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A pinnacle of The Golden Age of Television, Studio One presented a wide range of memorable drams and received 18-Emmy

eOne Entertainment Distribution
10 Seasons, 465 Episodes
November 7, 1948
Cast: Betty Furness, John Cannon
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Studio One Full Episode Guide

  • A royal family living in exile for 20 years in the United States learns that they might be able to return to power in their home nation but then someone makes an attempt on the life of the exiled queen.

  • A convicted murderer escapes from prison in order to take revenge upon those responsible for his conviction.

  • A British businessman is arrested as a smuggler when he attempts to sneak a watch he purchased as a gift for his wife past customs officials.

  • A young Mexican boy and two of his friends disappear while visiting a canyon.

  • The owner of a wholesale produce company is unaware that his young wife has been having an affair with an employee behind his back---and that the employee plans to murder him.

  • A cattle baron has a falling out with his foreman who then plans to strike out on his own--and take the cattleman's daughter with him.

  • A widower plans to chuck it all and take a long trip to the South Seas but family problems might prevent him from going.

  • An Air Force crew nervously prepares for a two-week survival course.

  • A teen becomes an overnight celebrity when he writes an article about juvenile delinquency.

  • A GI kills a boy that he thought was stealing government property and is court martialed and acquitted of the crime. The boy's sister and uncle confront him and he seeks to make amends.

  • A hot rodder attempts to bribe a policeman when he's stopped for reckless driving.

  • A spinster begins an uncertain affair with an unhappily married co-worker.

  • Ada Harris, a London charwoman in the 1950's, sees a Dior dress and decides that she's going to own one. First, she scrimps and saves her money, but when she has enough, and takes a trip to Paris, she learns that buying an original couture creation is a little harder than simply plunking down cash. Along the way to her goal, she manages to befriend a count, unite young lovers, and dodge customs.

  • Reporters are baffled by a nuclear scientist's seeming disinterest in his recently awarded Nobel Prize.

  • A package designer for a toy company receives unexpected fame when his cousin uses his name on a screenplay that becomes a hit movie.

  • When a farmer hires a young deaf mute as a hand, his daughter comes to suspect that the lad is hiding something.

  • A businessman fed up with his invalid wife's tyrannical behavior finds a solution during a business trip. A man that looks exactly like him might be able to provide the alibi he needs to eliminate his wife.

  • A murder occurs in the public relations unit of a motion picture studio.

  • A racketeer blackmails a Senate investigator over events in the past of the investigator's mother.

  • Washinton D.C. single gal Belinda Cattson falls in love when her friend introduces her to the handsome Jack Marshall.

  • A British secret service officer is assigned to pose as a traitor in Berlin.

  • Two doctors clash over the circumstances of a cancer diagnosis and a premature birth.

  • A conflict develops between a pathologist and his young assistant who wants to introduce new methods into their lab.

  • Lodgers in a rooming house suspect a fellow boarder, an eccentric old man, of being the culprit in a series of killings of young girls.

  • On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles' Mercury Players performed a radio play version of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. Some people in the unsuspecting public took the broadcast as a real report about a Martian invasion. In this television play of twenty years later, several fictional storylines present the story of the 1938 broadcast and the panic it caused. Edward R. Murrow, as himself, provides short narrative bridges between scenes. The fun includes watching the young extras for a surprising number of faces that will later range from the familiar to the famous.

  • After the crash of a new jet, a test pilot suffers from shock, amnesia, and guilt.

  • A young girl shocks her parents with her announcement that she plans to marry a struggling young musician.

  • An American agricultural expert and his wife are sent to a Latin American nation to help with its agricultural problems but the wife has trouble adjusting to the customs of her new home.

  • Two men arrive in a drought stricken town claiming to be angels sent to help the citizens find water.

  • A small town postmistress, in the city for a convention of postal employees, meets a salesman and tries to strike up a relationship with him.

  • A story about the outlawed Irish Republican Army

  • A woman and her small daughter travel to a small town in Texas in order to meet up with her husband--who's just recently been released from prison.

  • A boy develops a crush on a girl who is visiting her relatives next door.

  • An American POW of Jewish descent learns that he's going to be sent to a separate camp by the Germans because of his Jewishness.

  • A nurse at a home for retarded children begins wondering why one boy's mother never comes to visit him.

  • In a murder trial, the defense attorney struggles with his own doubts about his client.

  • Two-part dramatization about a young man on trial for killing a woman during a robbery attempt.

  • An American intelligence agent is assigned to trail a physics professor and suspected spy to England.

  • Rachel Jackson helps hubby Andrew make a decision that will influence the history of the United States.

  • A lawyer and a sheriff are both in love with the daughter of the owner of a boarding house.

  • The story of Sister Mary Aquinas, who was the first nun to receive a pilot's license.

  • A wagon train of settlers bound for Oregon is confronted by Native Americans demanding justice.

  • A respected museum curator's credentials are questioned on the night of an award.

  • A prisoner serving a 90 day jail sentence is given a trustee's job working at a diner near the jail.

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