this stranger shows up on his doorstep. Larry tries to explain to Balki (Bronson Pinchot) that he cannnot live with him.

Larry, feeling guilty, decides to let Balki stay for a while. Larry is as neurotic as Balki is naive. Together, the comedy ensues. Balki teaches Larry The Dance of Joy that becomes their signature dance when happy.

Larry eventually gets a job as a reporter job working out of the basement of the Chicago Chronicle, the local newspaper, and Balki find a job in the mailroom. They deal with a demanding editor and Mr. Gropley the mailroom supervisor who always tries to get Balki fired. There are various crazy characters that round out Larry and Balki's lives.

Larry and Balki seem to be complete opposites but together they are a great comedy team. Larry spends most of his time worrying about consequences while Balki goes through life as a complete innocent. Together they seem to balance each other out.

Larry and Balki are two lovable misfits getting into trouble, mainly because of Balki but in the end everything seems to work out.

6 Seasons, 100 Episodes
September 17, 1986
Cast: Bronson Pinchot
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Perfect Strangers Full Episode Guide

  • Larry is assigned to interview Uncle Shaggy, a kid's show host and when he gets Balki to take a picture of him without his costume, the get Uncle Shaggy fired after someone discovered that he has a criminal record for something he did along time ago. But Larry swears he will make it up to him.

  • Balki grows very fond of his new pet parrot that drives Larry crazy. Meanwhile, their chimney is clogged and when Larry tried to light a fire, he had to open the window to let the smoke out, the parrot flies out and Balki is heartbroken.

  • A Chronicle Tour sends Mr. Gorpley, Larry and Balki & Jennifer and Mary Anne to a cabin in the forest where they encounter a 'Mad Dog' killer who escaped from prison. The killer is later apprehended but they all tell different stories about the capture which confuses the state trooper.

  • Larry has a plan to make a fortune and talks Balki into buying a house for no money down, fixing it up and then selling it for a profit. He ends up making a deal for $150,000 but when he realizes he can make more money by putting in a chandelier and fancy doors, he gets greedy.

  • When Balki is elected the head of the grievance committee, Lydia is accused of parking violations and she tries to influence his judgment by buying him "bunny slippers" but Larry tells Balki that he must be tough which comes back on Larry when he's accused of stealing office supplies.

  • When Mr. Wainwright hires a personal assistant Mr. Glover, Balki gets promoted to the executive staff, but is unaware that it is a scheme that Mr. Glover has to try and implement the American Dream Program. And Larry may lose his job if he doesn't go along with it.

  • It's a very psychotic evening when Marvin Berman, who tried to blow up Larry and Balki, visits them for dinner to apologize. But in the process, they mistakenly think that the mob is after them and they are surrounded by killers.

  • While playing a board game, an argument breaks out between Jennifer and Mary Anne. The result being Mary Anne moving out and in with Larry and Balki at Balki's insistence. Larry doesn't like the idea because is jeopardizes his relationship with Jennifer. So Larry and Balki devise a plan to get Jennifer and Mary Anne back together.

  • When a big corporation in Chicago wants to buy 300 acres of land on Mypos, Balki was chosen to negotiate the sale, and he picked Larry to guide him through. When they are offered 10% of the total sale of 28 million dollars, Larry insists they accept is but Balki has a funny feeling about it.

  • Balki tries to get Larry to do volunteer work at the hospital but he refused until he discovered that a famous football player is a patient there hoping that he can get an interview to advance his career.

  • Balki's cousin Bartok come to visit from Mypos via Los Angeles for the last six months. Bartok looks just like Balki except after being in LA, he lost his accent and got a cool attitude, and he has a money-making scheme and tries to take Balki's money.

  • Balki plays the football pool for the first time at the Chronicle and wins. He also ends up winning the next five weeks which makes everyone mad at him except Larry who decides to copy his picks to bet $10,000 with a bookie unaware that Balki picked all the losers.

  • Balki wants to send a home movie to his mama for the reunion he is going to miss. But Larry takes over the video and goes overboard with his movie-making skills.

  • Lydia has been offered the opportunity of having her on TV advice show but she has one problem, she's afraid of cameras. But Larry tries to force her to do the show because of a mistake he made in high school when he turned down an opportunity.

  • When Jennifer's father comes to town, Larry tries to impress him. So they decide to go golfing. Larry is an excellent golfer but Mr. Lyons is a bad golfer and a bad loser o Larry decides to let him win and lets Balki play thinking that he can't golf, but can he?

  • Larry and Balki, Jennifer and Mary Anne, Lydia and Mr. Gorpley, and of course Larry's father are all trapped in the flooding basement. Larry attempts to solve the problem without much luck. So thinking they're all going to die, Larry must tell his father how he feels. Luck changes when Larry finds his chemistry set.

  • Larry's perfectionist father comes for a visit and Larry wants to impress him so he can finally get a "well done son" from his father. But instead, they end up trapped in the basement that is flooding after Larry broke the water pipe.

  • Larry and Balki discover that Lowell Kelly, a famous poet used to live in their apartment and his unpublished poem is hidden there. So they search for it but Balki doesn't know that Larry plans to sell it after he discovered that it would be worth about $100,000.

  • Larry writes an expose of a money laundering scheme that gets him his first front page story but he's upset when he realizes that Marshall & Walpole too all the credit for his article. Also, Marvin Berman, the money laundering scheme's accountant, is also upset because his boss took all the credit for the scheme that was really his idea. So he shows up at the Chronicle with a bomb and demands a printed retraction.

