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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.9  (130,762)

NBC's "Grimm" is an entertaining and fantastical ride through a world of strange and usually dangerous creatures most of us can't see. The exception is anyone who is part of the Grimm family tree. The show's premise is that Portland police detective Nick Burkhart (David Giuntoli) is a Grimm and can see the creatures for what they really are. In the pilot episode Nick begins to see things he can't explain. He learns from his dying aunt that he is special. He also discovers that there is a big price to pay for having his talent. There are those who want him dead over what he can see.

Set in beautiful Portland, Oregon, "Grimm" uses the city and region as part of the cast instead of just a set. Portland locations favored by locals are highlighted, and viewers get to see what sets Portland apart.

As Nick and his partner detective Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) solve gruesome crimes, Nick is working with the advantage of knowing when creatures others can't see are responsible. What he doesn't know is what their agendas are. Discovering the history behind different beasts of the nightmare realm is the driving force of the plot.

The history and characteristics of all the supernatural beings Nick comes across have been carefully recorded by his ancestors. He spends hours pouring over old books and illustrations trying to figure out the world around him. Imagine if what you thought of as myth you suddenly discovered was true.

Nick's significant other is Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch), and we see the strains his emerging self puts on their relationship. His police captain is Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), and is part of the creature world too. Nick doesn't know that, putting him at a disadvantage. The show explores how different factions of supernatural beings are locked in a worldwide power struggle with each other and the Grimms.

He has a strong ally in Eddie Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), a reformed Blutbad, which is similar to a werewolf. Monroe is conflicted with his inner self but struggling to live as a human. He becomes a reluctant assistant and we see a friendship develop.

Once the jump is made on the premise of the supernatural beings existing, the writing sticks to science and logic. It's a nice intermingling of the fantastic with reality. "Grimm" is an intriguing and entertaining adventure.

Grimm is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (124 episodes). The series first aired on October 28, 2011.

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The End
13. The End
March 31, 2017
In the series finale, Nick confronts his greatest enemy. At the Spice Shop, Monroe, Rosalee and Eve search for answers and happen upon a rare potion that could end the fight. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard and Adalind try to protect Diana and baby Kelly as the threat has its eyes set on the children.
Zerstorer Shrugged
12. Zerstorer Shrugged
March 24, 2017
The prophecy that was uncovered comes to fruition when a dark force arrives in Portland targeting Diana. Determined to protect her, Nick, along with Capt. Renard and Adalind, returns to the scene of his first investigation as a Grimm.
Where the Wild Things Were
11. Where the Wild Things Were
March 17, 2017
Eve is on a quest to confront the mysterious force she saw in the mirror and finds herself in foreign territory. When the gang discovers what she has done, Nick finds a way to join her.
Blood Magic
10. Blood Magic
March 10, 2017
After multiple brutal and deadly attacks, Nick and Hank find an unlikely lead in a local nursing home. Meanwhile, Eve seeks answers from Adalind. Capt. Renard questions Nick about the mysterious symbols and tries to strike a deal.
Tree People
9. Tree People
March 3, 2017
Nick, Hank and Wu respond to a call where a man claims his friend was consumed by a tree-like figure. Meanwhile, the gang is cautious after Eve's disturbing mirror encounter.
The Son Also Rises
8. The Son Also Rises
February 24, 2017
The investigation into deadly attacks on a team of scientists turns out to be a unique experience for Nick, Hank and Wu. As the research continues into the origins of the cloth, Monroe and Rosalee discover Eve is suffering the after effects of the death grip.
Blind Love
7. Blind Love
February 17, 2017
The gang joins Rosalee and Monroe for his suprise birthday getaway, but the trip takes an unexpected turn when a hotel employee targets Nick in an effort to avenge his father.
Breakfast in Bed
6. Breakfast in Bed
February 10, 2017
Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a local hotel after a grisly murder leads to one of its guests who claims to be haunted by a frightening creature in the night. At the Spice Shop, Monroe, Rosalee and Eve continue to research the origins of the symbols on the cloth and may be getting closer to unlocking its mystery. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard continues to be haunted by his past transgressions.
The Seven Year Itch
5. The Seven Year Itch
February 3, 2017
Nick and Hank team up with Wu to investigate a peculiar murder in a local park. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard is tormented by a ghost from his past. Monroe and Rosalee talk with a doctor to determine if Diana's premonition is true. Back at the loft, Adalind discovers a very weak Eve in the tunnels and mysterious drawings scrawled on the walls.
El Cuegle
4. El Cuegle
January 27, 2017
Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a Wesen with a hidden agenda who torments a young family. Capt. Renard's world is rocked when an uninvited guest shows up. Meanwhile, Diana has some interesting news for Monroe and Rosalee.
Oh Captain, My Captain
3. Oh Captain, My Captain
January 20, 2017
In an effort to stop the rise of Capt. Renard, Nick plots to take him out of his element. Adalind and Monroe work hard to keep the plan on track. Meanwhile, Eve and Rosalee race against the clock to get the spell ready before it is too late.
Trust Me Knot
2. Trust Me Knot
January 13, 2017
Hank and Wu figure out a way to stop Renard while Nick is still on the run. Adalind receives a phone call that propels her into the middle of everything. Back at the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee's adventure in babysitting takes an unexpected turn.
1. Fugitive
January 6, 2017
In the aftermath of the massacre in Nick's loft, Capt. Renard is determined to eliminate him permanently. Hank and Wu head back to the precinct to watch over the Captain and help give the gang the upper hand.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 28, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (130,762)