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Look up at the sky, is it a bird? No! Is it airplane? No, superheroes are back and better than ever in the new television series that brings action packed adventure to silver screen, Arrow. Arrow slams viewers with action-filled drama, intrigue and crime fighting scenes that were adapted from popular comics. This show was developed in American and is broadcasted on the beloved television network, home to many Emmy winning shows, The CW. This show was developed by producers: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg. In addition to wonderful producers, writers, cameramen, network executives, etc-Arrow wouldn't be complete without the talented actors who portray many of the most well-known figures in comic book history. The cast includes the following talented actors: Paul Blackthorne, Susanna Thompson, Willa Holland, David Ramsey, Collin Donnell, Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell.

The plot of this TV show is about a self-centered, egotistical and filthy rich billionaire, Oliver. One day Oliver decided to go in his yacht and go sailing, but this outing soon became a life or death ordeal when a large storm approached causing a brutal shipwreck that left Oliver stranded in a remote and deserted island. After five years, his friends and family thought that Oliver was dead and they started to forget about him-until he was found and rescued; soon to return home. His relieved and ecstatic mother along with Oliver's sister and his best friend sense that something is different about Oliver, but they can't exactly tell what it is, however they believe it has to do with his life changing ordeal.

Oliver knows exactly what is going on, but he decides to conceal it from his friends and his family. Oliver also wants to undo all of the damage that he caused when he was young, and Oliver also wants to make amends with those he hurt, especially his ex girlfriend, Lauren Lance.

However, Oliver must deal with something new-by day he is a normal man, but by night fall he turns into a superhero and plans to save society from evil. Arrow is a great show for the superhero and comic book fans.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on The CW
5 Seasons, 116 Episodes
October 10, 2012
Action & Adventure
Cast: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne
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Arrow Full Episode Guide

  • Oliver frees Slade and Digger from the supermax to help him defeat Adrian, but things soon go wrong. Meanwhile, Adrian claims that William is dead to get Oliver to reveal that he's the killer that Adrian has always claimed.

  • To force Oliver to get him out of prison, Adrian has his allies capture Curtis, Quentin, Thea, Felicity, and Diggle. Oliver has no choice but to gather new allies to stop Adrian and his team.

  • Oliver receives a bizarre delivery to his office, which ultimately leads to a secret about Robert that Oliver and Thea soon wish that they'd never learned. Meanwhile, Rene faces a custody hearing for his daughter Zoe.

  • Oliver and Felicity are trapped in the bunker after Adrian seals the doors and sets off an EMP bomb. While they try to get to the surface after Oliver is badly injured, their teammates try to find a way to help them.

  • Oliver, Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD begin a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase. Helix reveals to Felicity they have a way to find Chase but they will need something from her in return.

  • Diggle and Felicity are stunned when Oliver decides to seek help from the Bratva to help take down Prometheus. Concerned the Bratva may overstep his bounds, Diggle gets real with Oliver about what happens if things go awry.

  • Oliver gets closer to the truth about Prometheus. Meanwhile, Helix refuses to assist Felicity until she returns a favor.

  • Oliver encounters his biggest challenge yet as mayor. Felicity becomes entangled down her dark path with Helix. Vigilante attacks Oliver while he’s acting as the mayor, leaving it up to Diggle and the team to stop Vigilante once and for all.

  • China White, Cupid and Liza Warner escape Iron Heights and seek vengeance against Star City. Oliver tries to bring in the newly formed girl gang but the ACU intervenes mid-fight.

  • A traumatic attack on City Hall triggers disturbing memories for Rene. Flashbacks reveal details of Rene's past. Meanwhile, Oliver must deal with the perpetrator responsible for the attack and realizes the best way to do so is as Mayor Queen.

  • A mission takes Oliver, Felicity and team to Russia where they meet up with Oliver's old friend, Anatoly. Meanwhile, fresh out of rehab, Lance returns to the mayor's office ready to get back to work. However, when Susan asks for an interview with Lance to discuss his addiction, he balks and it's up to Rene to help keep things on track.

  • In his quest to take down Kovar, Oliver seeks help from an unlikely source, but it doesn't come without consequences. Felicity attempts to hack the NSA to help free Diggle but when her online efforts are flagged, she must combat an unknown adversary.

  • Worried that Prometheus is right that he is truly a killer at heart, Oliver looks for a ray of hope and actually finds it. Meanwhile, Felicity is determined to stop Prometheus, no matter the cost.