  • Balki's first trip to the dentist goes haywire when he and Larry accidentally get too much laughing gas. (Original Broadcast: Season 5, Episode 4) (Original Broadcast: Season 5, Episode 4)

  • When Balki is put in charge of the Chronicle Newsletter, Larry horns in and suggests he dig deep into the information. But he ends up reporting Lydia getting cosmetic surgery, Mr. Gorpley dating the wife of a sports editor, and quotes an insult Larry made to Mr. Wainwright.

  • After a minor car accident, Mr. Gorpley suggests Larry should sue. So Larry has plans to defraud an insurance company to gain money to help his sister Elaine with her tuition. But Balki objects as usual.

  • When Larry finds out that Grant, a co-worker of Jennifer's is impressing Jennifer by raising money for a "big brothers" roller skating marathon, he gets jealous of him and lies about his roller skating ability to win Jennifer.

  • On Balki's 25th birthday, his mama has a pre-arranged marriage that Balki must go through with, even though he is in love with Mary Anne. So Larry and Jennifer try and find a way to save Balki from being unhappy.

  • Larry was chosen to teach a college course in journalism and Balki is able to take the class. But his standards are set way too high that he fails the whole class.

  • Balki loses $100 at Mr. Gorpley's poker game so Larry insists on playing at his next game to win back Balki's money and then some. Larry tells Balki that he is a great poker player but he loses every hand to Mr. Gorpley.

  • Lydia is miserable when her boyfriend dumped her so Balki uses his match-making skills to fix Lydia up with a man who turns out to be a gigolo who married wealthy women, takes their money and leaves them.

  • Larry and Balki look for a used car. (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 18) (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 18)

  • Larry and Balki wind in jail after refusing to reveal a source of a commodity scandal to protect the freedom of the press. They won't stop there they are very persistent to keep their sources and take the hard time, But they later get two dangerous cell mates.

  • Larry's bowling team is one game away from winning the trophy that Mr. Gorpley has been waving in Larry's face for the last year. But Calvin, the star player has been sent out of town by his boss - Mr. Gorpley of course. Balki tries bowling for the first time and had an excellent score so he becomes the substitute, but his trip to the ophthalmologist before the tournament may make playing difficult.

  • Larry and Balki are flying to Hawaii with Jennifer and Mary Anne serving along the way. But after eating a Myposian snack the wrong way, Jennifer and Mary Anne get sick. So Larry and Balki decide to cover for them but didn't know they weren't suppose to serve through turbulence.

  • Larry is assigned to be on a game show called "Risk it All" and Balki is his partner. Balki wants to do all the stunts on the show but Larry, to avoid humiliation, insists that he just answer questions and go home. But after being offered a Caribbean Cruise, Larry won't quit.

  • Larry is promoted to the investigative reporting team of Marshall & Walpole at the Chronicle and looks hard for a great story. Harriette's husband Carl is a cop who is about to make a big bust and Larry tries to take advantage of the situation to get a front-page story.

  • Mary Anne was promoted and moves to London and Balki is heartbroken and miserable. So Larry suggests Balki get a hobby to take his mind off her. So he joins a motorcycle gang where the club plans a wild initiation ceremony.

  • Balki hires a maid, but she is too efficient for Larry. (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 10) (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 10)

  • On Christmas Eve, Larry and Balki throw a Christmas party at their apartment for all their friends. But when Balki realizes that Mr. Gorpley is lonely, he invites him who causes alot of trouble with snide attitude and everyone wants to throw him out. But Balki insists on spreading a little Christmas cheer his way too.

  • Larry prepares a surprise party for Balki who is taking his college entrance exams. While they are waiting for him to return, they talk about some things they've been through together such as when they first met, the first day at the Chronicle, when they tried to fix Jennifer and Mary Anne's shower, etc. Larry thinks that he has helped Balki come along way but it seems that Balki has been helping him more.

  • After the river takes them on a wild ride, The four end up lost in the woods. Hoping that Larry can regain Jennifer's respect, he talks Balki into letting him lead them back to the camp site but they end up walking for five hours in a circle. Later, Larry and Balki almost drown in quicksand and in the evening, they get attacked by a bear.

  • The Chicago Chronicle is having a camping trip. Larry hates camping but knows that Jennifer loves it, so he arranges a trip. Jennifer insists she won't go alone with Larry (remembering the skiing incident), so Larry elects Balki as the camping leader thinking that Jennifer would feel safe and Mary Anne decides to go along.

  • Larry has an excellent idea to present to the owners of the Chronicle but has trouble getting into the party that they're holding. And mistakenly believing that Balki is that Crown Prince of Mypos, he gets invited with Larry.

  • Balki volunteers himself and Larry to move Lydia's piano up ten flights. (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 4) (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 4)

  • Larry watches a horror movie marathon on Halloween and the next morning he thinks that Balki has turned into an alien. (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 3) (Original Broadcast: Season 4, Episode 3)

  • After Mr. Perkins, an employee at the Chronicle parked in Larry's parking space and Jennifer breaks a date with him at the last minute, Larry figures he has trouble being assertive. So he goes to a seminar called "stop" hoping it will help him become more assertive. When he returns, He tells Jennifer and Mr. Perkins off, and he instructs Balki how to get a raise after Mr. Gorpley laughed in his face when he asked for it. He finally gets Balki to demand a raise from Mr. Gorpley.

  • Balki insists on buying a lottery ticket but Larry thinks that it is just a waste of money for something that can't possibly win. But during the draws, Larry realizes that Balki picked the right numbers and won 28 million dollars but Balki can't remember where he hid the ticket.

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