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G-Spot is an adult comedy television series out of Canada on The Movie Network and Movie Central channels. It also broadcasts on the Showcase and E! networks. Brigitte Bako created, produced and stars in the series. Brigitte Bako plays Gigi and also included in the case is Heather Hanson as Stella, Kimberly Huie as Roxy, Ian Alden as Rick, Hannah Lochner as Sasha, Sebastian Spence as Paul, Kristin Lehman as Francesca and Stephanie Moore as Livia.

Gigi is an aging actress over 30 who began her career at around 19 years old. She progressed to being a b-movie queen in order to support her family and parents. Unfortunately, she could never seem to wrangle her way out of low grade movies and has only gotten those roles, despite her lofty efforts.

There is much contrast between the lifestyles of the American and Canadian cultures as these differences are highlight throughout the story lines. The show is also focused in a lighthearted way on how aging actresses are treated within the industry, unless they happen to have won many awards.

The lack of work available to an older actress is more than apparent as Gigi attempts to find suitable roles to showcase her talents. The situation is complicated by the fact that her former work is less than memorable and most of it is shown as late night station filler for insomniacs.

Now it is 14 years later and Gigi returns to her hometown of Canada to care for her sick mother. When her mother passes away, Gigi attempts a comeback in Hollywood, trying to figure out what direction to take.

Gigi goes on many bad dates, humiliating auditions and meets and gets to know a variety of new friends. She and her pals about their lives and try to make sense of it all. They spend their time entertaining themselves at parties with shallow people and those who always seem to want something from them.

G-Spot is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 25, 2005.

Where do I stream G-Spot online? G-Spot is available for streaming on eOne Entertainment Distribution, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch G-Spot on demand at Amazon, Apple TV online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on eOne Entertainment Distribution
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
April 25, 2005
Cast: Brigitte Bako, Hannah Lochner, Kristin Lehman, Kimberly Huie, Heather Hanson
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G-Spot Full Episode Guide

  • The gang surprises Gigi in Halifax.

  • Gigi takes Halifax by storm when she arrives to shoot the pilot for her series.

  • The premiere party for Rick's film is a Hollywood who's-who and Gigi, of course, attends on Rick's arm, but the evening's antics could jeopardize both of their careers.

  • Single and unemployed, Gigi is driven out of Hollywood by the seemingly perfect lives of her friends. She heads to Buenos Aires to focus on her writing, a move that just might change her life!

  • Gigi is forced to attend a sci-fi convention to promote her series but the ulterior motive of taking her relationship with Peter to the next level makes it worthwhile.

  • Gigi reunites with her high school sweetheart as her series premieres--will Gigi become a sci-fi icon?

  • Rick drags an unwilling Gigi to dinner with a famous director where a grave misunderstanding seems to be the main course.

  • Gigi decides life with Duff isn't everything she was looking for and returns to Hollywood--just in time for a funeral.

  • Gigi decides to throw a party to celebrate her "Deep Snake" stardom.

  • Gigi's humiliated when her image is plastered around Hollywood announcing the US release of an embarrassing movie, "Deep Snake."

  • Gigi's luck seems to have changed. She's landed the lead in a comedy and she's still dating Jackson, but how long will it last?

  • A visit by a ghost in the middle of the night leaves Gigi extremely satisfied. Stella has a chance encounter at the Laundromat and Roxy finds herself attracted to Paul in drag.

  • After Rick saves the life of his stunt double, Gigi basks in some of the glory when he gives her a car and invites her to Paris.

  • While Stella and Roxy deal with a new and improved Sasha when they pick her up at Princeton, Gigi is offered a regular role on a sitcom.

  • Gigi and Payne have decided to move in together but when a sex tape of Gigi and Payne ends up on the web, their relationship takes a dive--again.