  • After Prometheus attacks Curtis, Oliver realizes Prometheus is aware of all of team Arrow's secret identities and has plans to come for them one by one. Felicity and Detective Malone discover a clue that connects Prometheus to Oliver's past.

  • When a new vigilante enters Star City, the team is divided over whether they should interfere. Diggle is frustrated with his new situation and Thea fights for Lance who confesses a shocking secret.

  • When Prometheus intensifies his killing spree, Oliver is determined to find a link between the victims. Felicity and Curtis discover the victims have a connection to Oliver's past and this new secret could turn things upside down.

  • When Tobias Church captures and tortures one of Oliver's new recruits, Oliver seeks help from an old friend, Christopher Chance AKA the Human Target. Meanwhile, Felicity's worlds collide when Detective Malone joins the ACU.

  • Oliver and Lyla pair up for a secret mission for Diggle. When Felicity finds out about it, she is upset and decides to stay behind. When Tobias Church launches a deadly assault against the city, Felicity must decide if she wants to send the recruits out sans the Green Arrow.

  • Although Oliver's new team is ready to hit the streets, he doesn't feel like they're prepared. Strong-willed Wild Dog ignores the Green Arrow’s orders and sets out on his own after a new drug dealer, Derek Sampson, who is terrorizing Star City.

  • Oliver recruits Curtis, Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp for Team Arrow. Unfortunately, the Green Arrow’s training regimen is overwhelming. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Oliver’s initiation into the Bratva continues.

  • In the fifth season premiere, Oliver must combat a deadly new criminal who is threatening Star City.

  • Oliver teams up with an unexpected force in an effort to stop Damien Darhk for good.

  • Oliver and Diggle are desperate to save Thea, while Felicity, Curtis and Noah team up to stop Darhk.

  • When Team Arrow discovers Damien Darhk's plan, Felicity realizes she needs help from her father. Noah and Oliver have a heart to heart that leaves Oliver shaken.

  • As Oliver and Felicity search for a solution to defeat Darhk, Diggle gets a lead on Andy's location. Meanwhile, Alex takes Thea on a vacation, but it's anything but that.

  • Oliver and the team have a hard time accepting Laurel's death, especially Diggle who is wracked with guilt for choosing to believe Andy had changed. Meanwhile, Lance refuses to believe his daughter is really gone and asks Nyssa to bring her back.

  • Oliver and Diggle discover Merlyn is going to try to break Darhk out of prison. Meanwhile, Laurel gets an unexpected offer and Felicity has an intimate conversation with Curtis.

  • Brie Larvan breaks out of jail and turns up at Palmer Tech threatening to kill everyone unless she gets the bio-chip that is implanted in Felicity’s spine. When Oliver realizes that Felicity, Thea and Donna are trapped in Palmer Tech with everyone else, he looks to a surprising ally to help Team Arrow save the day.

  • A heartbroken Cupid is killing Star City couples on their wedding day so Oliver and Felicity decide to pose as bait to lure her in.

  • Oliver seeks the help of an old friend to help him with Darhk, and she uses her magical ability to summon animal powers.

  • Oliver and team unearth HIVE's plan to take out Team Arrow permanently. With HIVE's next attack imminent, Lance wonders if Donna is safer without him in her life.

  • Oliver receives an enticing offer from Nyssa. Meanwhile, Thea continues to battle the blood lust, Malcolm steps in to help his daughter, and Laurel has a deep conversation with Nyssa.

  • The team take on a forboding villain nicknamed The Calculator. Meanwhile, Nyssa makes her move and Roy Harper is back.

  • Diggle must have faith in his brother Andy when an enemy of their wartime past, an agent of the criminal organization Shadowspire, shows up in Star City.

  • Oliver deals with the devastating ramifications of Darhk's last attack. Oliver seeks vengeance.

  • Oliver strategically makes a move against HIVE after the city is, once again, attacked. Malcolm gives Thea a warning. During Oliver's mayoral holiday party, Damien Darhk causes trouble.

  • Oliver and Barry Allen conceal Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall from Vandal Savage while they determine what they can do to defeat him.

  • Team Green Arrow's war with Damien Darhk is complicated by an unexpected revelation. Thea gives into her bloodlust in front of Alex.

  • When the situation worsens with Sara, Oliver asks for a favor from an old friend who deals in the mystical, John Constantine.

  • Tension continues to mount between Oliver and Diggle, which puts their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human.

  • When an old family friend decides to run for mayor, the Queens become concerned considering the last three mayors have been murdered.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Oliver and Felicity's happy escape is cut short when Thea and Laurel track them down and tell Oliver Star City needs his help.

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