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Satisfaction is a US television drama series that was created for the USA television network. The show was made by Sean Jablonski and was executive produced by Russ Krasnoff. All principal filming took place either in or around Atlanta. The show follows Neil and his wife, Grace. They both have everything that modern American media constantly tells one that they need and require to live truly happy lives. A substantial sum of money shared between them, all the modern amenities in a beautiful house, a good, peaceful neighborhood, a tranquil marriage, a child, their young daughter, but it is all a ruse, a sham. None of it brings either of them any real happiness and they find themselves floating in a mire of unease and heartbreak.

Neil is an investment banker at a prosperous company but hates his job and has a mental breakdown at work. After the episode he both fears and is excited at the prospect of being fired. This doesn't happen and he has a subsequent revelation and flies quickly home only to find his wife in bed with another man. A male prostitute, no less. A series of conflicts between the couple then ensure with their marriage is shaken but as yet unbroken.

Satisfaction (US) is a Drama, Romance series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on July 17, 2014. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.2.

Satisfaction (US) is available for streaming on the USA website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Satisfaction (US) on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
July 17, 2014
Drama, Romance
Cast: Matt Passmore As Neil Truman Stephanie Szostak As Grace Truman Blair Redford As Simon Caroline Slaughter As Francine Jonathan D. Williams As Mr. McKernon Katherine LaNasa As Adriana Leander Suleiman As Teri Leticia Jimenez As Naomi Michelle Deshon As Anika Truman Parisa Johnston As Bridget Rhoda Griffis As Candice
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Satisfaction (US) Full Episode Guide

  • Neil and Grace get their new business off the ground while Adriana plans to keep Neil in her life for good!

  • Neil helps Simon unravel a family mystery while Adriana and Grace unite to outwit a threatening foe!

  • Neil and Grace extricate Anika from a dangerous situation after experiencing a mind altering drug trip!

  • Neil and Grace endeavor to win back Bastion's lost investors while Adriana interferes in a family matter!

  • Neil and Grace push the limits of their newfound connection while Adriana throws a kinky 1950's themed party!

  • Neil and Adriana's conflict spills out into Bastion while Grace dips her toes back into the dating world!

  • Neil and Simon legitimize their partnership while Adriana introduces Grace to the world of BDSM!

  • Neil and Simon come to a tenuous business alliance; Adrian a helps Grace expand her business boundaries.

  • Neil and Grace dig deeper into the escort business; Simon's past catches up with him.

  • In the second season premiere, Neil and Grace address their transgressions from the past six months while Adriana plots to keep Neil and Grace apart for good.

  • When an old friend and former neighbor is getting married, the gang goes into full wedding mode, and for Jason, that's avoid the topic of marriage mode. Maggie has a meltdown when she has emcee duties thrust upon her at the last minute. And Mark's past with the bride puts a snag in his plans.

  • When Maggie's dad comes to town, Jason and Mark vie for his attention but discover a secret he's been keeping in the process. Meanwhile the new, hardworking waitress at the bar quickly becomes Maggie's nemesis.

  • Maggie deals with an emasculated Jason after he discovers he's incapable of handy work. Mark attempts to fade out a girl he thinks is too nerdy for him.

  • Neil and Grace have to face the consequences of the fallout. Adriana is stunned by a new arrival.

  • Neil and Grace must confront Anika's future, while also examining what the future holds for them.

  • Neil weighs his options after receiving an ominous warning; Grace makes a shocking discovery.

  • Neil struggles to meet a deadline at work. Grace and Anika go to see a college.

  • Neil considers an unusual proposition. Adriana discovers more details about his home life.

  • Neil stumbles upon unsettling information following a security breach. Grace's design work receives some exposure.

  • Neil transforms his public image. Grace is needed to make an impulsive decision at work.

  • Neil and Simon make a deal while Grace seeks Stephanie's help to reconnect her with her artistic side.

  • Grace struggles being back at work. Adriana supports Neil's secret life.

  • In the series premiere, Neil Truman contemplates life and marriage. He and his wife Grace are concerned their life is incomplete.