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  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons

Las Munecas de la Mafia is a popular Colombian television series that first aired in 2009. The series follows five women who find themselves becoming part of the mafia world, despite their initial reluctance. These women include Brenda, a young and innocent woman who joins the cartel after her husband is killed; Rosalba, an ambitious woman who is trying to make a name for herself in the male-dominated world of drug trafficking; Diana, a former beauty queen who is looking for an escape from her boring life; and Yeimi, a beautiful young woman who is determined to get revenge against those who wronged her.

Throughout the series, these women discover that becoming part of the mafia is not what they imagined it to be. They face danger, betrayal, and violence, and they must find a way to survive in this world that is completely unfamiliar to them.

The show also features a number of male characters, including Alex, a powerful drug lord who becomes romantically involved with Yeimi; Tato, a street-smart hustler who works his way up the ranks of the cartel; and several others.

The series is known for its intense action sequences and gripping plot lines. It also explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the consequences of one's actions.

The performances by the cast are particularly noteworthy, especially those of Amparo Grisales, Carla Giraldo, Paola Rey, Caterin Escobar, and Paula Barreto, who play the five main female characters. They bring depth and nuance to their roles, making viewers invest in their characters and their stories.

The show is set in the gritty streets of Medellin, Colombia, and is shot in a realistic style that gives viewers a sense of being immersed in the world of the mafia. The costumes and set design are also noteworthy, with the characters' fashion choices reflecting their personalities and their place in the mafia hierarchy.

One thing that sets Las Munecas de la Mafia apart from other crime dramas is its focus on female characters. While many crime dramas feature strong male characters, this show puts women at the forefront. It explores their experiences and challenges in a world that is not designed for them, and shows how they use their intelligence and resourcefulness to navigate their situations.

The series ran for two seasons, with a total of 60 episodes. It was well-received by audiences and critics alike, and was praised for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and realistic portrayal of the criminal underworld.

Overall, Las Munecas de la Mafia is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and anyone who appreciate strong female characters. With its compelling storyline, gritty setting, and memorable performances, it is a standout series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Las munecas de la mafia is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2009.

Las munecas de la mafia
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Episode 1
1. Episode 1
March 15, 2019
Lucrecia promotes her new mafia book in Paraguay. In Colombia, Brenda receives a romantic proposal but still thinks about Braulio. Olivia is liberated.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2009