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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 7.1  (4,308)

Allegiance is a spy thriller television series that aired on NBC in 2015. The show follows the story of a young CIA analyst named Alex O'Connor, played by Gavin Stenhouse, who finds out that his family has connections to a Russian sleeper cell that has been activated in the United States. The show is anchored on the drama that ensues as Alex must navigate the complex web of relationships within his family while fulfilling his duties as a CIA operative.

Alex's family is composed of his father, mother, and sister, all of whom have been living in the United States for decades. However, they are revealed to be Russian sleeper agents who have been living among Americans to eventually carry out a mission for their country. Sarah O'Connor, played by Alexandra Peters, is Alex's mother and a former KGB agent who is tasked with overseeing the Russian sleeper cell. Sarah is portrayed as a strong, calculating woman who always puts the interests of her country above everything, even her own family.

Julia Marcus, played by Annie Ilonzeh, serves as the love interest of Alex and his supervisor at the CIA. Julia is shown as a tough, career-driven woman who has to balance her roles as a CIA agent and a lover to Alex. She initially struggles with keeping her personal life separate from her work, but as the series progresses, she becomes more adept at it. Julia is also one of the few people who knows about Alex's family connections, and their relationship poses unique challenges that test their loyalty and priorities.

The show primarily takes place in New York City and alternates between the O'Connor family's household and the CIA headquarters. The tension in Allegiance is built up by the secrecy surrounding the Russian sleeper cell and the lengths that the CIA and the Russian intelligence community are willing to go to protect their interests. Throughout its thirteen-episode run, the show delves deeper into the complexities of espionage, loyalty, and family.

Allegiance has an ensemble cast of talented actors who bring to life the intricate relationships between the show's characters. Gavin Stenhouse delivers a captivating portrayal of Alex, who has to constantly weigh his allegiance to his family with his sense of duty to his country. Alexandra Peters shines as Sarah, whose past as a KGB agent affects her relationships with her family and the people around her. Annie Ilonzeh's Julia is a refreshing take on the often one-dimensional female character in spy thrillers.

The show's pilot episode was directed by George Nolfi and was praised for its fast-paced, action-packed scenes that set the tone for the rest of the series. Allegiance's cinematography and score are also noteworthy, adding to the suspense and intrigue of the show.

Despite its promising start, Allegiance was cancelled after just one season due to low ratings. The show's storyline was left unresolved, which disappointed its small but dedicated fan base. However, the show has since gained a cult following and is still recommended by many fans of spy thrillers who appreciate its nuanced portrayal of the relationships between its characters.

Overall, Allegiance is a must-watch for fans of spy thrillers and anyone who enjoys a well-crafted drama. Its unique premise and well-developed characters make it stand out from other shows in the genre. Although its run was short-lived, it remains a testament to the potential of television to explore complex issues and themes in a compelling way.

Allegiance is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on December 21, 2014.

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Family Crisis
13. Family Crisis
April 30, 2015
In the season finale, the O'Connors are desperate to stop Black Dagger before it's too late.
Those Who Help Themselves
12. Those Who Help Themselves
April 23, 2015
Sam and Alex join forces to find Oscar Christoph. Victor plots to take down the Rezident.
11. Blowback
April 16, 2015
Mark (Scott Cohen) and Katya (Hope Davis) confront the mole, but an escape puts Sarah (Alex Peters) in grave danger. Now branded a traitor by the task force, Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) goes on the run but tries one last time to reason with Sam (Kenneth Choi). Meanwhile, Christoph (Giancarlo Esposito) targets a woman who can help him carry out the Rezident's (David Vadim) plans, but faces some unexpected complications. Also starring Margarita Levieva (Natalie O'Connor) and Morgan Spector (Victor Dobrynin).
A Convenient Place to Die
10. A Convenient Place to Die
April 9, 2015
Sought after in connection with Michelle's disappearance, Alex accepts help from an unlikely ally.
Clean Hands
9. Clean Hands
April 2, 2015
Devastated by Michelle's death, Alex must also contend with being framed for her murder.
The Arrival
8. The Arrival
March 26, 2015
Victor spies on the Rezident, Alex makes a stunning confession to Michelle, and Sam grows increasingly wary of the boy genius.
Stranger in a Strange Land
7. Stranger in a Strange Land
March 19, 2015
Alex goes to Rome on a double mission. Katya seeks a favor from a friend in the field, and Alex is surprised to learn details of his mother's heroic past.
Liars and Thieves
6. Liars and Thieves
March 12, 2015
The O'Connors' kidnapping scheme continues to fall apart. Alex puts his life on the line during a botched task force operation.
Tipping Point
5. Tipping Point
March 5, 2015
Alex must deal with the truth of his family's past while his integrity is under scrutiny at work. The FBI suspects a mole in the organization and brings in Special Agent Faber to investigate.
Chasing Ghosts
4. Chasing Ghosts
February 26, 2015
A shocking discovery leaves Alex trying to make sense of his theories along with the evidence found at City Hall. Meanwhile, Sam encourages him to keep searching for clues.
Surreptitious Entry
3. Surreptitious Entry
February 19, 2015
Alex and the FBI head to Philadelphia, hoping to find Mikhail's hidden laptop, but Victor gives the O'Connors a heads up to retrieve it first. Meanwhile, Katya uncovers something Natalie's been hiding and gives her an ultimatum.
2. Teamwork
February 12, 2015
Katya manipulates Alex into doubting his intuition when he almost exposes his parents as spies, but her lies lead to contention in the family. Meanwhile, Victor is warned to keep the O'Connors under control; and Alex teams up with an FBI agent.
1. Pilot
February 5, 2015
In the series premiere, a rookie is assigned his first case, which happens to be the investigation of Russian sleeper agents, who unbeknownst to him, are his parents.
Preview - Taking the Pledge
0. Preview - Taking the Pledge
December 21, 2014
Deception, betrayal and conspiracy will all hit close to home when Allegiance premieres February 5 on NBC.
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Allegiance is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Allegiance on demand at Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    December 21, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (4,308)