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Satisfaction is an Australian drama set in an up-scale brothel and focuses on five escorts and their manager. The series leaves nothing out about the escorts' lives, revealing that they all have lives that are drastically different from their job as prostitutes. There is a great deal of character development and the situations that the characters find themselves in are not only dramatic, but believable as well. It does not glamorize prostitution at all and the characters have to face their own moral dilemmas on more than one occasion. None of the characters are perfect and they all have personality flaws, which adds another layer of realism that is not often seen in shows that deal with prostitution and gambling. The situations that the characters find themselves in can be sometimes humorous, but there is no strange or out of place slapstick comedy; everything in Satisfaction has been carefully and meticulously thought out and the actors work very well together.

Satisfaction is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on December 5, 2007.

Where do I stream Satisfaction online? Satisfaction is available for streaming on Fremantle Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Satisfaction on demand at Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Tubi TV online.

Fremantle Media
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
December 5, 2007
Cast: Kestie Morassi, Madeleine West, Alison Whyte, Diana Glenn
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Satisfaction Full Episode Guide

  • Lauren's drinking is taking an alarming turn. A blackout sees her arrive home drunk in the back of the cab. When the police arrive on her doorstep with the news her car was found abandoned and smashed, she finds herself inadvertently withholding information which results in the police thinking her car was stolen. What Lauren comes to remember is quite different and damaging. She got drunk, drove her car, careened it into a public place and travelled home passed out in a taxi.

  • With Kate home for holidays and her relationship with John developing, Lauren's very content. She's oblivious however, to her daughter's insecurities about the new domestic set up and is aware of the lengths Kate is prepared to go to make trouble between her and John. Amy becomes involved with Dominic, a strange client whose doctor has advised he visits a prostitute because he lacks sexual confidence. Initially Amy thinks he's harmlessly naive, but when Dominic brings along a bug to their session, she realizes there is much more to him than meets the eye.

  • A turn of events at work for Bernie and the subsequent therapy forced upon him by his boss sees Nat grow curious about the origins of her own fetish. This leads her to track down her mother, Loretta. It's an uneasy reunion for Nat, who finds the situation more confronting than she ever imagined it would be.

  • Following a visit to the doctor, the reality that he was unknowingly penetrated hits home for Sean. Discounting Steve as the culprit confirms Jemima's claims; Alice is the perpetrator. However when Sean attempts to make her accountable, she denies responsibility. When Nat learns of the incident and follows it up with Sean, she urges him to continue to push Alice for the truth. Once again Alice fails to relent which sees Sean threatening blackmail unless she admits to the attack.

  • Sean's out on his own with some friends: Alice, Steve and client-come-friend, Jemima. He lets his guard down more than usual, drinking, drugging and partying into the wee hours and wakes up the next day, remembering very little - but knowing they had some pretty wild sex. Feeling angry at Sean and realising their differences are insurmountable, Nat manipulates a situation with Bernie which sees Sean bust in on their session. But it opens the way for honest discussion about the state of their relationship and the restrictions it places on both of them.

  • Amy agrees to a date with a customer after hours and gets into a sticky situation. Daniel continues to pursue Tess, as she struggles to assert herself and set the boundaries of work and play. While Sean is busier than ever, as a pool boy tempting rich cougars, has him questioning what Nat is after.

  • A memory from the past, coupled with the growing health worries, see Mel's uncertainty about her future begin to manifest in the most unusual ways. But then she is made an offer to run a brothel in Abu Dhabi.

  • Nat offers Tess, a good looking advertising PA, a job but Tess thinks she's joking but aside from that, she's happily ensconced where she is. Assistant and mistress to Daniel, CEO of the advertising agency, Tess isn't looking to move on; even though she has a niggling sense Daniel will never be hers exclusively.

  • 232 is busier than ever, as two new girls spice up life in the brothel. There's Amy, a fractious university student who'll do whatever it takes to keep the customers coming back; in doing so ruffling quite a few feathers. And Tess, a former high-powered PA who has a surprising motivation for becoming a working girl. Chloe leaves the brothel while Heather escapes by going on a permanent holiday. Sean tries to impress Nat and making their relationship work by turning her on but it turns out unsuccessfully. Mel is experiencing major problems, as she is struggling to focus herself while she is on ecstasy.

  • With Sean's intentions now out in the open, fantasy and reality are blurring for Nat. Mark refuses to accept that things are over with Mel, while Chloe is missing Bonnie more than ever and discovers her daughter is feeling the same.

  • Mel has a new client, Marc, who is very young and very eager. Confident, fun, and with access to plenty of money, he makes her feel invigorated. Nat becomes aware she has feelings for Sean and Heather's having trouble disengaging from Jack.

  • Trying to avoid connection to Terence and ordered by Fiona to stay away from 232, Lauren is lying low. Heather sets out to confirm that her lesbian tendencies are still firmly in place. Chloe questions her relationship with Josh as he returns from tour.

  • Terence suspects Lauren is a sex-worker, but just as she realizes she now has feelings for him, he suffers a heart-attack and Lauren's left in an almighty mess. With Mum gone, Mel and Sean enjoy the peace; but Gillian is closer than they think?

  • While Mel's life seems to be unravelling, the arrival of her mother only adds to her distress. Lauren's job with Terence is becoming increasingly complicated, while Heather meets a married couple who want a threesome?

  • Lauren is approached by the wife of an upcoming politician to seduce her husband, Terence. Mel receives a visit from Tippi's mum, who forces her to question her role in Tippi's life. Josh leaves on tour, and Chloe has an enjoyable session with Bill?

  • Haunted by her encounter with Martin, Tippi becomes involved with a sexually dysfunctional client, Zoron. While Lauren's ex-husband Phil threatens to tell their kids about her sex-work, Sean confesses to Mel he is now a sex-worker.

  • Mel receives an untimely visit from her brother Sean, whose arrival in her life usually signals trouble. Tippi invites Sean to look around 232 and meeting Nat makes his head spin. He begins to consider a career change?

  • A new client forces Heather to realise that beneath her liberal fa├žade she does have certain boundaries. Whilst working at 232 fixing the sound-system, Josh is confronted by the reality of Chloe's work.

  • Back to work, and with the introduction of a new escort, 232 continues to service its clients like never before - yet behind the thin professional veil, relationships are tested and the boundaries of love crossed.

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