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100 Years of Horror is a 1996 documentary on horror films. Hosted by veteran horror star Christopher Lee, the video series brings together footage from several notable horror films spanning from the golden age of silent films to the late 90s. The documentary highlights terrifying scenes from current films such as Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, Poltergeist, the Haunting, and Halloween to classics like the Body Snatchers, Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Mummy and Dracula. Clips from each film are played alongside commentary and insights to the film that serve to educate and entertain the audience.

Also included are interviews with actors and filmmakers sharing their stories surrounding the films, funny anecdotes, outtakes, lost films, opinions and favorite techniques to terrify the audience. Each episode offers unique, interesting sidelights and insights to make 100 Years of Horror a must see for horror fans everywhere. As a chronology, 100 Years of Horror is comprehensive towards the horror film genre, and offers insight into this unique industry.

100 Years of Horror is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1996.

100 Years of Horror is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 100 Years of Horror on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla online.

eOne Entertainment Distribution
1 Season, 26 Episodes
January 1, 1996
Documentary & Biography, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Christopher Lee, Roger Corman, Hugh Hefner
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100 Years of Horror Full Episode Guide

  • Long before Jurassic Park, dinosaurs roamed thru a variety of horror films, going all the way back to The Lost World in 1925.

  • Frankenstein is probably the most famous example of a man-made monster, but a great many other creepy creations have been fashioned by men, either by accident or on purpose, as this fun-filled episode illustrates.

  • How many times did Karloff and Lugosi play mad doctors? (And what were they mad at?) Many horror legends have taken their turn playing sinister scientists and frightful physicians, as you'll see.

  • The walking dead have been a mainstay of horror films for decades. Although usually confined to the West Indies, Hollywood has made sure audiences will fear zombies anywhere and everywhere.

  • Karloff's parchment-skin portrayal of Imhotep set the standard for mummy movies, but many others have gotten "wrapped up" in their work over the years, as you'll see.

  • Creatures from "out there" have captured the imagination of everyone from H.G. Wells to Steven Spielberg. Here's a look at some out-of-this-world intergalactic beings.

  • A holdover from ancient tales, sorcerers have long fascinated movie audiences with their powerful use of black magic to achieve their evil goals.

  • An affectionate salute to the great showmen of yesteryear who figured out all sorts of gory gimmicks to keep audiences glued to their seats -and away from their TV sets!

  • Ax-murderers, chainsaw-wielding madman, serial killers, cannibals -they're all here -and more!

  • Men didn't have a lock on the horror movie. There were plenty of frightful females to go around, as you'll see in this salute to demonic dames.

  • King Kong's Fay Wray is probably the most famous scream queen of the horror genre, but you'll be surprised to see who else made the list!

  • Abominable snowmen, mole people, creatures from black lagoons. All these half-human/half-beast "hybrids" are here -and more!

  • More than just the Devil (although The Prince of Darkness has certainly figured into quite a few motion pictures), demons have been a mainstay of horror films since the silent days.

  • Witches have been a favorite of fairy tales -and fright films -for centuries. Here's a wicked look at a coven's worth of portrayals.

  • Perhaps horror's greatest star, Karloff, of course, played the Frankenstein monster. But there's so much more to tell. Here's an affectionate look at this cultured Englishman.

  • Lugosi was much more than Count Dracula, as you'll see in this fascinating salute to this complex Hungarian actor.

  • Of course there's Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolf Man, but other films have featured werewolves in surprising ways over the years.

  • Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of good and evil has been a filmic favorite since early silent days. Various portrayals of the dual doctor are examined.

  • Hammer Films "reanimated" the Frankenstein franchise in the 1950s with its terrifying teaming of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as doctor and "patient." Take a look at how this classic story changed in the "˜50s, "˜60s and beyond.

  • Karloff's career was defined by his sympathetic portrayal of "the monster," but others took on this challenging role over the years. This fascinating installment tells the story behind Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's timeless tale.

  • Dracula wasn't the only blood sucker immortalized on film. Here is some of his "competition."

  • There's more to Dracula than just Bela Lugosi, as the cinema's various incarnations of the carnal count are examined.

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